Roundtable Destruction achievement in Final Fantasy VII (Win 10)

Roundtable Destruction

Obtain the Knights of Round Materia

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How to unlock the Roundtable Destruction achievement

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    To obtain Knights of the Round, you'll need a Gold Chocobo. There are two ways to get one: breeding or defeating Ruby Weapon. While the latter is an option, it involves significantly more effort and involves beating the strongest boss in the game without some of the best materia.

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    Breeding can be started as soon as you have the Highwind and Cloud rejoins the party.

    You'll want to sell a mastered All materia, which should be about to happen if it hasn't already. One sells for 1.4 million, and serves as both the best way to max money and funds the entire breeding and racing process.

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    Start at the Chocobo Farm and talk to the man in the house to rent Chocobo Stables. Talk to him multiple times and rent at least four stables for 40,000 gil, though you can rent the other two if you'd like.

    Next, fly to the Northern Continent and start at Bone Village. Following the coast, fly north. You'll pass The Forgotten Capital, the cave you came out, and over the next set of mountains, there will be a house. Land here; this is the Chocobo Sage. Talk to the Green Chocobo for another Enemy Skill materia, then talk to the Sage until you can purchase from him. Buy 5 Reagan Greens and 85 Sylkis Greens for 440,000 gil.

    Outside the house, equip Steal materia and get into a fight on the grass. Vlakrados is a red raptor enemy, and you want to steal 3 Carob Nuts in total. Finally, there is a long island north of the Chocobo Farm known as Goblin Island. Steal 1 Zeio Nut from the goblins.

    You will specifically need two Great chocobos, which can be found by the tracks by Mideel. Only catch a chocobo if it appears with Spiral enemies, which look like purple armadillos. When in doubt, press cn_back to activate a status window that will show enemy names. Use the Reagan Greens to keep the chocobo from running. Once you've got two, fly back to Chocobo Farm. Gender is decided when you move the chocobo into the stables, so move one in, save your game, then keep reloading with the second until it's the right gender. Talk to the boy and feed both chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens each.

    Next, go to the Gold Saucer and buy a lifetime pass if you haven't already. Go to Chocobo Square and talk to Ester on the left to set up for a race. You will need four wins combined between these two. I recommend splitting them 2/2 or 3/1. Chocobos move up a class after three wins, and once you're in Class B, you can run into Joe/Teioh, who will destroy you this early on. Stick with the Short track, as it makes no difference.

    Back at the Farm, talk to the boy and choose to mate the two, then add a Carob Nut when prompted. You will get a Green or Blue Chocobo. Next, you'll need to fight between three and eighteen random battles, so if you still need to grind out Limits, this is a good time to knock a few out. Check back occasionally to see if you can breed them.

    Once they can breed again, SAVE. You need to repeat the process and get the opposite color and gender, so if you have a Male Blue Chocobo, you'll need a Female Green. Once you get both, feed them both 10 Sylkis Greens, go back to the Gold Saucer, and bring them up to nine total wins. One to B Class and one to A Class meets the requirements.

    Go back to the Farm, and if you only rented four stables, you'll have to release the original two Yellow Chocobos at this point. If they can't breed, fight some more battles until they can. Breed them with a Carob Nut and you'll get a Black Chocobo.

    Once you have the Black, you need the opposite gender Wonderful Chocobo. Fly to Icicle Inn and look west to find some grass to land on. Wonderful Chocobos are found here, but only with Jumping enemies, which are white rabbits, but ONLY the rabbits. If there's a wolf among them, it's not Wonderful, so pass them by. Again, save once you have one and reload until you get the right gender when moving them in.

    Feed them both 10 Sylkis Greens and head back to Gold Saucer, you now need 12 combined wins, so get the Wonderful to B Class and the Black Chocobo to S Class. You should be able to beat Joe/Teioh if he shows up now.

    When you go back to the farm, choose to mate, and select the Black Chocobo first. If you do not do this, you won't get a gold! Breed them with the Zeio Nut, and you should get a Gold Chocobo! Even if it looks just bright yellow instead. Feed it the remaining 25 Sylkis Greens and you now have a racing steed that will virtually never lose.

    There are four caves that can only be reached with the various chocobo colors. While each is incrementally better and could be reached earlier, it's much better to go get them all at once now since the Gold Chocobo can cross any terrain, including ocean.

    For the achievement, Knights of the Round is on Round island, an unmarked island in the northeast of the game map. Enter this cave and interact with the materia for the achievement.

    Go to the Southern Continent with Mideel and follow the landmass northeast. At the end, it elevates up to a cave. Enter this for Quadra Magic. When leaving this cave, mount your chocobo and head due east to the Western Continent with Wutai. Continue to cross the continent east, but when you hit the water, turn north to find another cave on an outcropping. Enter this for Mime. Finally, go to North Corel, then go northeast over the mountains to find the last cave that contains HP<->MP.
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