Mother of us All achievement in Crusader Kings III (Win 10)

Mother of us All

Starting as Daurama Daura, have your line reform an African faith, and convert all of Africa to it

Mother of us All-0.9
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How to unlock the Mother of us All achievement

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    Found this link on TSA guide - I would highly recommend reading it a few times over. Bit of a long read but it will be of much help to you. Cross-Reference the guide while your playing, and it should make this a lot easier than it seems.

    Refer to "MrC44's" comment for some great additional tips.

    As it states: "If the viewer of this page is already familiar with the game, it is advisable to skip to the last section, where a step by step strategy guide is briefly discussed."
    I would still recommend going over most of the article, as it gives some nice pointers.
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    MrC44The guide mentioned above is great but here are a few things I learned after spending 10-15 hours trying to get this achievement in 3 separate games:

    1. You need to obsessively manage the traits of your heirs, and even your heirs’ heirs if possible. Try to make sure they get as many beneficial traits as possible, and avoid sinful traits at all cost. One game I had was ruined when a distant heir took over after a sudden death and had two sinful traits which led to the entire kingdom hating them and waging constant independence wars.

    2. In line with the above, prioritise learning and martial focus for your heirs as that is what you will be using the most. I found I didn’t touch intrigue or stewardship at all. Diplomacy is somewhat useful but, not as much as learning and martial.

    3. If you are following the guide and choose Islamic Syncretism as one of your religious tenets, then make sure you prioritize converting the Muslim (Mulwalladi & Ibadi) regions in your empire as soon as possible. As the game goes on, they will get more and more difficult to convert, until near the end (1300+ AD) they will actually have a negative base conversion chance. In my winning play through it took me almost 100 years to convert just 5 or so counties and I finished in 1451, so it was very stressful! My cleric at the end of the game had a skill level of 40 and I had all the available bonuses I could and it was still taking 20 years to convert a single province.

    4. When converting, get the first three perks on the left hand side of the theology track in learning. This will be good enough for 99% of counties. For the tough ones, you will also need to get the befriend perk from diplomacy, befriend your cleric which will give you a small boost. Also you can raise your clerics learning skill through events if you have the theology focus on your character. There are also some dynasty perks that will boost your conversion rate as well.

    Otherwise just keep plugging away and you will get this. By about 1100 AD you should be feudalized, with a capital in Egypt and a large army. You will then just need to plug away at taking over the remaining territories which can take about 150 - 200 years depending on resistance. If you focus on only granting territories to vassals that have the content or trusting trait you should have minimal uprisings.

    If anyone has questions let me know!
    Posted by MrC44 on 24 Dec 20 at 00:37
    Zinfande1Marry someone in your court to the highest intrigue character you can, make the new high intrigue character your spymaster, and put them on defending against plots. They should foil the assassination plot against Daurama from her rival. Daurama will probably live into her 60s or 70s giving you an awesome leader who should be able to both form an empire and reform the religion before she dies.
    Posted by Zinfande1 on 27 Feb at 04:45
    pistol09peteBiggest challenge for me was getting everyone under the Bori Faith. Of course you can use your religious council member to Convert faith, but you will run out of time. Make sure all of your Vassals and their Vassals are of the same faith. The quick way to get them to convert is revoking titles and assigning titles to members of the faith. This does get messy with Independence factions and revolts. I simply just send gift to each vassal and request demand conversion. The higher opinion the more likely they are to convert. The other thing is build as many temples in open holdings in counties that have your faith. This will improve Fervor tremendously and make the conversions happen at a lot faster rate.
    Posted by pistol09pete on 03 Mar at 20:47
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