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Eager Elementalist

Unlock 1 class afterglow

Eager Elementalist-10.6
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How to unlock the Eager Elementalist achievement

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    30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 06 Mar 2021
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    UPDATE : Use the other solution (Un Subject) below cause, this one is outdated and also upvote the other solution. I will leave this as a placeholder to anyone who wants to know how much xp it was required originally to get this achievement. They reduced the xp required by a lot so yeah toast, happy hunting and you got this dive

    This was previously unobtainable but it got fixed in Spellbreak v1.1. This is a semi-guide (mostly informational) on how much xp you need to unlock an afterglow in the game for each class. I personally wrote down this xp list down below as I leveled up.

    rank 2 - 600
    rank 3 - 1500
    rank 4 - 2800
    rank 5 - 4600
    rank 6 -7000
    rank 7 - 10150
    rank 8 -14250
    rank 9 - 19450
    rank 10 -25750
    rank 11- 33150
    rank 12-41650
    rank 13-51250
    rank 14-61950
    total for 1 afterglow = 274100
    For 6 afterglows = 274100 x 6 = 1644600

    So when I got all the afterglows this was my match count
    External image

    If you wanna know how long it takes for you to get afterglow take the total xp 274100 divide by the xp game you get on average. So lets say you get 1000 xp per game. You are looking about 275 games per afterglow. The best/fastest way to get xp is definitely surviving for 10 mins and exile/damage as much as you can.

    Accolades does help but not as effective as surviving/fighting, don't go out of your way to get it. Just enjoy and try your best each match. As of now daily quests (3 objectives when you check your map) gives xp for your mage rank, it does not affect your class rank. Below are pictures of how xp can vary.

    Surviving with little damage and no kills
    External image

    High damage and kill games
    External image

    Most efficient/fast xp
    External image

    I can't really give a best setup class/rune/combo to run because the meta for battle royales will always change. They will nerf/buff/introduce new combat aspects of the game. So my recommendation is that, as you play each class, learn what playstyles suits you the most. As a tempest I basically went into every fight as I can but as a frostborn I made sure I was passive and select my fights carefully.

    Tips: If you are struggling on the BR aspect of the game. The devs have stated they will introduce new modes 9v9s etc. I am not entirely sure how xp will work then but hopefully it will make this game less grindy and a lot easier to obtain this achievement.

    So thats about it. I hope this guide helps you plan on how you will be grinding this two very time consuming 140 TA ratio (as of september 2020) achievements and feel free to message/comment me. Happy hunting wave

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    meanmachine832I was playing the new mode Clash. Was mid table most of time getting between 1600-1700xp a game. My mate was near the bottom and was getting 1400xp a game. Around 18min a game average.

    Hope this helps.
    Posted by meanmachine832 on 23 Oct 20 at 23:23
    WolframX25thanks for the info @meanmachine832, ^ for anyone who prefers tdm over battle royale. Also note it might be a limited time mode.
    Posted by WolframX25 on 23 Oct 20 at 23:36
    StockierHeartI really hate f2p game models. Progress is mostly based on time played not individual performance, just to keep you playing. I am particularly good at this game, on clash I always get MVP and experience goes around 1700-1800 whilst the LVP gets 1300-1400 for the same play time.
    I mean, I don't want to reduce xp from low performance, but to boost a little high performance. A little change to accolades would be so great!
    Posted by StockierHeart on 30 Oct 20 at 21:03
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    *Currently glitched*

    You'll need to reach level 14 with a single element. This will take some time seen as at level 9 it takes 20+ high kill victory matches to level up!

    *seen as the achievement is currently glitched, its possible the shop afterglows may work*

    Buying the afterglow in the shop doesn't count towards the achievement.
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    I KAZAR Iimpossible to have an answer from the devs on discord :(
    Posted by I KAZAR I on 08 Sep 20 at 18:10
    Brain5454What happend to the guy that wrote this guide?
    Posted by Brain5454 on 12 Sep 20 at 16:15
    XF34Rx KiNGzzGot the after glow no achievements
    Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 15 Sep 20 at 20:57
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    03 Mar 2021 19 Feb 2021 27 Feb 2021
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    To unlock this achievement, you'll need to get one gauntlet to level 14.

    As of Chapter 1 patch 2.1 (February 2021) there has been a significant reduction in the level of experience required to level up gauntlets, making the level-linked achievements much easier to get in Spellbreak.

    Level 7 was 10,150 - it is now 3,700
    Level 8 was 14,250 - it is now 3,710
    Level 11 was 33,150 - it is now 3,840
    Level 14 was 61,950 - it is now 4,330

    At the same time it is actually easier to earn 1000+ xp per game. A number of new accolades have been added, which up your per game xp. Even getting into a safe zone gives +275xp.

    Low server populations (e.g. the Asian servers) also make it easier to use the Battle Royale mode in Squad to level up. Games will start with only 1 player and fill the other 44 positions with bots. It's not EZ mode - it's very possible to lose to bots if they gang up, or surprise you - but with a bit of practise you will soon be banishing multiple bots and finishing in the top 3 on a regular basis. That's likely to be over 1500 xp earned (winning a game is likely to be closer to 2000 xp), making it only a few games per gauntlet level. (Character level and season level remain at the original xp levels.)

    Having one or two humans on your squad will boost your ability to win if you stick together. Also, banishing defeated enemies is a great way to recover potions and improve your equipment - bots seem to be very quick in hoovering up rare and epic items.

    EDIT: Within the Season 1 Season Pass are levels where the reward is 15,000 XP. Getting these rewards will cut down on the amount of time you will need to get one gauntlet to level 14 (although I recommend using a variety of gauntlets across your games just so you don't end up with an underleveled gauntlet you don't like if you are trying to take them all to level 14).
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    xTCxyessir boy! clap
    Posted by xTCx on 22 Feb at 19:10
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