Donut Mess with a Cop achievement in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Donut Mess with a Cop

Unlock Officer Dick.

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How to unlock the Donut Mess with a Cop achievement

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    To unlock Officer Dick, you have to create your own skater and complete the Rags To Riches Challenge.

    Rags To Riches
    "Complete all challenges in the Create-a-Skater collection"

    There are 24 challenges in the Create-a-Skater collection and you can find them in the Skater Challenges collection, but figured it might be helpful for you to see them all listed here. I know I found it annoying to go back and forth out of the menu every time I forgot the objective.

    The challenges come in 3 different flavors: Multiple Levels, Level-Specific, and Non-Level-Specific. I'll try to list them all out in a way that makes sense for the best efficiency, assuming 1 playthrough.

    __________________________________________Multiple Level Challenges____________________________________________

    - Keep these in the back of your mind when you start your campaign. There are 7 of these.

    #1 - Seasick
    "Land a combo greater than the "Sick" Score on any Classic Goal Park. Game Mods must be disabled."

    #2 - Siiiiiick
    "Land a combo greater than the "Sick" Score on 5 Classic Goal Parks. Game Mods must be disabled."

    #3 - Sicknasty
    "Land a combo greater than the "Sick" Score on all Classic Goal Parks. Game Mods must be disabled."

    #4 - Gaps, Gaps, Gaps
    "Land any Gap on all available Classic Parks"

    #5 - Go For the Gold
    "Earn a Gold medal on any competition park. Game Mods must be disabled."

    #6 - 4, but Never Fourth
    "Earn a Gold Medal Score on any 4 competition parks. Game Mods must be disabled."

    #7 - Goldenrod
    "Earn a Gold Medal on every competition park. Game Mods must be disabled."

    __________________________________________Level-Specific Challenges___________________________________________

    - There are 8 of these

    #8 - Mallway Space
    "Land a 25,000 point combo off Mall's For the Atrium Gap, using at least 1 Grab Trick."

    - This gap is actually called For the Whole Atrium. - In-game typos - Anyway, this gap is found in the atrium room, just before the very last set of stairs. Grind either side of those red ledges from start to finish.

    #9 - Downtown Dirty
    "Land a 30,000 point combo off Downtown's Dirty Rail Gap using a least 1 Lip Trick."

    - When you start the level, you'll see a ramp at that first intersection. Jump off that ramp and connect to the closest handrail you see on the other end of the intersection, slightly right.

    #10 - Poolside Burn
    "Land a 40,000 point combo off Burnside's Over Da Pool Gap, using at least 1 Grab Trick."

    - Use that light blue high-wall ramp to jump over the eyeball pool.

    #11 - Grey Was Here
    "Land a 50,000 point combo off Roswell's Grey Grind Gap using at least 1 Manual and a Lip Trick."

    - At the start of the level, turn right and go as far as you can. You'll see 3 segments of rails, each one higher than the last. Grind these 3 rails in succession.

    #12 - High Flier
    "Land a 15,000 point combo off Hangar's Flyin High Gap."

    - After you grind the propeller and expose the secret room, use the quarter pipe to jump over the secret room entrance.

    #13 - Up On the Roof
    School ll
    "Land a 20,000 point combo off School ll's Drop Out Roof Gap, using at least 1 Grind Trick."

    - When you start the level, immediately hit the first kicker on the right to jump on to the balcony. From there, jump through the glass pane and onto the adjacent rooftop.

    #14 - Beach Party
    Venice Beach
    "Land a 35,000 point combo off Venice Beach's All the Way Gap using at least 1 Grind Trick."

    - Head into the area with the secret tape. Find where the boards and plywood are spanning dumpsters and tables and manual that whole thing.

    #15 - How Stimulating
    "Land a 45,000 point combo off Philly's Manual Stimulation Gap, using at least 2 Reverts"

    - After you grind up the power pole and expose the secret area, find the area in the skatepark with the 4 humps. Manual between the cleavage of both pairs. Giggity.

    ________________________________________Non-Level-Specific Challenges________________________________________

    - These can be done at any time and any level. Free play counts here. There are 9 of these.
    - Game mods must be disabled.

    #16 - 3 Moves Down
    "Land an only 3 move combo worth 20,000+ points with no Specials."

    #17 - 5 and Away
    "Land a 5+ move combo with at least 1 Revert, using no Grind, Specials, or Flatlands."

    #18 - 8 Channel TV
    "Land a 40,000 point combo using only 8 non-Special tricks."

    #19 - Be Special
    "Land a 25+ move combo with no Grind Tricks and at least 1 Special."

    #20 - Grindy Grabby
    "Land a 30,000 point combo with a Grab Trick, a Grind Trick, and no Manuals or Reverts."

    #21 - Halfpipe Dream
    "Land a 20,000 point combo with both a Grab and Lip trick, and no Specials."

    #22 - Lips 'N Stuff
    "Land a 10,000 point combo with only a non-Special Lip trick and a Revert."

    #23 - Re-Revert
    "Land a 15,000 point combo with at least 2 Reverts, a Grab Trick and no Grinds of Specials."

    #24 - Salt Flats
    "Land a 15+ move combo using only non-Special Flip tricks and Flatlands."

    The achievement should pop after you complete all 24 challenges. Have fun playing as Jack Bl... Officer Dick.

    If you have suggestions/tips/comments on how to improve this guide, I'm all ears.
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    Chunky Dee 123I have the character but the achievement is stuck at 95%
    Posted by Chunky Dee 123 on 11 Oct 20 at 10:13
    FrendinI have the same issue with it stuck at 95% as well. Tried all the usual remedies to no avail. I put in a bug on Activision's website and I'm trying my hardest, but I have a feeling this one will go like some of the bugged Forza Horizon 4 achievements and magically get fixed with a new update.
    Posted by Frendin on 19 Nov 20 at 01:48
    GentlemaanzUpvoted because Giggity
    Posted by Gentlemaanz on 03 Feb at 18:36
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