ONE HUNDRED! achievement in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2


Reach Career level 100.

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How to unlock the ONE HUNDRED! achievement

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    On November, 6th, 2020, an update came out for THPS 1 + 2, that drastically changed the XP values across the game as a whole. The previous solution, that was written using old XP values, has been archived because the old methods of getting XP are now much slower as compared to the new method.

    However, the amount of XP to go from level 1 to level 100 has stayed the same. So the google spreadsheet is still relevant and accurate.

    Google Spreadsheet:

    The new method is actually much simpler and much faster than the previous methods of earning XP.

    I tested the new XP values and now it seems that the maximum amount of XP that you can earn, in a 2 minute session, is 675 XP. Whereas, with the previous methods, with the old XP values, the highest amount of XP you could earn in a 2 minute session was 225 XP, so this is a major upgrade.
    This 675 XP number comes from these criteria that must be met in a 2 minute session:

    - Holding a manual for 10 seconds straight = 25 XP.

    - Holding a lip trick for 10 seconds straight = 25 XP.

    - Holding a grind trick for 10 seconds straight = 25 XP.

    - Having a total score over 1,000,000 points = 150 XP.

    - Having a single combo that equaled more than 1,000,000 points = 150 XP.

    - Finishing an entire 2 minute session, without ending the session early = 300 XP.

    So 25+25+25+150+150+300 = 675 XP, per 2 minute session.


    Now 675 XP every 2 minutes, sounds really nice, but its possible to get even more than 675 XP in a 2 minute time span.

    This is because 300 of the XP, that you can earn, you get for doing a 1,000,000 point combo and for having over 1,000,000 total points. This means that you can earn 300 XP as fast as you can do a single 1,000,000 point combo and then ending the game.

    In the comments of this solution, CrAk ll posted a video clip of him doing a 1,000,000 point combo, in around 10 seconds, on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2's "NY City" map. Because in those 10 seconds, he did a single 1,000,000 point combo and earned over 1,000,000 points total, he earned 300 XP in 10 seconds. Once he ended the game, he would just press "Retry Level" and do it again. Using CrAk ll's method, you can earn around 3600 XP, every 2 minutes. Which is 108,000 XP per hour. Which is incredible. Using this method, you could go from level 1-100 in about 8 hours of boosting XP.
    Below I will outline how the method works and then I will post CrAk ll's clip of him doing it. I will also post a clip of me replicating the method, so you guys can see just how easy it is to replicate.

    - Before attempting to do the method, make sure that you go into your game mods and make sure to turn on, "Perfect Rail Balance", "Perfect Manual Balance", "Always Special", "No Bails" and "Double Base Score". If you are missing "Double Base Score" in your game mods options, it is because you have not finished the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tour. You must complete the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tour and unlock and turn on the "Double Base Score" Game Mod for this method to work.

    - Next, make sure to go into your skater's special tricks and map the special move, "The 900", to a button combo. CrAk ll said that he has the move mapped to cn_up cn_down cn_X. When I went to go replicate the method I mapped the move to the button combo cn_down cn_up cn_B. Its whatever you prefer really, but we will be spamming this move quite a few times per run, so make sure its a button combo that's easy to remember and one that you won't mind pressing over and over again.

    - Once the proper Game Mods are turned on and "The 900" is mapped to the button combo of your choice, click on "Skate Tour" from the main menu, go over to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and then select the map "NY City".

    -Once you've loaded in, you want to immediately start grinding the wall to your left. There will be a small gap in the wall that you need to jump over. When you go to jump over the gap, you want to do "The 900" while in the air, and then start grinding again, once you've cleared the gap. As soon as you land and start grinding again, you then want to continue jumping, doing "The 900" and then regrinding, down the length of the wall. However, there is a bend in the wall to the left. As you approach the bend in the wall, don't press any button inputs until your character is going in a straight line again, or you'll just jump off the wall onto the street. By the time you reach the chain link fence, at the end of the wall, you should have enough base score + multiplier to hit over a million points. Simply land on the street, wait for the score to pop up in blue text at the bottom of the screen and then pause and press "End Session". Observe how much XP you earned and then press "Retry Level" and repeat the process again.

    Here are the 2 clips of me and CrAk ll doing the method:

    CrAk ll's clip -

    My clip -

    At first glance, it does look quite hard to replicate and a little scary. But it honestly only takes a couple tries to get the rhythm down. The button combo I assigned to the move "The 900" was cn_down cn_up cn_B. So, as an example, the buttons being pressed in the clip is literally just, cn_A (to jump in the air), then cn_down cn_up cn_B (while in the air, to do "The 900") and then cn_Y (to grind on the wall again). And you basically just keep spamming those same buttons except for when you're going around the lefthand bend in the wall. CrAk ll also said he assigned his cn_LT button to be his grind button. So if you are having trouble jumping, doing "The 900" and then grinding again, try changing your grind button to cn_LT and just hold the button down and your character should always grind when you land.
    If anyone finds a faster way to get a single 1,000,000 point combo, please let me know in the comments. I tried to explain the method to the best of my ability and some people might still find it confusing. Therefore, if anyone is having trouble understanding the method or how it works, please don't hesitate to ask me for clarification.

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    Silvery DeathWas at level 97 and basically done everything I could in the game (759/820 challenges), so I used this method. Worked like a charm and didn't get too repetitive since I was so close. Also was able to get the challenge for 30 minutes of total lip time since I was only ~6 minutes away by putting on the Perfect Lip Balance for an extra 5000 exp.
    Posted by Silvery Death on 05 Feb at 23:47
    Gamerjnb925I found a way to shave 1-3 seconds off this method. If you are fast enough on the button presses you can get enough 900s without going around the bend. The biggest differences are hitting a 900 before the park entrance gap, 900 jump straight off the rail before the bend into a manual then another 900. See here:

    If you don't have enough points or multiplier you can wallplant off the green wall like here:

    Using the 8 hour estimate in this guide, on average saving 2 seconds per run will save you well over 1 hour.
    Posted by Gamerjnb925 on 14 Feb at 16:10
    J Baby 117Does anyone know how to change the button mapping? Want to change grind from Y to LT.
    Posted by J Baby 117 on 20 Apr at 21:53
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    Turbo method

    It will take about 200 Hours after completing all other achievements.

    Turn on the following mods:

    No bail
    Double base score

    Then go to Skate Tours --> THPS 2 --> Hangar

    Once loaded in do the following with your turbo controller:

    Tape left joystick to the right
    Turbo X
    Turbo A
    Turbo Y
    Turbo RT if able, thanks xaero!

    You are then free to let it run.

    Here is a game clip of what it looks like:

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    kliqIMBSo I have a SFIV TE controller for 360. I plug it into my computer and it loads the drivers, everything is functional. I can even hit the Xbox Button and it brings up Game Bar. It will also navigate the Xbox Console Companion App as well. Whenever I stream though I constantly get the "No Controller Connected" message, WHICH I CAN CLICK CONTINUE ON WITH THE SFIV CONTROLLER.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Do I need the new "Xbox Beta App" instead of the Console Companion?

    Whelp, I tried with my other wired 360 controller and it worked flawless. Naturally, my controller that is Turbo Compatible doesn't work.
    Posted by kliqIMB on 17 Oct 20 at 19:55
    kliqIMBYeah, I went ahead and grabbed it off Amazon. Tired of not having a Turbo for One anyways, so why not get one on the cusp of next-gen. :D
    Posted by kliqIMB on 19 Oct 20 at 06:48
    BonkekookI've been doing this overnight and an hour or 2 of hands on grinding a day. Just for anyone who is curious, I've had 2 minute runs getting 50xp and I've runs getting 120 xp. Its basically luck and is wildly random. You're looking at roughly 2200xp per hour doing this. Considering you need almost 800,000 to get the achievement, well......thumbs up for this! Helped me figure out my Titan One setup.

    EDIT: I want to add that after reading the comments I started doing grabs and I definitely agree that turboing grabs is better than flip tricks though.
    Posted by Bonkekook on 26 Oct 20 at 01:43
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