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Title Master+1.2
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How to unlock the Title Master achievement

  • Chino SkeletonChino Skeleton138,423
    28 Feb 2012 03 Feb 2013
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    I will just write down a few pointers to do this more efficiently
    - You will have to win 506 matches online for the first 10 titles
    - You will have to win 30 rounds of each Perfect, Cheap, Ultra, Super, regular moves and by Time
    - You will have to perform 30 moves of each Technical (parry or block a grab with another grab), Reversals, Counters, First Attacks and Dizzies or Stuns
    - You will have to win 50 rounds of each HEALTH set, 100%-81% Gold Medal, 80%-61% Silver Medal, 60%-41% Bronze Medal, 40%-21% Green Medal, 20%-11% Blue Medal and 10%-1% Red Medal
    - The other titles you will get them by playing online, losing online and completing Challenges Modes such as Time, Survival and Trials

    Now the real thing is to get those HEALTH medals, so if you are boosting with another player, be sure that you can set the HANDICAP for each match. There are only 4 stars for HANDICAP so it will go like this:
    - 4 stars 100% of HEALTH
    - 3 stars 80% of HEALTH
    - 2 stars 60% of HEALTH
    - 1 star 40% of HEALTH
    - 0 stars 1% of HEALTH

    The trick is to get the 20% of HEALTH so you will select 1 star and let your opponent to hit you with a HEAVY ATTACK (punch or kick) and that will drop your HEALTH bar just between 20%-11% to get the Blue Medal

    Thanks to MaGilly Gorilla for the title list

    [ EDIT ] : For some reason, I unlocked the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION title with only 500 wins as well as the CROWN for the icons ... so probably you wouldnt need those extra 6 wins
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    BPBPBPBPBPBPBP Thanks Chino, I wa going through the list and was crunching the #s when I seen your solution. Saved me a few steps. Race you to unlock it! toast
    Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 03 Mar 12 at 04:49
    Chino Skeleton Excellent!!, we will see it, hehehehe, although the most difficult ones are the Challenges Trials
    Posted by Chino Skeleton on 03 Mar 12 at 15:15
    Chino Skeleton Hey BPBPBPBPBPBPBP it is almost 3 years since and we still don't have them!!! Let's race it indeed
    Posted by Chino Skeleton on 17 Feb 15 at 23:36
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