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Last Man Standing

Clear HARD Survival in Challenge Mode.

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How to unlock the Last Man Standing achievement

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    This is a solution specifically for HARD SURVIVAL STAGE 4. But these tactics can be used for any survival stage.

    In this stage you do not see the health bars or Super/Ultra Meters, which makes it especially difficult to block certain characters' Ultra moves. Here is a list of tactics you should use to go through the entire stage almost unharmed. Only Cammy will be somewhat bothersome, but I found a nice tactic to shut her up.

    - First of all, use Zangief and his Lariat attack cn_LB.
    - For almost every one of these opponents you can press forward and lariat them straight away from the beginning of the round. (There are some exceptions that I will mention.) You can continue with a second lariat, before they get their first Ultra move. From then on, follow the descriptions below...
    - Make sure you're not right next to your opponent when they get up. They will get a Counter move that will hit you. Always keep an arm's length distance between you and them, unless stated otherwise below.
    -As a short-hand notation, if I want you to forward-lariat the entire time, I will say "forward lariat". But keep that arm's length distance! I will not mention this again.
    - All Ultras have a short 1-2 second charge animation. This makes it easy to jump over certain ones, as will be described below. Mainly Cammy, Akuma and Gen.

    [01] Seth - From the beginning of the round jump forward and hit him with cn_RT and continue with a lariat. (this works most of the time). This will make him fall. Be right next to him while he gets up, but instead of lariating him straight away, jump over him first and do the lariat from behind him. Sometimes he may get you with his jumping uppercut while you jump over him, but this is much preferable to being sucked into his Ultra, which he will attempt right after getting up. The uppercut does almost no damage. If you manage to jump over him he will not be able to block the lariat. Continue until he's done. If he does manage to knock you down, spam lariats while getting up. He will teleport right next to you and get hit by it. Seth has generally weak attacks. Just make sure to avoid his Ultra by jumping.
    [02] Sagat - Forward Lariat. He won't get any hits on you if you're fast enough and keep that arm's length distance.
    [03] Cammy This is the hardest opponent! From the start, jump backwards cn_upleft and continue to immediately crouch/block cn_downleft. She will attack you with many different attacks, ALL of which you have to block. (This will also slowly push you into the left corner, which is good). Only when she does her Quick Spin Knuckle will you hit her with cn_A 4 times. Wait until her knuckle move almost connects before doing the light kicks. After approximately 6-8 kicks she will get her Ultra. At this point you HAVE to immediately jump over her cn_upright and lariat her from behind cn_left+cn_LB. Now you're gonna be blocking again (this time from the other side) cn_downright and kicking her cn_A. She will slowly push you to the right into the middle of the arena. She will get another Ultra once she gets kicked 6-8 times. But this time jump backwards cn_upright away from her (not over her). You will land exactly where she finishes her Ultra and can lariat her straight away. Repeat.
    [04] Akuma - Lariat him from some distance away. After the hit, get some distance again and wait. If he gets his Ultra jump over his Ultra attack and lariat him from behind. You're keeping your distance here to have enough time to react when he get's his Ultra.
    [05] Ryu - Forward Lariat
    [06] Rose - Lariat her twice. From now on press block cn_left and wait to see if she has her Ultra. Otherwise, lariat her again.
    [07] Guile - Forward Lariat
    [08] M. Bison - Jump back cn_upleft in the beginning and immediately lariat him. 95% of the time he will do a sweep towards you. So when you land your backwards jump you will be exactly where he finished his forward sweep and can lariat him. From now on keep crouch/block pressed and wait for him to do his somersault kick or even his Ultra. Right after you have blocked that attack you can punish him with one lariat before blocking again.
    [09] Gen - Lariat him from some distance away. After the hit, get some distance again and wait. If he gets his Ultra jump over his Ultra attack and lariat him from behind. Identical to the tactic against Akuma.
    [10] Zangief - Forward Lariat
    [11] C. Viper - Similar to Seth, where you lariat her twice, but then jump over her to lariat her from behind. Otherwise her Ultra will get you.
    [12] Fei Long - Forward Lariat. If he does his Ultra, your Lariat will have priority over his Ultra.
    [13] Gouken - Forward Lariat
    [14] Rufus Lariat him twice. But from now on, keep your distance to him. He will attempt to jump attack you. This is your time to punish him with a lariat move while he's still in the air. Do not stay close to him. His Ultra hurts. Force him to jump attack you by keeping your distance.
    [15] E. Honda - See Rufus. However, don't keep the distance too great, otherwise he will do the sumo bomb.
    [16] Balrog - Lariat from a medium distance. Let him come to you. He will do a forward punch bringing him close enough to you to hit him with a lariat.
    [17] El Fuerte - Forward Lariat
    [18] Dhalsim - Forward Lariat
    [19] Dan - Forward Lariat
    [20] Vega - Forward Lariat. Block when he gets his Ultra.
    [21] Ken - Forward Lariat
    [22] Sakura - Lariat her twice. From now on crouch/block and only lariat her after her move connected. Similar to the tactic against Bison.
    [23] Blanka - Forward Lariat
    [24] Chun-Li - Forward Lariat. When she gets her Ultra, press back. You will either block it, or, if you were in the middle of a lariat, it will hit her.
    [25] Abel - Forward Lariat
    [26] Seth - See above
    [27] Sagat - See above
    [28] Cammy - See above
    [29] Akuma - See above
    [30] Ryu - See above
    [31] Rose - See above
    [32] Guile - See above
    [33] M. Bison - See above
    [34] Gen - See above
    [35] Zangief - See above
    [36] Viper - See above
    [37] Fei Long - See above
    [38] Gouken - See above
    [39] Rufus - See above
    [40] E. Honda - See above

    You're DONE. This, together with Hard Time Attack Stage 5, are the hardest part of the game. Except, of course, for the Character trials. But if you have a CronusMax, you can write scripts for every combo as I have done.
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