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Peril on Gorgon

Family Reunion achievement in The Outer Worlds

Family Reunion

Achieve a compromise between Olivia and Minnie.

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How to unlock the Family Reunion achievement

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    You unlock the achievement by reconciling the differences between mother Olivia and daughter Minnie during the final main quest mission, The Ambrose Intersection. You will arrive at this mission through story progression, but there are four possible endings. This achievement relates to one of those four endings: Achieve a compromise to the Family Reunion achievement.

    The other three endings are:
    1. Take Minnie's side by activating the reactor leading to the Greenlight protocol achievement. However, the achievement can be earned elsewhere so this ending is not required for a 100% completion.
    2. Take Olivia's side by destroying the synthesizer leading to the NDA protocol achievement.
    3. Take neither Minnie's nor Olivia's side. Kill Minnie before you acquire the journal, causing Lucien to appear. Activate the reactor leading to the Greenlight protocol achievement and deliver the journal to him leading to the Postman achievement.
    To have access to all four endings, make a save as soon as you get to The Red Tape of Command main quest mission. This is the second to the last main quest mission where you must retrieve a journal. The Postman ending requires a specific action to be performed before the journal is retrieved. That action precludes obtaining this ending. So, to get both this ending and the Postman ending on a single playthrough, make a save file at the decision point before the journal is obtained.

    When you start the Ambrose Intersection mission for the purpose of getting this achievement, make sure you have persuade at 150. A high persuade is not required for the other three endings.

    Basic persuade need not be high. My character's basic persuasion was only 52 (with very high intelligence & temperament & good charm. However, I boosted persuasion to 153 as follows:

    Cashier, Sub-Grade: +1
    Wearing the Chimaera +20
    Wearing the Nice Hat +14
    Caffeine Drink +5
    Felix wearing Dialog Skills +5 armor with Dialog skills +10/Leadership Skills +10 kit & persuade +5 helmet: +26
    Parvati wearing Dialog Skills +5 armor with Dialog skills +10/Leadership Skills +10 kit & persuade +5 helmet: +25
    Felix Perk Bonus Support Persuade: +10
    Tip: If you include a caffeine drink in the inhaler, you can instantly get Mind +1 resulting in Persuasion +5 by pressing cn_LB as you approach a character with whom you are to have a dialog.

    Note: The DLC introduces the Improved Silver Tongue armor mod kit to the game. It is fairly common as loot and is also available at certain vending machines. It provides Dialog Skills +10 compared to the Silver Tongue Kit in the base game that only provided Dialog Skills +5. The Chimaera and the Nice Hat are acquired when you get the Well Dressed achievement in the base game.

    If you can't get persuade to 150, you can reset your skills aboard your ship in order to meet this prerequisite.

    With 150 persuasion, go to Minnie at the Ambrose mansion. There will be mission objective markers on both Minnie and Olivia so make sure you follow the objective marker for Minnie at the mansion and not Olivia at the Synthesis & Manufactory Center. As you approach your objective be prepared for the dialog to start abruptly. If you need to, ingest a caffeine drink when you are a few meters away. As you begin the dialog with Minnie, immediately suggest a compromise as soon as the option becomes available. The dialog differs depending on what your character has discovered during the game. Be positive and work towards reconciliation. This is a sample dialog, yours might differ:

    --What if you & your mother joined forces to cure the marauders.
    --[Persuade 65] If the marauders don't get a fix, they'll just rampage across the galaxy.
    --[Persuade 100] Why not give her a chance, she's been involved with Adrena-Time since the start.
    --[Persuade 150] The Adrena-Time project failed, you couldn't have saved it.
    --Opportunities present themselves every day, your Gorgon will come.
    --This isn't failure, this is a second chance to work with Olivia.

    Minnie will say that maybe her family deserves a second chance. At this point, you will have three options for the Ambrose Intersection Mission:

    1. Restore power to the Adrena-Time reactor
    2. Activate the NDA protocol
    3. Find a compromise between Minnie & OIivia

    In other words, if you make a save file here, you can use it to get three of the four endings. If you want the NDA protocol, just walk up the stairs to your right and left and go to the terminal behind Minnie. She will protest, but you can use the terminal and activate the NDA protocol. However, to complete the compromise, we must go to Olivia. Return to your ship and go to the Gorgon Landing Pad. From there, go to the SMC facility. If you had befriended PAM before, talk to her. She will be right inside the entrance to the facility and will again lead you through the facility helping eliminate hostiles. She will stop next to the elevator that leads down to Olivia. Alternatively, you can make your own way through the facility, eliminating hostiles as you go. When you exit the elevator, use a caffeine drink if you need a +1 mind boost, open the bay door & a smaller door in front of you, and go forward to trigger the dialog with Olivia. Yours might be slightly different but here are some possible dialog choices leading to reconciliation:

    --Whoa, hold on! I'm here to make peace!
    --Let's take it down a notch.
    --Your daughter's agreed to a compromise.
    --[Persuade 45] You don't. You just have to trust me.
    --She said you were invited to tea?
    --So you'll work with Minnie.

    There are differing scenarios that work. Nevertheless, providing that you choose positive responses, eventually the other person will acquiesce and the achievement pops. The Ambrose Intersection Mission is complete at this point. You get a green check mark in the reconciliation option and red checks in the other two options. You can return to the mansion for a short dialog with Minnie and Olivia to finish the DLC story.

    Note: As mentioned in the comments, some people do not lock the achievement upon completion of the Ambrose Intersection Mission but later upon return to the mansion.

    Note2: I was going to do a little more experimentation before posting this guide. However, I have gotten a couple of PM's asking for hints so I thought I'd post this immediately. If you have any additional detail, post in the comments. I, myself, will continue to experiment and update the guide where appropriate.

    Edited 12Sep2020: As promised, I have continued to experiment. Thanks to JUSTTHINKSD & Scotty x360a. Their comments are reflected in the most recent edit. I have now included sample dialog choices to assist in the conversations with Minnie and Olivia.
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    wildwest08I believe it was when I was at the house the last time and both ladies were there. During the conversation the achievements started to pop and the mission finished while we were talking
    Posted by wildwest08 on 24 Mar at 14:23
    AllgorhythmYes. I suspect a hotfix or patch made minor changes to the game play. I played it as soon as it hit the streets & there have been some changes since then.

    What about the Greenlight Protocol & the NDA Protocol? Do they unlock at the time you take the action or do they unlock when you return to the mansion. With me, it unlocked when I took the action at the terminal/reactor. The mission concluded at that time and I only went back to the mansion to see how the rest played out.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 24 Mar at 17:10
    wildwest08The Greenlight Protocol achievement was earned right when I pressed the button to power on the generator. I walked into the room and shoved her into it.

    The NDA Protocol was when I was at the computer and hit enter on activating the protocol
    Posted by wildwest08 on 24 Mar at 18:09
    AllgorhythmOK. Thanks fir the info. The Family Reunion used to work the same way as the two protocols. Now, it seems to require the additional step of going to the mansion.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 24 Mar at 21:07
    O CorpoI have saves before and after getting the journal. And at the start of the Red Tape mission as well. I need to reconcile between the mother and the daughter. When I pick up the journal and go back to the ship and the cut scene happens it goes into the Ambrose mission next. I cannot talk to either person. If I go to the mansion I cannot speak to the one person and if I go into the reactor area all they get is the option of killing her. My persuasion is over 150. This is my final achievement for the game if anyone has any help I appreciate it in advance.
    Posted by O Corpo on 26 Apr at 08:06
    Allgorhythm@O Corpo - You have both the NDA Protocol & the Greenlight Protocol so you should be in fine shape. Use the save file you created just before NDA Protocol. Go to the Ambrose Manor. There, take the elevator down to the lab. Minnie, will appear on screen just as you get to the objective marker—same as when you did the NDA Protocol. Except, this time, choose the dialog option about joining forces & then select the persuade 65, 100, & 150 options.

    Once, Minnie says maybe her family deserves a second chance, go to the Gorgon Landing Pad & go to the SMC Facility where you got the Greenlight Protocol achievement. Except, this time, don’t kill Olivia but have a conciliatory talk as shown in the guide. Following that, return to the mansion and talk to Olivia & Minnie together.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 26 Apr at 12:25
    O CorpoThank you. When I went to the computer I was thinking that would end the mission. But that was what unlocked the elevator, I was going on minimal sleep from the day before and old memories of prior play throughs. Once I did that I was golden. Thanks again.
    Posted by O Corpo on 26 Apr at 17:32
    O CorpoThank you. When I went to the computer I was thinking that would end the mission. But that was what unlocked the elevator, I was going on minimal sleep from the day before and old memories of prior play throughs. Once I did that I was golden. Thanks again.
    Posted by O Corpo on 26 Apr at 18:08
    AllgorhythmYou’re welcome and, more importantly, congrats on your completion.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 26 Apr at 19:38
    Capn BeavAfter you talk to them and finish this ending, you can still go down to the basement and enact the NDA protocol. Not particularly useful, but it is an option.
    Posted by Capn Beav on 01 May at 01:46
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