Chapter 3: Inheritance

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Chapter 3: Inheritance

Life Tears Us Apart achievement in Tell Me Why

Life Tears Us Apart

Complete the story with the twin's bond weakened

Life Tears Us Apart-0.3
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How to unlock the Life Tears Us Apart achievement

  • RumbleFish10RumbleFish101,201,467
    11 Sep 2020 11 Sep 2020 03 Oct 2020
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    Replaying Chapter 3 only did not work for me since I must have picked more positive decisions to strengthen their bond in the previous chapters. This is solely to help point out the decisions I made overall in all chapters to accomplish a more negative outcome for the Life Tears Us Apart achievement. Performing the opposite actions should net you Twins4life.

    I did the Replay option from the beginning of Chapter 1 and restarted my progress. Hold cn_Y to skip all cutscenes to make this go much faster. I also skipped most memory sequences if they weren't required to progress the story. This shouldn't take you more than 2-4 hours at most, depending on where you decide to start.

    Chapter 1
    - Don't accept Eddy's gift from Alyson on the boat.
    - Break open Mary-Ann's door in the Ronan house. Don't solve the puzzle.
    - Choose Alyson's memory in the grocery store "Tessa was angry".
    - Pick the option "Eddy did his best for me" at the Police Station.

    At the summary screen I received "disappointed", "downhearted", "lack of trust", and "rift". The star was also split in half after those four scenarios.

    Chapter 2
    - Choose Alyson's memory "Mary-Ann was sad".
    - Pick the option "Let's do it" when speaking with the realtor on the phone.
    - Pick the option "Are you kidding me?!" when confronted by Eddy after the Archives section in the Police Station.
    - Pick the option "Even after what I did for you?" at the dock.

    At the summary screen I received "discarded", "didn't feel heard", and "felt let down". The star was still split in half after those three scenarios.

    Chapter 3
    - Tell Michael about the memories, then pick the option "Won't do any good".
    - Pick the options "We're too different" and "I was the kid who killed his mom" during the ice fishing conversation with Michael.
    - In the loft, break open the small chest with the crowbar instead of cracking the code. Then pick the dialogue options to proceed with breaking it open.
    - Choose Stick to your memory "Mary-Ann threatened Tyler" but I do not think this decision is pivotal to the final outcome. I believe this is what gives you the different epilogues, and the opportunity to do the Tyler/Alyson endings regardless of their bond.

    At the summary screen I received "disappointed", and "the twins' bond was broken". Achievement unlocked during the credits.

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    TheFallOfRoyCan confirm that after beating the game first time and choosing all positive decisions, I replayed starting in Chapter 2:Scene 3 "Compass And Northstar". I chose all negative decisions from there on out until the end and got both the "Life Tears Us Apart" and "A New Chapter" achievements. Also might be worth noting to like Michael right after the plushy fight in the storage room, Tyler and him seem to hit it off and it's cute. He calls him the cats pajamas and it impacts your bond negatively for some reason... not sure why but just wanted to point it out because it's a big "negative bond impact" that OP missed in the OG guide. Also wanted to mention that the "bad ending" isn't bad at all. Alyson's ending is just as beautiful as Tyler's and even has a bunch of new stuff to see and experience!
    Posted by TheFallOfRoy on 03 Jan at 20:15
    RockAngel252In the Archives section I said "Are you kidding me" but then in the subsequent conversation I wasn't really paying attention to the options and somehow managed to still make up with Eddy so on the end screen I got "hopeful about becoming a family with Eddy"
    Posted by RockAngel252 on 13 Feb at 14:31
    CYKO7IKI only redid chapter 3 and got both this one and the Alyson new chapter achievement as well. Just to let it be know. Good guide though on stuff you must do
    Posted by CYKO7IK on 11 Mar at 02:30
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV158,206
    14 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2020
    52 1 3
    I recommend to do this achievement together with the
    Tell Me WhySecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Tell Me Why worth 100 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    on your second playthrough (via replay option). To weaken you bond you have to choose mostly the negative choices in the game. There is no indicator in the game how many you needed, so for the safe side I recommend to replay! the game from chapter 1 (not isolated mode!) and be negative as possible. You can skip a lot of cutscenes and save a lot of time.

    Here is a list of all my negative choices during my playthrough. The remaining choices should not be any effect to any achievement in the game (as example Tessa at Graveyard)

    Chapter 1
    - I don't care cn_A
    Ronan House - Puzzle Door
    - Examine the door
    - Open (door handle)
    - Break down the door cn_Y
    Ronan House - Balcony
    - Must be nice to forget cn_X
    - Is something wrong cn_X
    - That book changed everything cn_X
    - Couldn't find the time cn_X
    - Stop making it about you cn_Y
    - Choose Alyson's memory
    Store - Talk with Tessa (don't get any clues)
    - We remembered details cn_A
    - It's time to talk now cn_Y
    - April 2004 cn_A
    - You were mad she bailed on you cn_X
    Police station
    - Eddy did his best for me cn_Y

    Chapter 2
    Ronan House - Outside
    - Choose Alyson's memory
    Car Stop (Telephone conversation with the realtor)
    - Let's do it cn_Y
    Police station (After Archive Room)
    - Are you kidding me?! cn_Y
    - She was struggling! cn_X
    - So you called child services cn_X
    - That's bullshit, Alyson! cn_Y
    - No, its not that easy cn_X
    Store (After the plushie Battle)
    - You're swell too cn_Y
    Graveyard - Totem
    - Choose Tyler's memory
    Ronan House - Docks
    - Even after what I did for you? cn_X

    Chapter 3
    Eddy's House - Talk with Michael
    - Don't tell Michael about the Memories cn_X
    - Won't do any good cn_X
    Police station
    - I wanna forget cn_X
    - I can't move on cn_X
    Fishing with Michael
    - We're too different cn_X
    - I was the kid who killed his mom cn_X
    Ronan House - Barn
    - Break the Box with the crowbar and don't solve any puzzles
    Ronan House - Dock
    - Choose Alyson's memory (Marry-Ann threatened Tyler)

    If you need a visual guide I have create a 100% video guide for this game with all achievements, all collectibles and all choices. The second playthrough / bad choices start at 35:32 (Timeline in spoilers)

    Chapter 1
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 2
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Chapter 3
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Second Playthrough
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    Barfly HodgeyThank you, having the video and where in the game to press the correct button make this last achievement for me so much easier and quicker. 🍺👍
    Posted by Barfly Hodgey on 20 Sep 20 at 08:26
    NOTOR1OUS T1TOHelped so much! I started from Chapter 1. Thanks :)
    Posted by NOTOR1OUS T1TO on 03 Oct 20 at 04:11
    EskimosoundThis guide more than any other helped me, thanks. You made it very clear which buttons to press and the video really helped especially finding the crowbar at the end!!
    Posted by Eskimosound on 14 Nov 20 at 11:11
  • Erukusaki36Erukusaki36725,825
    11 Sep 2020 11 Sep 2020 19 Oct 2020
    38 7 24
    So like many others I followed Wookieepuppy's solution and only unlocked the achievement for writing the next chapter. I would like to thank them for a great solution I just went a step further.

    So I thought about the only time that I got the icon that my decision would pull the twins apart: in the Plushie Battle scene I showed interest in Michael.

    So continuing from there I did the following decisions:

    In Chapter 2

    Chose Tyler's goodbye scene by the totem pole in the graveyard.

    Rejected Tessa at Mary Ann's grave.

    While on the bench I chose selfish/accusatory dialogue for Tyler.

    At the dock I pushed Tyler's resentment and had him try to guilt Alyson into helping him.

    During chapter 3:

    I did not tell Michael about the twin's powers.

    Failed the breathing exercise outside the police station.

    Did not tell Chief Brown the truth.

    Yelled at Sam and confronted about his drinking and in general was hostile to him.

    Did not fish for the 2nd and 3rd fish while choosing the negative, Tyler suffered more than Alyson options and rejected his interest this time.

    Skipped all puzzles in the loft, kept trying letters (then back out a few times) until a crowbar was mentioned, got it downstairs on the floor by the hole and broke the box. (Thank you Kryostega for the extra details)

    Finally, I chose the memory that Mary Ann was trying to kill young Tyler.

    As a final move I cut the call to Tyler as short as possible by pressing B.

    Remember to use the Y button to skip cinematics, but be aware that many of your important negative decisions require the X button. So you still need to watch what you are doing.

    This took me an hour to speed through.

    Please let me know if you need anymore clarification. Like I said I had gotten all twin bonding icons before the plushie battle. It might take less bad decisions than what I did but I did not want to have to replay this game a third time so I went back to half way through Chapter 2.

    Good luck!
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    prakkeroJust replaying chapter 3 didn't work, but replaying from chapter 2's Plushie battle worked for me too, so this solution worked for me too!
    Posted by prakkero on 04 Oct 20 at 23:43
    Extrema22I didn't get this at first and noticed I did everything you mentioned except break open the chest with the crowbar because I couldn't get that option to trigger. Turned out I had to back out a few times before Tyler mentioned it, not just trying letters (perhaps that's worth mentioning in your guide).

    So I went back to the loft, used the crowbar option and that was enough, cheers!
    Posted by Extrema22 on 15 Oct 20 at 23:15
    KryostegaThis worked, thanks. Quick note - the last scene crashed the game for me too, just like a few others have mentioned, but was able to reload and continue for the achievement without issue.
    Posted by Kryostega on 16 Oct 20 at 17:05
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