Netherworld Job Security achievement in Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Win 10)

Netherworld Job Security

Have characters of every rank of every creatable class.

Netherworld Job Security+5.0
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How to unlock the Netherworld Job Security achievement

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    To this achievement you need all characters at tier 6.
    Human Classes:
    Unlocked by Default

    Level 15
    Archer (Healer and Valkyrie)
    Beastmaster (Warrior and Valkyrie)
    Gunner (Thief and Skull)
    Sorcerer (Mage and Skull)

    Level 20
    Armor Knight (Warrior)
    Professor (Onmyo Monk and Healer)

    Level 25
    Masked Hero (Thief and Warrior, then pass bill)

    Level 30
    Magic Knight (Warrior or Valkyrie and Skull or Mage)
    Ninja (Thief and Skull, then pass bill)
    Lady Samurai (Valkyrie and Archer)
    Onmyo Monk (Sorcerer and Ninja)

    Special Criteria
    Bouncer: Complete Chapter 7 or have a Level 100 Armor Knight
    Battle Suit: Complete Chapter 8 and have a Lv. 30 Armor Knight and a Lv. 30 Warrior
    Android: Beat the game and start a new cycle.

    Max Levels to Unlock All Classes
    Level 100: Armor Knight (Optional)
    Level 30: Warrior, Valkyrie, Thief, Skull, Mage (Optional), Archer, Sorcerer, Ninja, Armor Knight
    Level 20: Onmyo Monk, Healer
    Level 15: Mage

    Unlocking Monster Classes:
    Unlocked by Default
    Slumber Cat

    Unlock via Defeating Monsters in Battle
    Orc (first found in Stage 1-8)
    Succubus (first found in Stage 5-3 or the Item World)
    Winged Warrior
    Flora Beast
    Mystic Beast
    Dragon Zombie
    Wood Golem
    Rifle Demon

    Android (Beat the main game and start a 2nd playthrough.)
    Deathsaber (Post game DLC)
    Prism Blue(Post game DLC)
    Flower Shadow
    Celestial Host (Post game DLC)
    Nurse ( Post game DLC)
    Enchanter (Post game DLC)
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    This achievement is unlocked after unlocking all Classes and having a Characters at every Rank.

    You do not need to have one of everything at once. Upgrading to a newer rank does not negate the old rank. There are also more characters than you can carry at once in the Cam-Pain so you will need to send some to the Support Area.

    To upgrade your Ranks simply head to the Cam-Pain and open up Senate Hearing as the Class you are looking to upgrade and you will see an option for Promotion.

    Thanks to Geoffistopheles for clearing up the requirements for me. I have removed all unique character classes

    Human Classes

    Fighter: Default Class
    Warrior: Fighter LVL 15
    Destroyer: Warrior LVL 40
    Gladiator: Destroyer LVL 80
    Warlord: Gladiator LVL 160
    Battle Master: Warlord LVL 320

    Healer: Default Class
    Acolyte: Healer LVL 15
    Priestess: Acolyte LVL 40
    Bishop: Priestess LVL 80
    Cardinal: Bishop LVL 160
    Saint: Cardinal LVL 320

    Red Mage: Default Class
    Green Mage: Default Class
    Blue Mage: Default Class
    Star Mage: R/G/B Mage LVL 50
    Prism Mage: Star Mage LVL 150
    Galaxy Mage: Prism Mage LVL 450

    Thief: Default Class
    Rogue: Thief LVL 15
    Scout: Rogue LVL 40
    Bandit: Scout LVL 80
    Trickster: Bandit LVL 160
    Master Thief: Trickster LVL 320

    Red Skull: Default Class
    Green Skull: Default Class
    Blue Skull: Default Class
    Star Skull: Any Skull LVL 50
    Prism Skull: Star Skull LVL 150
    Galaxy Skull: Prism Skull LVL 450

    Lady Fighter: Default Class
    Lady Warrior: Lady Fighter LVL 15
    Valkyrie: Lady Warrior LVL 40
    Minerva Lass: Valkyrie LVL 80
    Freya: Minerva Lass LVL 160
    Iron Maiden: Freya LVL 320

    Archer: Unlocked with LVL 15 Healer & LVL 15 Valkyrie
    Hunter: Archer LVL 20
    Shooter: Hunter LVL 50
    Bow Master: Shooter LVL 100
    Cupid: Bow Master LVL 200
    Freischutz: Cupid LVL 400

    Beast Tamer: Unlocked with LVL 15 Warrior & LVL 15 Valkyrie
    Beast Leader: Beast Tamer LVL 20
    Beast Lord: Beast Leader LVL 50
    Beast Queen: Beast Lord LVL 100
    Beast Master: Beast Queen LVL 200
    Beast Savior: Beast Master LVL 400

    Gunner: LVL 15 Theif, Level 15 Skull & Pass "Sunset Kind of Guy" Bill in Cam-Pain
    Sniper: Gunner LVL 20
    Outlaw: Sniper LVL 50
    Hitman: Outlaw LVL 100
    Bullseye: Hitman LVL 200
    Desperado: Bullseye LVL 400

    Shaman: LVL 15 Skull & Mage
    Witch Doctor: Shaman LVL 20
    Necromancer: Witch Doctor LVL 50
    Dark Elder: Necromancer LVL 100
    Purgatory Oracle: Dark Elder LVL 200
    Soul Invoker: Purgatory Oracle LVL 400

    Heavy Knight
    Heavy Knight: LVL 20 Warrior
    Iron Knight: Heavy Knight LVL 20
    Steel Knight: Iron Knight LVL 50
    Mythril Knight: Steel Knight LVL 100
    Adamant Knight: Mythril Knight LVL 200
    Aegis Knight: Adamant Knight LVL 400

    Masked Hero
    Masked Hero: LVL 25 Thief & LVL 25 Warrior Then Pass Bill in Senate
    Vizard Hero: Masked Hero LVL 25
    Morphing Hero: Vizard Hero LVL 60
    Fixed-Up Hero: Morphing Hero LVL 120
    Galaxy Hero: Fixed Up Hero LVL 240
    Super Hero: Galaxy Hero LVL 480

    Magic Knight
    Magic Knight: LVL 30 Warrior\Lady Fighter & LVL 30 Mage\Skull & Pass "Make a Mysterious Beauty " Bill
    Dark Knight: Magic Knight LVL 30
    Rune Knight: Dark Knight LVL 70
    Mega Knight: Rune Knight LVL 140
    Force Knight: Mega Knight LVL 280
    Space Knight: Force Knight LVL 560

    Genin: LVL 30 Thief & LVL 30 Skull then pass "Nin Nin Nin!" Bill
    Chunin: Genin LVL 25
    Jounin: Chunin LVL 60
    Oniwaban: Jounin LVL 120
    Touryou: Oniwaban LVL 240
    Shadow Master: Touryou LVL 480

    Lady Samurai
    Exorcist: LVL 30 Valkyrie & LVL 30 Archer
    Diabolist: Exorcist LVL 25
    Holy Swordswoman: Diabolist LVL 60
    Battle Maiden: Holy Swordswoman LVL 120
    Carnage Princess: Battle Maiden LVL 240
    Blade Master: Carnage Princess LVL 480

    Onmyo Monk
    Onmyo Trainee: LVL 30 Sorcerer & LVL 30 Ninja
    Certified Onymo: Onymo Trainee LVL 30
    Onymo Master: Certified Onymo LVL 70
    Onymo Professor: Onymo Master LVL 140
    Onymo Doctor: Onymo Professor LVL 280
    Onymo Guru: Onymo Guru LVL 560

    Professor: LVL 20 Onmyo Monk & LVL 20 Healer
    Sophist: Professor LVL 40
    Grey Cells: Sophist LVL 90
    Mad Parser: Grey Cells LVL 180
    Alchemist: Mad Parser LVL 360
    Mother Brain: Mother Brain LVL 720

    Bouncer: Complete Chapter 7 or LVL 100 Dark Knight
    Body Guard: Bouncer LVL 35
    Problem Solver: Body Guard LVL 80
    Netherworld SP: Problem Solver LVL 160
    Prom King: Netherworld SP LVL 320
    Destroyer: Prom King LVL 640

    Bio-Suit: Complete Chapter 8, have a LVL 30 Male fighter & LVL 30 Heavy Knight
    Combat Suit: Bio-Suit LVL 60
    Power Armor: Combat Suit LVL 120
    Sword: Power Armor LVL 240
    Engage: Sword LVL 480
    Force Joker: Engage LVL 880

    Android: Beat Game (Episode 10) and Start a new Cycle
    Cyborg: Android LVL 80
    Automaton: Cyborg LVL 180
    Humanoid: Automaton LVL 360
    Replicant: Humanoid LVL 720
    Genocider: Replicant LVL 1440

    Monster Classes

    Pvt. Prinny: Default Class
    Cpt. Prinny: Pvt. Prinny LVL 15
    Col. Prinny: Cpt. Prinny LVL 40
    Gen. Prinny: Col. Prinny LVL 80
    Prinny King: Gen. Prinny LVL 160
    Prinny God: Prinny King LVL 320

    Slumber Cat
    Catsaber: Default Class
    Warcat: Catsaber LVL 15
    Cait Sith: Warcat LVL 40
    Grimalkin: Cait Sith LVL 80
    Elbaccie: Grimalkin LVL 160
    Lord God Cat: Elbaccie LVL 320

    Zombie: Default Class
    Ghoul: Zombie LVL 20
    Corpse: Ghoul LVL 50
    Ghast: Corpse LVL 100
    Wight: Ghast LVL 200
    Zombie King: Wight LVL 400

    Petite Orc: Complete Stage 1-8
    Orc Captain: Petite Orc LVL 15
    Head Orc: Orc Captain LVL 40
    Orc Master: Head Orc LVL 80
    Orc King: Orc Master LVL 160
    Shadow Orc: Orc King LVL 320

    Ghost: Defeat Ghost (Episode 2)
    Boggart: Ghost LVL 15
    Specter: Boggart LVL 40
    Wraith: Specter LVL 80
    Fiend: Wraith LVL 160
    Phantom: Fiend LVL 320

    Eryngi: Defeat a Shroom (Episode 2)
    Matango: Eryngi LVL 15
    Champinion: Matango LVL 40
    Fungus: Champinion LVL 80
    Wonderspore: Fungus LVL 160
    Eryndom: Wonder Spore LVL 320

    Green Slime: Defeat a Sludge (Episode 2)
    Red Blob: Green Slime LVL 15
    Blue Gelatin: Red Blob LVL 40
    Orchre Jelly: Blue Gelatin LVL 80
    Grey Ooze: Orchre Jelly LVL 160
    Black Pudding: Grey Ooze LVL 320

    Winged Warrior
    Mothman: Defeat a Winged Warrior (Episode 3)
    Messanger: Mothman LVL 15
    Watcher: Messanger LVL 40
    Observer: Watcher LVL 80
    Spy: Observer LVL 160
    Unknown: Spy LVL 320

    Gargoyle: Defeat a Gargoyle (Episode 3)
    Guardian: Gargoyle LVL 30
    Nebiros: Guardian LVL 70
    Balrog: Nebiros LVL 140
    Seth: Balrog LVL 280
    Pazuzu: Seth LVL 560

    Mystic Beast
    Cu Sith: Defeat a Mystic Beast (Episode 4)
    Hell Hound: Cu Sith LVL 30
    Black Dog: Hell Hound LVL 70
    Garm: Black Dog LVL 140
    Orthros: Garm LVL 280
    Fenrir: Orthros LVL 560

    Flora Beast
    Alraune: Defeat a Mystic Beast (Episode 4)
    Nemophila: Alraune LVL 25
    Pharbitis: Nemophila LVL 60
    Beladonna: Pharbitis LVL 120
    Photinia: Beladonna LVL 240
    Parthenocissus: Photinia LVL 480

    Dragon Zombie
    Skeletal Dragon: Unlocked by Defeating a Dragon Zombie (Episode 4 Boss Stage).
    Death Dragon: Skeletal Dragon LVL 40
    Curse Dragon: Death Dragon LVL 90
    Mystic Dragon: Curse Dragon LVL 180
    Dark Dragon: Mystic Dragon LVL 360
    Hell Dragon: Dark Dragon LVL 720

    Nekomata: Defeat a Felynn (Episode 5)
    Pao Mao: Nekomata LVL 35
    Tailring: Pao Mao LVL 80
    Cath Palug: Tailring LVL 160
    Ovinig: Cath Palug LVL 320
    Bastet: Ovinig LVL 640

    Cockatrice: Defeat Cockatrice (Episode 5)
    Basilicrow: Cockatrice LVL 25
    Peryton: Basilicrow LVL 60
    Malphas: Peryton LVL 120
    Secundus: Malphas LVL 240
    Abraxas: Secundus LVL 480

    Empusa: Defeat Succubus (Stage 5-3)
    Lilim: Empusa LVL 35
    Succubus: Lilim LVL 80
    Carmilla: Succubus LVL 160
    Hecate: Carmilla LVL 320
    Lilith: Hecate LVL 640

    Rifle Demon

    Baciel: Defeat a Rifle Demonj (Episode 5)
    Gambiel: Baciel LVL 45
    Adnachiel: Gambiel LVL 100
    Verchiel: Adnachiel LVL 200
    Ambriel: Verchiel LVL 400
    Malchidael: Ambriel LVL 800

    Dragon: Unlocked by Defeating a Dragon (Episode 6 After Curing A-Virus).
    Fafnir: Dragon LVL 45
    Nidhogg: Fafnir LVL 100
    Azhi Dahaka: Nidhogg LVL 200
    Tiamat: Azhi Dahaka LVL 400
    Bahamut: Tiamat LVL 800


    Chernobog: Defeat a Death (Episode 7)
    Death: Chernobog LVL 40
    Tezcatlipoca: Death LVL 90
    Mrtyu: Tezcatlipoca LVL 180
    Samael: Mrtyu LVL 360
    Thanatos: Samael LVL 720

    Wood Golem
    Wood Giant: Defeat a Wood Golem (Episode 8)
    Tree Folk: Wood Giant LVL 60
    Forest Guardian: Tree Folk LVL 100
    Green Giant: Forest Guardian LVL 200
    Gaia Titan: Green Giant LVL 400
    Dreadnaught: Gaia Titan LVL 800


    Prism Ranger
    Prism Red: Defeat Character in New Party! Looking for More Members DLC (Post Game)
    Prism Blue: Defeat Prism Red (Post Game)
    Prism Yellow: Prism Blue LVL 15
    Prism Green: Prism Yellow LVL 40
    Prism Purple: Prism Green LVL 80
    Prism Orange: Prison Purple LVL 160
    Prism Aqua: Prism Orange LVL 320

    Flower Shadow: Defeat Asuka & Kyoko
    Snow Shadow: Flower Shadow LVL TBA
    Star Shadow: Snow Shadow LVL TBA
    Moon Shadow: Star Shadow LVL TBA
    Sky Shadow: Moon Shadow LVL TBA
    Shadow Master: Sky Shadow LVL TBA

    Nurse: Defeat Character in New Party! Looking for More Members DLC (Post Game)
    Medic: Nurse LVL 30
    Physician: Medic LVL 70
    Therapist: Physician LVL 140
    Surgeon: Therapist LVL 280
    White Knight: Surgeon LVL 560

    Enchanter: Defeat Character in New Party! Looking for More Members DLC (Post Game)
    Doll Star: Enchanter LVL 30
    Puppeteer: Doll Star LVL 70
    Ventriloquist: Puppeteer LVL 140
    Abyss Crown: Ventriloquist LVL 280
    Rivetina: Abyss Crown LVL 560

    Celestial Host
    Angel: Unlocked after defeating Main Character B?
    Angel Cadet: LVL 30
    Angel Solder: LVL 70
    Crusader: LVL 140
    Avenger: LVL 280
    Paladin: LVL 560
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    GeoffistophelesWhile I like this achievement more than the other for providing more details, it's actually too detailed. The achievement is for all creatable classes. Deathsaber, Prism Ranger, Kunoichi, Medic, Necromancer, and Celestial Host are needed for the achievement, but everything else under Post-Game and DLC are not.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 21 Feb at 20:25
    xShoot4WarAmpsxUpdated. Thanks Geoffistopheles
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 24 Feb at 18:49
    JDuke705I definitely like the more detail in this guide and that you can see each level that an upgrade becomes available. I am not sure what the guide was in Feb but it looks like Geoffstopheles mentioned some that could be removed but that Death Saber needs to stay. I have not confirmed with getting the achievement yet. I only have the android left and I can create Death Saber but haven't yet since it is not on your list but since it is createable and from Geoff I think it might need to be added back.
    Posted by JDuke705 on 30 Mar at 04:26
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