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Defeated the Specters

Defeated the Specters

Defeated the Specters-1.8
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How to unlock the Defeated the Specters achievement

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    Secret/optional boss. Can only be confronted during Chapter 8 after being able to access the Spelltower and getting the Echo Heart from Gwenora via finding all the locations she tasks you with, before giving you one last location to find before disappearing for good to indicate your progression.


    Gwenora herself is located on the wall to the right of the entrance to the Cemetery starting from Chapter 5 after moving from the library door in Chapter 2. If you are teleporting from the tree to the Cemetery and go North, there is a hidden wall to the left of the chicken coop at Sigbert's house that can be pressed in to create a shortcut to Gwenora. Since you will be going back and forth from the locations and Gwendora to turn them in to her each time, this shortcut is very useful compared to running all the way around the graveyard.

    Gwendora's Location Scavenger Hunt

    - Cemetery, the tombstone to the left of you and Gwenora
    - Ikenfell Grounds, the small tree at the top-left next to the Gate to the west
    - Library, two rooms after the Summerstone model, the same room where the shark fetisher is, to the bottom-left of the cyan pot in the center of the room
    - Southern Dorms, before Rook's room where you fight Gilda for the first time, the top-left with the grate and mirror
    - Northern Dorms, in the top-left of Pertisia's room at the fireplace
    - Astronomy Tower, at the very top where you fought Twinkle, behind the telescope
    - Roost, 3 floors down from the top where the Raven and Cat Door are located in the center of a room covered in darkness (credits to Moisstache in comments)
    - Gardens, at the far west side, you'll find the vine clinging to the aqueduct
    - Top Spelltower, two floors down, it is located between the two blue pots after finishing the Test from the Orb (note: you'll probably have to exit and re-enter the room after finishing the test to get the location)
    - The Allcat, along the staircase leading the the Clan of the Allcat

    The Final Location

    After finding Gwendora's Allcat location and turning it in to her, she will give you the Echo Heart so you may go to the final location, the Mirror of Echoes, where you will fight the boss.

    - Spirit Oval, secret room in the bathroom (not to be confused with the Great Hall's bathroom). From the Spirit Oval's Traveler Oak, enter the southern entrance, progress to the hub like room that has the Cat and Shop Ghostling, enter the room at the right by lowering the green and pink pedestals, and slide across the ice to the right to enter the Spirit Oval's bathroom. From here, in between the 3rd and 4th pillar at the bottom of the area is a secret path that leads to a rare gem in the top-right of the bathroom. If you however continue to the right in the center of the darkness of the secret path, you will enter the Mirror of Echoes room and will have the option to face the boss as long as you hold the Echo Heart.

    The Battle

    The Specters themselves are 6 enemies mirroring all 6 of your allies and their movesets, each having 100 HP. To defeat them, chip away at every enemies health until they are each at around at least 10-15 HP and almost beaten, but do not kill any of them until you have done this for every enemy. Once you beat any one of the 6 enemies, that enemy will transform into an octahedron shaped enemy that will start counting down a death timer for themselves. However, either once that timer counts down or once that enemy is attacked, it causes that enemy to transform/resurrect back into their mirrored counterpart while regenerating half of that enemy's health. Meaning attacking them or failing to defeat the rest of the enemies in time will resurrect that enemy back to 50 HP.

    Rashly hitting every enemy without checking what their health is and constantly attacking the octahedrons will result in an impossible battle of attrition. The death timer will start counting down from 3 turns after taking it's first turn to activate the death timer, so you have 4 turns in total to destroy every Specter after the first octahedron appears. This means that you must destroy all the enemies within those 4 turns after beating one enemy. So your goal is to have every enemy turn into an octahedron before they resurrect. Then you win.

    So, as long as you are near max level (30), you chip away at each of their HP, and you don't accidentally kill any of them before every one of them are at low will win this fight.

    After all their health is lowered greatly and you start actually killing them, make sure not to accidentally hit the octahedron enemies with AOE's, as any damage at all will be enough to kill it and cause it to resurrect that enemy. So be sure to keep track of each enemy's HP, don't be afraid to check every time you get a turn, and play it cautiously, yet smart when you use AOE's or Piercing attacks like Fireball, Force Punch, Gravity, Beam, etc after an enemy's health starts to get low.

    The Cheese

    If your still having trouble, before the battle, go into the settings and enable Instant Victory.

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    shortbubbleAstronomy tower came before roost for me
    Posted by shortbubble on 15 Oct 20 at 16:19
    Calex dEUSFor any other iditos like me who had forgotten exactly who and what Gwenora is, ne's not a person he's a face on the wall , must have ran around the graveyard 10 times looking for him before I spotted the face as I was looking for a person facepalm
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 27 Oct 20 at 22:27
    Posted by LuckySean2 on 24 Jan at 11:37
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    To find the specters, you first need to complete Gwenora's side quest. You will meet Gwenora early into the game and then later in the Cemetery. From here you can start her side quest. You need to find locations based off of the pictures she provides you with. After finding all the locations, she will give you the location of the Specters. For the fight, you can activate Instant Victory from the options and then select it when it is your turn to defeat the boss.

    0:00 Cemetery (Location #1)
    0:45 Ikenfell Grounds (Location #2)
    1:08 Library (Location #3)
    1:46 Southern Dorms (Location #4)
    2:22 Northern Dorms (Location #5)
    2:47 Twilight Tower (Location #6)
    3:07 The Roost (Location #7)
    3:33 Gardens (Location #8)
    3:59 Spelltower (Location #9)
    4:28 Dueling Hall/Allcat Lair (Location #10)
    5:38 Spirit Oval (Specters Location & Boss Fight)
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    A visual guide of Gwenora's pictures and after how to get to the boss. Click on the link and it will jump directly at Gwenora's section.

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