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Bought All Gem Accessories

Bought All Gem Accessories

Bought All Gem Accessories-0.2
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How to unlock the Bought All Gem Accessories achievement

  • NOD SenpaiNOD Senpai376,919
    21 Oct 2020 21 Oct 2020 21 Oct 2020
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    First off This is not my guide for the gems

    Here’s a guide from the steam community with every gem location (rare, sparkly, and shiny)

    You can also get the Achievement Upgrade All Gems Accessories once you’ve collected all 20 rare gems and 8 shiny gems.

    To purchase the gem accessories you have to travel to stoc & barrol and enter the staircase heading underground on the left beside the chicken pen. Press A on the accessories on the bottom to purchase and press A a second time after purchasing to upgrade the accessories.

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    BryanRPhhow do you get the staircase by the chicken pen to open? I have completed the game and there is nothing there

    edit: talk to NPC at bar in stoc&barrol. not sure how I missed that early in the game
    Posted by BryanRPh on 22 Oct 20 at 00:35
    Swag21lolDid you get this achievement?
    If you did can you remember what gems you got i got all the obtainable gems before the patch, im missing the last three
    Posted by Swag21lol on 22 Oct 20 at 21:17
    CarteDav bathello comment monte level 100 merci
    Posted by CarteDav bat on 20 Dec 20 at 12:07
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT259,842
    21 Oct 2020 20 Nov 2020 20 Nov 2020
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    There are three types of gems to find in the game: Rare Gems (20), Sparkly Gems (10), Shiny Gems (8) for a total of 38 gems to collect. They can be traded in at the basement shop outside of the Stoc n Barrel early in the game. These are used to purchase Gem Accessories, upgrade those accessories, and unlock Allcat Doors. Collecting all of the gems and using them for the tasks listed will unlock a bunch of achievements / trophies. None of them are missable as you can back track from the final autosave before completing the game.

    0:00 Rare Gem #1 (Road to Ikenfell)
    0:22 Rare Gem #2 (Ikenfell Grounds)
    0:37 Rare Gem #3 (Southern Dorms)
    1:11 Rare Gem #4 (Southern Dorms)
    1:42 Rare Gem #5 (Southern Dorms)
    2:12 Rare Gem #6 (Alchemy Lab)
    2:35 Rare Gem #7 (Alchemy Lab)
    2:55 Rare Gem #8 (Forest Hidden Path)
    3:14 Sparkly Gem #1 (Northern Dorms)
    3:38 Rare Gem #9 (Northern Dorms / Gilda Boss Fight)
    3:57 Rare Gem #10 (Snatcher's Lair)
    4:11 Rare Gem #11 (Twilight Yard)
    4:51 Rare Gem #12 (Twilight Yard)
    5:15 Rare Gem #13 (Astronomy Tower)
    5:28 Rare Gem #14 (Great Hall)
    5:44 Rare Gem #15 (Great Hall)
    6:11 Rare Gem #16 (Spirit Oval)
    6:39 Rare Gem #17 (Spirit Oval)
    7:08 Sparkly Gem #2 (Great Hall)
    7:26 Shiny Gem #1 (Cemetery)
    7:42 Sparkly Gem #3 (The Roost)
    8:07 Shiny Gem #2 (The Roost)
    8:25 Sparkly Gem #4 (Forest Ruins)
    8:48 Rare Gem #18 (Dueling Hall)
    9:01 Shiny Gem #3 (Dueling Hall)
    9:10 Shiny Gem #4 (The Archives)
    9:33 Shiny Gem #5 (The Archives)
    9:48 Sparkly Gem #5 (Dueling Hall)
    10:10 Shiny Gem #6 (Gardens)
    10:21 Shiny Gem #7 (Stacks)
    10:31 Sparkly Gem #6 (Stacks)
    11:06 Sparkly Gem #7 (Ikenfell Grounds)
    11:21 Shiny Gem #8 (Spelltower)
    11:44 Sparkly Gem #8 (Spelltower)
    11:57 Rare Gem #19 (Orchard)
    12:18 Sparkly Gem #9 (Ghostly Grove)
    12:44 Sparkly Gem #10 (Dueling Hall / Allcat Lair)
    13:35 Rare Gem #20 (Ikenfell Grounds)
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    A 0 UB3RLOZ3RAre they actually numbered in game?
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 09 Jun at 18:03
    UntilTammaroYTThey aren't; however, I have numbered them based on how you find them as you progress through the game.
    Posted by UntilTammaroYT on 11 Jun at 11:14
  • Lildude3107Lildude3107258,611
    05 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020
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    A visual guide of all the rare gems. Click on the video and it will jump at that section.

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