Infantry Production achievement in Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection (Win 10)

Infantry Production

Build 100 Conscript squads, 100 Grenadier squads, and 60 Panzer Grenadier squads

Infantry Production+6.1
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How to unlock the Infantry Production achievement

  • Roose91Roose91931,287
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    As no one else has mentioned it, progress towards this achievement can be tracked by going to 'Menu' in the bottom left corner of the main menu, then clicking 'Showcase' and then 'Achievements'. This shows all of the in-game achievements which incidentally are also Steam Achievements on the Steam version, however only four of them are Xbox achievements (we got off lucky). Progress tracked on these does in my experience correlate to your actual achievement progress.

    Conscripts: can only be trained from HQ while playing as the Soviet Union. I am not 100% sure but I do not think call ins (Fresh Conscripts, Frontoviki Conscripts, Penal Battalions) count for this as all have different unit names from the generic Conscript Squads and are not trained but rather called in instantly.

    In any case, I did all of my conscripts in one playthrough of the campaign on General (actually called 'Hard' in game). The campaign is pretty easy all said and done as the AI normally just defends in most missions and you can just keep building more and more soldiers to replenish losses (with some exceptions like the mission with Polish Partisans and the Poznan (Posen) mission where if you take too long, you lose the ability to train any more troops).

    Conscripts are pretty versatile anyway as can be used to replenish losses in better squads such as Shock Troops and Guards as well as being used to man crew served weapons such as AT guns, SF-role machine guns (i.e. ones that must be crewed rather than be assigned to a squad member) and to crew captured vehicles. As such just pump them out whenever you have 6 Population and 240 Manpower to spare and you'll get this without ever touching Skirmish as Soviets.

    Grenadiers: Can only be trained by the 'Wehrmacht' faction. Note there are two Wehrmacht factions. 'Wehrmacht' (usually referred to in CoH community as 'Wehrmacht Ostheer' to differentiate) is the one you want as opposed to Oberkommando West who train Volksgrenadiers instead of Grenadiers. These are trained from the Infanterie Kompanie which can be constructed by your Pioneers as soon as a match begins and without reaching the next Battle Phase at the HQ. They cost 240 Manpower and take up 7 Population.

    Panzergrenadiers: can again only be trained by Wehrmacht Ostheer. These are trained at the HQ building but require Battle Phase 1 to be reached at the HQ. They cost 340 Manpower and 9 Population.

    For these latter two, I generally just started a game against the AI on easy, churned out a few of each until the manpower generation started to drop to a crawl whilst capturing all of the zones and killing off enemy infantry. You can box the enemy into their base by positioning all your infantry in the cap zones around their base. PzG units wreck most infantry squads especially when supported by Grenadiers with an MG42 upgrade. Playing against Oberkommando West or US Forces seems to make this process marginally easier as their infantry isn't great and they seem to train a lot of light vehicles which can be taken out by infantry armed with small arms (British are annoying as they will constantly drop air landing glider units behind your lines). Once the manpower generation isn't worth the wait, just train an armoured unit (I normally just went for PzIV as it's cheap but effective) and roll into the enemy base supported by infantry. Not sure if this is actually necessary as opposed to quitting but I did it to make sure the game ended and saved my stats correctly.
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  • AshdoAshdo568,026
    15 Jan 2021 15 Jan 2021 15 Jan 2021
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    This achievement can be gained from playing both the campaign and the Online/Skirmish mode combined, but the online/skirmish must be played at some point. The three unit types needed are the Conscripts, Panzer Grenadiers, and normal Grenadiers.

    Conscripts are only available to the Soviet army and as such can be farmed throughout the campaign. It is likely more than 100 will be made from across a single playthrough, let alone if you're aiming to complete the game on General Difficulty.

    Grenadiers and Panzer Grenadiers are only available to the German army (Wehrmacht) and as such is available to use whilst either playing online or during skirmish matches.

    The easiest method I found to farm the two german units was to start a custom skirmish match against an easy AI with high resources in the options menu (no other options are necessary). Upgrade to "Battle Phase 1" from your headquarters and create an "Infanterie Kompanie" using your engineers. From there start creating your selected grenadier choice and send those units around the map capturing points and increasing your gains.

    Once you've maxed your unit capacity and captured all points send them to their death by placing them in front of the enemies MG nests located at the base to be shredded to pieces. Once they're dead create new units in their place until you have the desired number (try and keep a tally going).

    There shouldn't be any need to go higher than the numbers needed but your mileage may vary depending on if you've already played before Once the correct amount has been produced the achievement should pop.
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