Invincible achievement in WWE 2K Battlegrounds


Win a Royal Rumble match against 30 opponents in medium difficulty or higher

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How to unlock the Invincible achievement

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    Spend 9000 blue currency on upgrading Speedy Recovery (see below, optional)
    Make sure the settings are correct.
    Pick a powerhouse with the speedy recovery power-up, activate it where possible (if needed).
    Take your time, don't try to do too much.
    Only eliminate the opponents when they're super weak.
    Make sure, and I can't stress this enough, that you are, indeed, ready to rumble.

    Edit: as Local Indian has pointed out, Triple H is a fantastic option as he can get several taunts done in quick succession, charging up finishers and signatures in no time at all. This will be far easier than using the Undertaker.
    The rest of the advice still applies.

    Edit 2: It appears as though the Triple H taunt has been nerfed in the recent patch. There is still a good, effective cheesing method though.
    Basically, Irish Whip your opponent into the top right corner, stand to the left of them and grapple them as soon as they get out of the stunned state to glitch/phase them through the ropes and out of the ring.
    Thanks go out to tpb fan for sending me this video by YouTuber sleamey316: (video removed as it is no longer valid)

    Edit 3: it appears that both cheese methods have been unfortunately patched, but there could still be a cheeky way to wittle away the opponent's health and build your sig/finisher at the same time. CraigyB78 has found that you can hit a near-impossible-to-reverse grapple while standing behind an opponent who is rising to their feet. Doing this repeatedly will be very effective, but will take considerably longer than perhaps just fighting normally. It is a lot safer, though. Regardless, good luck if you attempt it this way! rock


    From the main menu, select Play -> Exhibition Men -> Royal Rumble.
    From here, press cn_Y and select Match Rules, change the number of Superstars to 30. After that, select difficulty and make sure that it is set to MEDIUM. You don't want to have to repeat it.

    Once that's sorted, select your superstar and get ready to rumble. (I would strongly recommend using a powerhouse as detailed below).

    The completion of this match will net you 300G if this is your first Rumble win, also unlocking "Anybody Else?" Achievement.
    WWE 2K BattlegroundsAnybody else?The Anybody else? achievement in WWE 2K Battlegrounds worth 247 pointsWin a Royal Rumble match against 20 opponents or more

    The match:

    It's the Royal Rumble, you'll likely know and love it already.
    The object of the match is to outlast the opponents by eliminating them by throwing them over the top rope and to the floor outside.

    In Battlegrounds, the eliminations are done mostly by mashing the triggers after Irish whipping (cn_B) the opponent into the turnbuckle or over the ropes. Alternatively, if the opponent's health is low enough, pressing cn_A will automatically eliminate them.

    It is a long, somewhat difficult task outlasting the opponents.
    You don't have to eliminate everyone yourself.


    Pick whoever you are comfortable using, however I STRONGLY suggest picking a powerhouse. The reason for this is because they have 5 stars in health, punch and 4 in throw. These will be crucial, especially health, in your success.
    I personally used the Undertaker.

    For abilities, the first and third slots don't matter. What you will definitely need is the Speedy Recovery ability. Activate it whenever possible if you have lost any health and your opponents are down. Make sure that only one opponent is targeting you while doing this (as indicated by the character icon next to the superstar on the HUD), and keep them down. The AI won't purposely attack you during this period.

    Only go for eliminations when the opponent is in the red health zone, preferably with less than half of the last bar left.

    Don't rush anything, take your time and try to keep in control. Right stick grapples will be a great help throughout the match so conserve your stamina. Don't run around attacking everyone, just focus on your rival and let the AI fight each other.

    Use your signatures on the fresh opponents where possible. Try not to use it on opponents who have less than half a bar of health left unless you have no other options. You can switch targets by clicking cn_RSc.

    You can taunt (cn_down) if you have a few seconds between eliminations and no-one's targeting you, this will greatly build your momentum to gain another signature a lot faster.

    Don't be disheartened if you fail, it took me 3 attempts to do this.
    I had an absolute nightmare of a first attempt, getting eliminated 5th as Roman Reigns (embarrassing, I know).
    The second attempt, I got eliminated 28th as Undertaker and finally, on the third attempt, I had my strategy down and was able to get the win.

    EDIT: You can also upgrade the effectiveness of the Speedy Recovery power-up by going into the Superstars tab (from the main menu); selecting an unlocked superstar and pressing cn_X; highlighting the Speedy Recovery ability and pressing cn_X again to open the upgrade menu. It will cost you 9000 blue currency to fully upgrade it so it recovers 10% of health per usage vs the original 5%.
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    CraigyB78After several annoying attempts at this achievement, I had a look at methods on YouTube.
    The method that worked for me finally was to use HHH and on knocking down an oppenent was to then grapple them from behind as they stood up. It is not the most damaging move but it seems the CPU can't reverse this move. From there I would just chip away at his health, hit him with a special move when the counter was full then when their health was in the red get them into the corner and throw them over. My final 10 entries were all weaker opponents so was quite lucky with that too.
    Hope this helps
    Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 12 Oct at 16:00
    Tendoman77Yeah that quick glitch trick seems to have gotten fixed too now, guess we finally gotta do this the legit way
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 12 Oct at 17:42
    JohnALS39Thanks, Craigy78. I've added that to the solution. Fair play to the devs for getting these exploits patched out relatively quickly haha. Shame for us, but good for them.
    Posted by JohnALS39 on 12 Oct at 17:57
    HATRED REMAINSUndertaker was so much easier than triple H for me. Great guide man!
    Posted by HATRED REMAINS on 12 Oct at 21:06
    Tendoman77Ended up doing this on my first major attempt with Hunter himself anyway. Level 3 Speedy Recovery is a absolute god-send, never once got down to red health levels. And despite the apparent taunt nerf its still great for building heat up at a decent rate.

    A bigger question for me is why he only has his personal signature Spinebuster as the finsher and not the Pedigree lol.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 12 Oct at 21:29
    InertiaXxI just found a neat little cheese while doing it!! With Triple H, using down on the right stick (grapple) on an opponent that is sandwiched between you and the ropes there is a very good probability that they will bounce out of the ring. Here is a clip I made to demonstrate.
    Posted by InertiaXx on 13 Oct at 00:17
    Bk LuCKY ChaRMSWell that just ruined my day that this got patched it was the only reason I started it cause of this glitch but due to work didnt have enough time to finish the campaign and actually do it
    Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 14 Oct at 10:14
    JohnALS39You can do it, Bk. I managed it without the exploits and I was mediocre at best at the time. Just keep a cool head, play as a powerhouse and focus on one person at a time and you will be fine.
    Posted by JohnALS39 on 14 Oct at 12:40
    TMONEYRKO619Omg thank you InertiaXx for that cheese tip. Worked like a charm.
    Posted by TMONEYRKO619 on 02 Nov at 02:27
    SinSTeRS DEVILI tried that video and did not work unless they patched it now
    Posted by SinSTeRS DEVIL on 07 Nov at 18:01
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