Potions Smotions achievement in Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut

Potions Smotions

Beat the genie clone without using potions

Potions Smotions+2.9
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How to unlock the Potions Smotions achievement

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    I'd say this is the hardest Achievement in the game. This Requires you to Beat The Shantae Genie Clone at the end the game WITHOUT using ANY POTIONS. No Health potions or Magic Potions.

    First off, this should preferably be attempted while in a 100% Completion Playthrough As Normal Shantae,
    You'll need all 3 Heart Holders for Maximum Health to benefit you through this battle.

    During the Fight with the ship before hand, it's okay to use potions... Just Not After the Genie Fight begins.

    The Highest tier of Pike Balls are a Huge Help to Have but use them sparingly and preferably during the 2nd Phase of the fight

    ⚠ Running - She will run in place much like an old cartoon show before she actually Runs towards you , Just be ready to jump over her because she is unpredictable.

    Jumping - Randomly She will Jump every now and then at any given moment. Keep your eyes peeled.

    ⚠ Monkey Dance - She will go back and forth, from left to right from wall to wall. High, Mid, and Very Low
    She CAN be damaged during this dance. I recommend staying low until she goes low, then of course you must jump out of the way.

    ⚠ Elephant Dance - Depending on which side you are on, she will Charge towards you with a lot of speed. Be ready to jump towards her just a little bit to dodge the charge attack. But right after the charge attack, she will slam down from the Top of the screen towards you. There is a opening for you to get on the opposite side of her but she only goes halfway across screen. So this time you can stay on the side you were previously on. I Wouldn't recommend getting any hits in during this because she hits you for a large amount of damage.

    ⚠ Mermaid Dance - Standing Directly Under her allows you to dodge all the bubbles she shoots. However you might take one hit when she lands on top of you unless you move at the last second. I think this is better than risking multiple hits trying to actually dodge the bubbles from a far.

    PHASE 2 - She Spins and you will see orange bubbles attracting towards her, She is vulnerable while in this Animation so Attack! She's Faster now and her attacks will last twice as long. shock

    Monkey Dance will last longer and will be much faster so DON'T try to attack just play it safe and stay in middle

    Elephant Dance is A LOT faster, when you see her doing the elephant dance just be ready to Jump Immediately! Also she will slam down across the ENTIRE SCREEN this time so you have to find a window to jump pass her to avoid her attacks.

    Mermaid Dance will last longer, 6 waves of bubbles. Same thing here just stand under her and take the hit if you can't escape in time.

    Good luck to you... You'll need it wink

    Here's a visual from LayZjay on Youtube
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