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Supercharged achievement in Mafia: Definitive Edition


Win the race

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How to unlock the Supercharged achievement

  • PBreezeyPBreezey
    25 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020 27 Sep 2020
    This achievement is obtainable in Chapter 5 "Fair Play." In Chapter 5, you can also earn:
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    NOT CLASSY is missable!

    To earn Supercharged, you have to win the race after you
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The race is extremely difficult. The race cars don't handle well, are difficult to break and it's very easy to get spun out from other drivers or from hitting a wall. There is no definitive guide to getting this achievement, but here are some tips:

    1. I believe the race scales with difficulty. I was trying to complete the race on Classic difficulty so that I could obtain the Made Man achievement. I, no joke, spent 3.5 hours trying the race and the best I could finish was 4th. I dropped the difficulty down to Medium difficulty and won the race on my first attempt. I didn't do anything differently in my racing style or tactics, so my only assumption is that the race difficulty does scale.
    2. There are three different ways you can brake while driving: cn_LT is the normal brake, cn_B is the handbrake and cn_back will enable the Speed Limiter which automatically slows you down. Multiple other sources claim that using the speed limiter is the best way to have a controlled slow down, but I still found it to be very difficult. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to try to avoid braking at all and instead focus on trying to let off the gas pedal while going around corners instead of using any of the three braking methods, except when you have to which brings us to...
    3. The three most difficult parts of the race are: (a) turn 1 - the hairpin, (b) turn 5 - a sharp left turn after climbing uphill, and (c) the S curve following turn 5. For turn 1 and turn 5, I recommend doing a long break using cn_LT before actually reaching the turns and going through them very slowly. The AI will also slow way down for both of these, so you don't have too much to worry about losing your place. For the S, if you hit the grass ramp on the right side of the curve you will go airborne and most likely crash. You need to ensure you cut right through the middle of the S - you can let your left wheels and then right wheels off road just a little bit, but not too much.
    4. There are 3 crashes that the AI racers will suffer during the race: (a) in Lap 1, on turn 4, one car will crash into the wall, (b) in Lap 2, one car will hit the grass ramp in the S curve and go airborne and crash and (c) in Lap 3, depending on your position there may be a crash on turn 8 (the final large turn before the finish line). You can use these to your advantage, but also make sure if you are not in 1st place going into turn 8 on the 3rd lap that you go very high on the turn to avoid the crash.
    5. Just try to tackle the race like you would any other race in any other game. Go into most turns wide and try to cut sharp against the actual curve. Use your car to block other cars from passing you. And don't get frustrated - I definitely did and it was getting to me.
    6. If you have to restart the race, you can hit cn_start and skip the cutscene to save yourself some time on each run.

    Here is a good article from Gamerant, which also includes a great video guide from YouTuber Astewir:

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    Epicstar23Yeah, for some reason the supercharged achievement never popped up for me either.
    Posted by Epicstar23 on 05 Jan 23 at 22:39
    LaBaguette23You can also use the ram feature (clicking A on Xbox while aiming with left stick) in the game to make tighter turns or as last attempt to save yourself from a crash
    Posted by LaBaguette23 on 30 Jun 23 at 19:33
    i Bright xGood solution, thank you 👍
    Posted by i Bright x on 20 Jan at 17:44
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    09 Jan 2021 14 Jan 2021 20 Oct 2023
    This race is quite difficult on classic. I am going to give some tips on how I beat the race in about 8-10 tries.

    1. Do not EVER hard lock your breaks. These cars do not have ABS and it will skid forward and you will have no control. Practice slowing down safely without a full press of the left trigger. 3/4 is usually pretty quick anyway and no lockups.

    2. Learn how to use the cars weight to your advantage. Use the weight of the car to help you to turn corners. Before turning left(for example) go a little wide and then quickly turn your vehicle to the left, it can help get through corners without slowing down too much. Helps with any driving scenario in game.

    3. Do not gas out of a corner until your car is practically straight, if you gas early your car WILL spin out.

    4. The best tip I have for you is keep restarting the race until you are set with AI where they are all bunched together at the start. If this occurs you can jump into top 5-8 before the first corner. It happens about every 2-3rd restart.

    5. On the 3rd corner make sure you cut the grass, massive time saver. if your car feels like it's going to lose grip on grass, just let go of the gas for a second.

    6. To get the best racing lines make sure you are going wide into the corner and exiting using the apex's. Watch how race car drives enter and exit corners.

    Good luck!
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    Posted by napoearth on 25 Jul 22 at 21:45
    napoearthYeah, I guess you can, but it's pointless to bother with it. People are entitled to their opinion and that's what the votes are. Just because your solution didn't help this guy doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. It did help some people and that's what matters.
    Posted by napoearth on 26 Jul 22 at 14:46
    TREX1979@Ubersilkroad You r a KING Douchebag - it is my right to have an opinion that you are the KING of all Douchebags hahahah what a D#$K lol
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