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Find all 'Gangsters of the United States' cigarette cards

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How to unlock the Full Set achievement

  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck519,310
    29 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020
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    Mafia: Definitive Edition Cigarette Card Locations

    The majority of these cards can be gotten throughout the different chapters. We will cover those first.

    If you prefer a map, check out the map created by PowerPyx here.

    Chapter 3: Molotov Party
    00:10 – Paulie Lombardo – This can be found in the bar at the start of this chapter.

    Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine
    00:35 – Sam Trapani – Can be found in the back room of the bakery when you collect your first set of money.

    Chapter 5: Fair Play
    00:56 – Luigi Marino – Before going inside the garage at the race track, go into the small building that’s right of that to get the next card.

    Chapter 7: Better Get Used to it
    01:16 – Lou Marcano – Whilst you are chasing Billy you will go into a room that has a bar on the left side, go behind here to get the card.

    Chapter 8: The Saint and the Sinner
    01:29 – Leo Galante – When you get to the Hotel go up the stairs to the first floor, the card can be found in the room on the right. It’s in room 104.

    01:51 – Frank Vinci – When you are leaving the Church, the card will be on your right.

    Chapter 9: A trip to the Country
    02:07 – Carlo Falcone – When you spawn in the countryside run forward for a little bit, keep an eye out for an open barn with a light on. It’s just past a bunch of logs.

    Chapter 10: Omerta
    02:34 – Frank Colletti – When you go past the first building of the airport, stick to the left side and go through the white building. Just past this turn right to jump over a box. The card will be on a blue barrel.

    Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People
    03:25 – Emnio Saleri – After interacting with your first painting, stick to the ground floor. On the right side of the mansion the card can be found in the room in the far right corner.

    Chapter 14: Happy Birthday
    03:43 – Meren Morello – After speaking with Sam about the disguise, go into the room you’re your right to find the card.

    Chapter 15: You Lucky *******
    04:02 – Sergio Morello – While chasing Sergio you will come across a wooden bridge. Just after this, go into the building on your right to find the next card.

    Chapter 16: Crème de la Crème
    04:25 – Lucio Marcano – While chasing Morello on foot you will come across a water tower. Just underneath that you will see some wooden planks with the card on it.

    Chapter 17: Election Campaign
    04:45 – Vincenzo Ricci – When you encounter the police for the first time whilst escaping the prison, follow the corridor all the way around to the left. On your left will be the next card in a prison cell.

    Chapter 18: Just For Relaxation
    05:04 – Tomaso Moretti – When you enter the first warehouse, follow the catwalk all the way along. In the room on your right will be the next card. It’s just before the stairs.

    Chapter 19: Moonlighting
    05:28 – Sal Marcano – Downstairs in the bank, just before the desk go into the small room on your left to get the card.

    Chapter 20: The Death of Art
    05:44 – Tommy Angelo – When in your house turn around to find it on the table in the hallway.

    05:57 – Valerio Marcano – After kicking down a door you will briefly be outside, in the room just after this the card can be found on the windowsill.

    All the remaining cards can be found in the Free Ride portion of the game, select that from the main menu.

    06:15 – Sammy Roninson – Can be found in the Warehouse entrance in the Holbrook area of the map. Can be found in the right corner.

    06:34 – Louie Romeo – Can be found east of the North Park text on the map. Look for the tree small buildings that are close to the water. Go down the ramp, the card will be on the wall under the bridge.

    07:04 – Giuseppe Carillo – South of North Park in Berton’s Autoservice, look for the building that’s circled on the map. It’s not too far from the previous card. When going inside for the first time you will have a cutscene. The card will be on the right side when inside.

    07:36 – Fredo Clemente – Central Island, it’s just north of the Marshall Bridge. Follow the path for a little bit to find it next to some benches.

    07:50 – Felice Peppone – Works Quarters, can be found in the upstairs room in Salieri’s Bar.

    If you are still struggling, feel free to use this video as a reference.

    Thank you.

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    Flamechain9Glitched for me, got The Whole Story achievement for 100% collectables but not this, even though it reads 22/22.
    Posted by Flamechain9 on 09 Oct at 14:19
    BabyishDuckSame here the collection achievement unlocked for me when I got my first mystery fox. I collected everything else before starting the foxes.
    Posted by BabyishDuck on 09 Oct at 15:01
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV151,886
    30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020
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    Mafia Definitive Edition has a total of 172 collectibles - 50 Mystery Foxes, 22 Cigarette Cards, 20 Dime Detectives, 20 Black Masks, 20 Super Science Stories, 20 Terror Tales, 10 Gangsters Monthly, 5 Post Cards and 5 Hidden Cars

    You need all of them for various achievements. Fortunately, none of them can be missed. There are two types of collectibles, story and free roam collectibles. Story collectibles only spawn and collectable during the story.

    These collectibles can you pick up every time via chapter select. All collectibles are immediately saved. Free roam collectibles are of course available in Free roam which is called Free Ride and in the story too! This mode unlock after chapter 2 or 3.

    In the story you can also find a lot of available free roam collectibles close to the story. If you follow my story video, you will have collected 81 of the 172 collectibles at the end. The remaining 91 collectibles are in the seperate free roam video guide.

    Story Collectibles

    Timeline: (LARGE!!)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Free Roam Collectibles

    Timeline: (LARGE!!)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • Rubber DucksssRubber Ducksss342,875
    26 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020 26 Sep 2020
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    Throughout the Story of Mafia, there are 172 collectibles. Most of these collectibles can be obtained during Free Roam, however, there are certain collectibles which are missable during story chapters.

    I suggest using the following guide to help you find all missable achievements - https://www.powerpyx.com/mafia-1-remake-definitive-edition-c...

    Video guide -
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    Ninja Mango 199Once you have a collectible is it yours forever or do you need to do it in one playthrough?
    Posted by Ninja Mango 199 on 25 Sep at 09:42
    Rubber DucksssI believe doing it through one-play through is best just to ensure you get all the collectibles, you can go through chapter select to get any missable collectibles, and play free roam to get the rest of the collectibles/achievements.
    Hope that helps!
    Posted by Rubber Ducksss on 25 Sep at 10:14
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