Made Man achievement in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Made Man

Complete the game on Classic difficulty

Made Man-0.1
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How to unlock the Made Man achievement

  • HQAZEHQAZE369,192
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    Missions in Mafia consist of an optional tutorial, a prologue followed by 21 story missions and ends with an epilogue..
    The difficulty is not that bad, but if you play it on 'Classic' there will be 2 things that are changing..
    1: Police Response. (Simulation mode..)
    2: Driving Mode. (Simulation mode..)




    4 'Chapters..

    -An Offer You Can't Refuse
    -Running Man
    -Molotov Party
    -Ordinary Routine

    5 'Chapers..

    -Fairplay, This is the hardest one!.. (The race..) because it's 'Simulation Mode'.. and on Classis...
    TIP: You wanna get first the feeling of you're car and the track.. i also suggest using 'First person' view.. if you going round the bend.. you let go of you're gass.. because you will go faster, just use you're steering wheel.. Also imported is using the 'Speed limiter'.. especially in tight corners.. in the first corner.. bump in the top 5/6.. And in the second/third corner, in the top 3/4.. by cutting the 2 corner(s).. by going over the grass.. on the inside.. there will be falling each round 1 racer out of the race.. if you're not in the top 3-5 going into the second round.. restart checkpoint.. and you will get it eventually..

    -Better Get Used to It
    -The Whore
    -The Priest

    4 'Chapters

    -Trip to the Country
    -Visiting Rich People
    -Great Deal

    4 'Chapters

    -Bon Appétit
    -Happy Birthday
    -You Lucky Bastard
    -Crème De La Crème

    4 'Chapters

    -Election Campaign
    -Just for Relaxation
    -The Death of Art

    Last mission.


    Additional Game Modes..

    -Test Drive
    -Free Ride

    Free Ride Missions

    -Free Ride
    -Free Ride Extreme
    -The Crazy Horse
    -Dock Block
    -Electric Trick Track
    -Pennies From Hell
    -Alien Infiltration
    -The Old Switcheroo
    -Professional Protection
    -Explosive Situation
    -Moderate Velocity
    -Mister Fancy Bike
    -Curse of the Baskervilles
    -Post Cards


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    YaIrishMick96I got past the race but it sucked the life out of me. The rest of the game isn't too bad because you can just skip drives, cutscenes and use high aim assist. My biggest tip that got me to master the race is using the ram button which is A to make certain corners much easier. On my successful run I got into 1st place after the 3rd turn. The 3rd turn is the only turn where the AI slows down a lot so master the hairpin turn, the next one is easy and then the 3rd one. Driving over the grass is also highly recommended. Ram, cut some corners (not the S shape one) and you'll be in first. After that make sure to drive quickly, but also safely. Do not make a single mistake just drive careful. I slowed down like hell going around the hairpin turn on lap 2 and 3 but it was the best choice. Just drive safe after you are in first.
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 09 Nov at 00:23
    Raw Sauce RossWorst. Race. Ever.
    Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 12 Nov at 05:29
    PeachCloud87115I was worried about this racing mission but I really dont understand everyones problem first time for me lol
    Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 27 Nov at 15:26
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  • jdisher96jdisher96114,762
    28 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020
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    The above guides are alright, but I wanted to pass along some tips and give some advice for everyone going for this annoying, but rewarding, achievement! (While it's true that you can play the game on Classic mode to get the collectibles and the "A Life of Crime" achievement on your 1st playthrough, I wouldn't recommend it- it might save you some time, but it'll more than likely make you more pissed off and won't let you enjoy the story!)

    Some starting tips:
    -When starting the story, you set the settings. Put the aim-assist on HIGH.
    -Whenever you start a chapter at the bar, be sure to go see Vinny before progressing! This will give you a chance to pick up your choice of weapons (I highly recommend the gold pistol if you pre-ordered the game, the tommy gun, and a knife as your melee).
    -If it's your 2nd playthrough, or your 1st and you really don't care about the conversations Tommy has with his passengers when driving to a location, press down on the d-pad to skip non-important drives to save more time when completing a chapter. You can access this setting in the options menu!
    -Consciously think about reloading your weapon, because any leftover ammo will be lost. Along with that, be as conservative as possible with your ammo.
    -Enemies are a lot tougher, and take a good amount of shots to take down. Weapons like the tommy gun and shotgun are good, but I honestly kept finding myself using the gold pistol (or semi-automatic pistol) most of the time. It takes 3-4 shots to kill enemies with a pistol. It definitely made a difference in shoot-out scenes.
    -When shooting, it's better to take short bursts of fire rather than dragging out trying to shoot an enemy (especially when using the tommy gun). In fact, I got through these shoot-outs relatively quickly by shooting only one time on an enemy in and out of cover.

    Chapters 1-4:
    These first few chapters aren't too bad on Classic mode. Be sure to keep the above tips in mind to get through them relatively quickly.

    Chapter 5:
    Honestly, this chapter is probably the hardest to complete because of the mandatory race near the end. BE PREPARED TO SPEND SOME TIME ON THIS. Using the Ram feature (tapping, NOT holding, the A button while driving) gives you a small speed boost and helps you make clean turns. If you spin out or crash at all, re-load the checkpoint. The 1st turn, in my opinion, is the most difficult. I got through it and all the others by slowing down a lot before the curve, pressing and then letting go of RT, and using Ram to keep the turn clean. Don't be afraid to ride in the grass. The 1st lap sets the course for the remainder of the race- if you're not in 4th or 5th place by the end of the 1st lap, re-load the checkpoint; on the final stretch, look behind you and try to block the driver behind you as they are much faster than you on Classic.

    Chapter 7:
    Not too bad either. Remember to conserve ammo, be on the look-out for first-aid boxes, and don't rush. This chapter also has a car chase scene; since the driving mode is locked on Simulation, driving is tougher in general. Be cautious of your speed because all turns are much more difficult.

    Chapter 8:
    I'd recommend finding Michelle in room 208 first because after it's done, it won't raise any alarms. Killing the manager in the lounge second makes the rest of the shooting scene more linear and smoother of a pace while trying to get to the office to plant the bomb. Once you and Sam are trying to escape the police, try to go down a secluded alleyway. This will buy you some more breathing room from the cops.

    Chapter 9:
    Honestly, this chapter is quite annoying as well once you get to the car chase scene when you're defending the truck from the cops. Since you can get killed a lot quicker in Classic, the difficulty skyrockets. Be prepared to die a few times (unless you get lucky). Try to be as accurate while shooting the tommy gun as you can- I recommend trying to hit the drivers of the cars first because it gives a good chance of the car spinning out and no longer being an issue.

    Chapter 10:
    Try to be as sneaky as possible so you won't have to take out as many enemies in a shoot-out. Once Frank is taken away in a car, you make your way to him. I got through this entire scene without shooting anyone by making my way to the building on the far left as you start approaching further to the objective. Always be cautious and duck behind cover as much as possible to get your bearings on enemies nearby. Silently take out any guys you come across and you should be able to make it all the way to Frank without having to shoot anyone.

    Chapter 11:
    Not too bad. When you're escaping with Salvatore, leave the mansion, and then try to park in a secluded driveway or alleyway and just wait for your wanted stars to go away. It takes a few minutes but makes finishing the chapter a lot easier!

    Chapter 12:
    The shoot-outs aren't too bad- molotovs are your friend here! When you have to protect the truck, be careful with your car speed and turns since driving on Simulation is tougher. Overall, not that hard of a chapter.

    Chapter 15:
    When chasing Sergio on the motorcycle, keep your distance from the car (but obviously don't let him escape). Doing this will ensure that no one from the car can shoot you so you'll be able to have more health once the shooting scene starts.

    Chapter 16:
    Overall, not too bad. Keep in mind that enemy locations aren't shown on the map, so try and take your time because an enemy can come up from your blindspot and take you out. When following the plane, it lands in the direction of the race track, so driving as if you're going there can help shave off your time in getting to the wreck.

    Chapter 17:
    Everything leading up to escaping the prison isn't too difficult. When near the exit of the prison, you'll see a cop car that would be the easiest escape vehicle. Instead of automatically getting in the car and trying to drive off with a 5 star wanted level, turn back and start to head back into the prison. This will break the cops' line of sight with you, and they'll start to search for you. Just wait and make sure they don't see you, and within 1-2 minutes, your wanted level will dissappear and you won't have to drive and escape the police at all!

    Chapter 18:
    Patience is key here! The box of cigars is literally the last one you'll need to check. Also, the regular workers can be taken out with melee attacks even if they spot you. There's no way that they can sound the alarm. Take your time scoping out the best path when avoiding roadblocks.

    Chapters 19 & 20:
    Lots of shooting in these chapters, so stay viligant of your ammo and health. Overall, they're not that difficult, but you might die a few times!

    I really hope this helps someone out! :)
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    BuffaloJetBoi@Dmbledore You have to start a new game and play start to finish on Classic. You can't change the difficulty at any time or it will void the achievement. Found out the hard way when I decided to get the collectibles in Free Ride before finishing the Classic run and it kept it at easy difficulty when I loaded back in to Story mode.
    Posted by BuffaloJetBoi on 02 Nov at 02:55
    Shepele@BuffaloJetBoi thanks! You save me a lot of time.
    Posted by Shepele on 03 Nov at 00:43
    YaIrishMick96This race is torture. The car is a piece of crap that can't turn without spinning out, and the AI is so unnecessarily aggressive
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 08 Nov at 01:16
  • BuffaloJetBoiBuffaloJetBoi120,058
    02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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    My guide will focus more on tips and tricks for regular gameplay and certain hard chapters than explaining all the chapters. If you want a complete run down of all the chapters, the other guides will be more help.

    First is just tips for going about the city and gameplay and stuff.

    [[[A big thing that people seem to not know is that you HAVE to keep it at Classic the whole playthrough. You change the difficulty at ANY point, doesn't matter if you didn't hit a save point or haven't completed the chapter; the achievement is voided and you have to start over. Make sure if you go into Free Ride and change the difficulty to lower than Classic, change it back before leaving Free Ride and going into Story Mode because it will keep it at that difficulty.]]]

    -First is circumnavigating the whole realistic reloading thing. When you're running around the dead guys, picking up ammo, have whatever main gun you chose unequipped (i.e. have your sidearm out) so then the ammo goes straight into the current mag instead of your "reserve" ammo if you had it equipped. That way you artificially reload the gun and don't have to worry about loosing those remaining 14 rounds because you want a full mag.
    -Same thing goes for whatever sidearm you choose, but, in all honesty, keeping an eye on your sidearm ammo isn't important as there's always pistol or shotgun ammo to pick up.
    -The Shotgun and maybe the Lupara (I never used it so correct me if I'm wrong) isn't affected by the reloading thing, so you can reload all you want.

    -You can skip most of the driving. If you don't care about the dialogue or it's your second or whatever playthrough, when you get into a car at any point in the game, keep a look out for a prompt in the lower left corner saying to press down on d-pad to skip the drive. It will cut down play time by probably half and you get into the action a lot faster. I finished Classic difficulty in about 6.5 hours and it was all thanks to Skip Drive.

    -Use the speed limiter to slow down very fast without swerving or spinning out the car. You might still have some fish-taily shenanigans but it's a lot more effective than trying to go from 100 to 35 all by yourself.

    -You can have aim assist. I've seen a lot of people unsure if it would void the achievement. You can crank it to high and still get it. Just keep ya little fingies off the difficulty selection as I said above.

    -If you hear "Burn him up" or something along the lines of someone telling a dude to throw a molotov at your face, take him out quick. Two shots with a pistol will make the guy drop it. If you don't shoot him in time, RUN. Because a molotov will decimate your health or just straight kill you in 0.01 seconds if it lands directly on you. Getting bipped a couple times as you run away is better than getting roasted.

    -You're best tactic in a gunfight is to just pop out of cover long enough to get a shot or burst of fire off and go right back into cover. Always wait for enemies to poke out first.

    -The enemy has a firing pattern for each gun. Pistol guys usually shoot 3 times before pausing or going back into cover. Tommy guys either fire for a couple of seconds OR he'll empty the whole mag. Be wary if he only fires for a bit because the guy will continue once your pop out of cover. Shotgun dudes fire slowly, so try to pop the guy in between shots. Bolt action guys do A LOT of damage so watch out for the glint from the scope. All around, your best tactic is to just dome all of them since a headshot means death no matter what gun you're using.

    Now I'll cover the "painful chapters" that will probably take you a few tries. Or a lot of tries.

    --Chapt. 5 (Fairplay):
    -The objective is to be at most in 5th place by the end of the first lap and in 2nd place by the end of the second lap. Most of your progress will be made in the first half of each lap and try to always stay on the inside of the track. If you aren't in 5th place at the 90* left turn where the red car slams into the wall; I would advise restarting to checkpoint. If you hard crash, like slam straight into a barrier, or spin out, restart checkpoint because you'll lose a lot of ground you can't make up.

    -The reason why I say 2nd place is if you're in 2nd place on the 3rd lap, the guy in 1st place will crash on the last turn and will hand you the win. If you can get into 1st place before all that, because I have a couple times, great, all you have to do is bumper block any cars from passing you. You can also do the ramming trick (pressing A as you go straight) to get extra speed on the straights.

    Here are tips:
    -At the starting line, turn on the speed limiter so you don't spin tires and turn it off once you get up to like 20 mph. Stay on the right side of the track because all the NPC racers will be on the left and sometimes they will slow down as a pack when the Euro guy blows his engine, allowing you to shoot off to 6th or 7th place right off the bat.
    -Use the speed limiter trick at the first corner so you can gun it down the straightaway for as long as possible before having to slow down. You can try the side ramming trick alongside this (just press A as you turn and you'll do a lot tighter turn without sliding or spinning out) but I never really got that to work for me because I have horrible timing skills and always end up in a barrier.
    -Don't go for the jump off the hill at the S turn because you will eat a barrier and you will lose a lot of progress.

    --Chapt. 8 (The Saint and The Sinner):
    -When you're first getting away from the cops after booming the hotel, try to take cover and bip the three cops in the windows. It'll save you some health.
    -The church gunfight can be simplified if you have a bolt action so you can go ahead and kill the dude up top. When you get to the upstairs pews, try to take out the dudes on the other side of the church so it's less to deal with as you cross the balcony where the dude with the tommy gun was.
    -Getting away can be simple or hard, it's all kind of RNG. I always raid the health cabinet, run for the hearse, and hope for the best. Try to go down alleys and small roads to get away.

    --Chapt. 9 (A Trip to the Country)
    -Getting away in the truck is also RNG. Try to aim for the driver or the grille if you aren't that accurate. Do it in short bursts if you're aiming for the driver because recoil will cause you to miss a lot. Being accurate is your soulmate in this section. There's been times when I couldn't pop out of cover without being blasted and there were times when I just Rambo'ed out the back of the truck, dodging every single bullet. Just keep trying and you'll get it. Maybe you wont even have a problem and it'll go smooth.

    --Chapt. 15 (You Lucky B*stard)
    -The motorcycle is a pain but my trick is just completely letting off the gas and coasting it around corners as slow as possible without the car getting too far away from me. You don't want to be too close to the car, otherwise you'll get lit up and your health will be gone.

    --Chapt. 17 (Election Campaign)
    -Hard part is first getting away from cops at the prison. My tactic is to save as much as my health as possible, raiding all the med cabinets as I go down the floors and hopefully I'm full health when I get to prison gate. What I do is jump into the cop car that's sitting inside the prison walls and gun it, turning left because to the right is a blockade of cops at the turn and more will spawn. Getting away is RNG, just gun it down straightaways and try to make the cops crash into the car blockades.

    --Chapt. 20 (The Death of Art)
    -This chapter can take a few tries since there's just so many enemies and there's multiple levels and molotovs and grenades are being thrown at you like its a drunken WW2 Halloween party. What I did was move around when the enemies were taking cover so they never knew where exactly I was and I could get the drop on them. Try to keep a full magazine as most of the time when you come into a room, a bunch of enemies will show up, and you can try to take out a couple right off the bat. Just to make it easier on yourself.

    That's all I got. Hopefully this makes it easier.
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