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Things Fall Apart achievement in Civ 6

Things Fall Apart

In Dramatic Ages Mode, lose 4 or more cities by entering a Dark Age

Things Fall Apart-23.6
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How to unlock the Things Fall Apart achievement

  • Storm YorhaStorm Yorha414,165
    30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 01 Oct 2020
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    UPDATE: If you are looking for an alternative way to do this achievement, check the reply from TwoSpade found at the bottom of this guide.

    This achievement can be a bit rough if you do not know the Civilization VI mechanics too well. I am unsure if I am the first to unlock this but this is how I got it.

    I did unlock this on Deity as it seems difficulty affects how many cities rebel.

    Map Options:
    True Start Location Earth

    Victory Conditions:
    Turn off all victory conditions

    Game Options:
    Difficulty: Deity

    Game Modes:
    Dramatic Ages + Secret Societies

    I played as Russia and removed all players except the Cree

    Keep all other settings standard

    The Cree are relatively peaceful so you do not have to worry much about your military, however, they will research and culture rush you into new eras due to Deity AI boosts.

    Starting off, focus on filling your golden age meter through exploration and fighting barbarians. However, try to not go over the limit, (ex. 29/25 needed for golden age). Your points do not carry over and you will actually lose those benefits in the next era.

    I built about 10 cities, 4 of which were on another continent. (Not sure if this affects the game mechanic or not). The 4 cities that rebelled were on the edge of my empire and not central.

    This achievement popped when I entered the Modern Era in 1490AD. This was entirely due to the Deity AI tech and culture rush. This means you will have to keep up close to the mid-end of an era tree before they get into theirs for a chance to not go into a dark age before you have 10 or more cities established. If this occurs, I suggest restarting and focusing on settlers for the first 100 turns. Do not disregard the other mechanics as loyalty factors do come into play.

    - Cities with no governor rebel more often than those without.
    - Do not build monuments in your cities that are on the edge of your empire. I noticed that monuments can sometimes prevent a city from rebelling due to the +1 loyalty boost.
    - Avoid upgrading those cities and try to have an amenity problem. I believe this increases the chance for rebellion as the 4 cities that rebelled had that issue.
    - All 4 cities must rebel at the same time entering a Dark Age. They cannot rebel throughout a Dark Age (ex. 2 rebel on entry turn and 2 rebel after). It will not count towards the achievement.

    This achievement is a bit trial and error. When playing on Immortal difficulty, I only had 1 city rebel each time. Switching to Deity and it varied from 2-4. Your best bet is to work on rapid expansion while staying in a golden age for the time being.

    Good luck to everyone. Hope this helps a bit in your journey.
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    TwoSpadeI took a slightly different approach to setup a game - but all the principles around governors, amenities, are still very useful for making sure you lose loyalty when the time comes.

    My setup for almost all of these achievements that were tougher to "engineer" involves created Hotseat Multiplayer games where I control multiple civilizations myself. In my case, I still needed the "Battle of Adwa" achievement as well as "Things Fall Apart", so I created a Tiny Map, No Barbarians, multiple of same civilizations and created 2 Human players - both Ethiopia, made one of them with Settler difficulty and the other with Deity difficulty and started in the Renaissance period. This let them start with more settlers, have no enemies that would attack them, they start with the Oromo technology (or close to), and they could spread quickly and work toward Infantry Tech without interference.

    The first age you get through might be golden because you do so much spreading out and advance, but the second age if you make sure to not add amenities and do too much other than maybe build Oromo units (I also only build things that would get me gold to maintain my military) and keep on putting settlers further and further away from your capital (and not in ideal placement) - you'll likely have 4 cities rebel against you at the end (with the Deity difficulty player)

    Also, you'll have 2 Ethiopian civs that can attack each other once they unlock Infantry, and have one of them kill an Infantry unit with an Oromo, - and pop that one too.

    Anyway - key to success with tricky Civ6 Achievements - Hotseat games where you control all the players.
    Posted by TwoSpade on 01 Oct at 22:10
    Storm YorhaThe above reply is a great method if you want to avoid dealing with Deity AI. I did not know about the Hotseat mechanics regarding this game mode and took the "safe route." Thank you for this information!
    Posted by Storm Yorha on 01 Oct at 22:57
    alandonovanThanks both of you, I will certainly try hot seat, as Deity scares the hell out of me🥴
    Posted by alandonovan on 02 Oct at 07:44
    aj vanzettiI may have to try this with Gran Colombia and the Maya to knock my last three achievements. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Edit: It worked. Hotseat game with Columbia on deity and Maya on settler.
    Map setup: Huge, Pangea. No barbarians, resources abundant.

    My idea was, Columbia builds nothing but Scouts and Settlers. I set the Scouts to explore the map looking for tiles with four luxury resources for the Maya achievement. When a town could build a settler it did, if not another scout. The achievement popped at the start of the Medieval Era. I had 14 settlements and 5 rebelled.
    Posted by aj vanzetti on 04 Oct at 16:32
    alandonovanThis solution is excellent, But it seems to have glitched for me, I had 6 cities turn free on era change, but no achievement.
    Raised a ticket with 2K for a solution.... fingers crossed.
    Posted by alandonovan on 13 Oct at 08:37
    aLackofGravitasI just set up 1vs1 on a huge map. Spammed 15 settlers and slept all units till. 4 turns before end of age, built 14 cities. 6 turned. Easy.
    Posted by aLackofGravitas on 14 Oct at 16:18
    StahpFor those having trouble to unlock this achievement in hotseat mode, have a look at this forum topic : Things Fall Apart
    (thanks to alandonovan for the heads up)
    Posted by Stahp yesterday at 23:11
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