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Horti-carto-ralist achievement in Carto


Finish chapter 2.

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How to unlock the Horti-carto-ralist achievement

  • xJOLOx ttvxJOLOx ttv499,258
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    NOTE During this chapter you will have a section where you 'stay the night'. A ceremony will be held with a dancing plant in the background. When you wake up after the ceremony head to that plant and pres cn_A multiple times until a flower blooms this will also net you the following achievement:

    CartoSecret AchievementxJOLOx ttvThe Secret Achievement achievement in Carto worth 90 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    If you miss this then chapter select is available after you complete the game.

    1- Collect map pieces by going west and east, place them, talk to the sleeping boy, talk to a sheep, talk to Auntie Tuyaa, collect some Honey Fruit, and give it to the 3 sheep
    2- Talk to the boy again, arrange your map so the bushes surround an empty tile, enter the new area, and return the 4th sheep
    3- Interact with the panicked sheep to get a tile, connect it to the road, and collect a Paper Airplane from Granny and tile there
    4 - Connect the new tile to extend the path, head there to get a map piece, talk to the chums, read the signs, and connect 2 straight path tiles next to the sign that points to the bridge
    5 - Head to the bridge, get a map piece, place it on the other end of the forked road, move the other curved tile to extend the path, and enter the hut that appears
    6 - Arrange your map, head to the back room, talk to Mo's dad Monkar the Mighty, read the plant notebook in the previous room, and talk to Monkar again
    7 - Exit the hut to the south, talk to the boy, and find Uncle Ganga by placing the forest tiles around an empty space
    8 - Give the Glow Leaf from Uncle Ganga to Monkar through the hut's north exit then go to the small lake and talk to everyone
    9 - Move and rotate the tile you're on so that the river is pointing east, talk to Ganga, and then hide with the boy
    10 - Connect the bridge tile to extend the river, go to the bridge, and untangle the Ghost Lily.
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  • Lildude3107Lildude3107245,864
    27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020 03 Nov 2020
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    You will have to discover a few pieces of the map.
    A boy will ask you to bring him his sheep. A lady will tell you about a fruit that the sheep like. Take it and give it to the sheep returning them to the boy.
    The 4th sheep is trickier you have to put 4 pieces of map with the white flower facing inside. Leave the middle map empty and when you will put all 4 facing the empty spot a new map will be created there and you will find the sheep.
    Talk to the sheep to get another map.
    At the crossroads put only straight roads in the tent direction and curb roads in the bridge direction.
    In the tent you can access the map also and arrange the tents chambers.
    Put the 3 forest map in a circle and between the 3 of them will appear the end of river.
    Talk to the father and in the morning make sure to have the bridge next to the river.
    The event with the flower will take place after you have hidden along with the other characters and you will go to the bridge to pick it up finishing the second chapter.

    Click on the link and it will jump to chapter 2.

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