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Slaked achievement in Carto


Finish chapter 5.

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How to unlock the Slaked achievement

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    When you start this chapter, head from the tent and keep touching the nearby cactus to receive

    CartoSecret AchievementxJOLOx ttvThe Secret Achievement achievement in Carto worth 84 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    You should get this after touching the cactus about 5 times. After this walk south-west and pick up two map pieces.

    Talk to the two people and the camel until you receive notification of the shifting yellow sands and calm white sands. After this walk south-west and pick up two map pieces. Head west and keep placing your two new map pieces west following the musical notes until two new map pieces appear. Pick them up.

    Place these new two map pieces directly above you and head to a chest. Select it and you'll receive the co-ordinates 90, -180, 270, -270, 90. Go to the map screen and pick up the piece. Rotate it right, left x2, right x3, left x3 and right, put the piece down in the same place and you should hear a chime. The chest should be open, pick up a gold coin.

    Head to the sign, it will pop out of the ground, read it to get the message:

    Follow the yellow footprints in the yellow sands - make sure they connect! -Cap'n

    Walk below you to the darker part of the same tile, and move one of your dark sand tiles to the right of it (east), some footprints should appear. Add the other dark tile piece to follow the footsteps in the direction they're moving.

    This might be a tad confusing at first as you'll have two dark yellow tiles, a set of straight footprints and curved footprints, basically you want to rotate pieces so that the footprints match. After three or four placements you'll get a map piece in the road. Pick it up.

    Attach the new tile piece to complete an Oasis, with the piece you obtained the coin from, and move the piece you're on to get to the newly placed tile. Here you'll be able to speak to two characters, pick up a map piece, and shake a coconut tree to receive a coconut.

    You'll now have three dark sand tiles. Please the three down next to each other and the shifting winds should change the appearance of the tiles to show cactus' on them. The map view will show a scattered cactus iconography, but actually on the tile the cluttering of cacti are at the edge of the particular tile, basically you want to ensure these clutterings match so all three have them centred adjacent to each other, and a fourth tile will appear.

    Head to the new tile, and read the carving near the camel. Head back to one of the cacti tiles and the winds will change their appearance again. This time with stone carvings.

    The stone carvings will be in lines at one end of the tile piece. Set this up so they make a u or n shape, with a space in the middle, be careful moving between these three tiles as the winds may blow and re-arrange them again. I found it easiest to stand in the corner of one of the tiles, match up two of them and then rotate the third piece (that isn't visible out of map view) until the chime is sounded and the fourth map piece fills in.

    The image below may help with the setup of the three tiles, but then you'll just need to rotate them to form the u or n shape

    External image

    Head to the new tile and speak to the girl in the cave. She'll give you instructions to build an oasis and a map piece.

    Attach that new piece to a the tile with the white camel on, and re-arrange pieces so you can get there. Interact with the well, head to the camel and interact with that - it will give you some items. Head back to the well and keep interacting with it until you get some water in your coconut shell.

    Head back to the thirsty girl in the cave and give her the water. Attach all your dark tiles together (so they're easily accessible) and head onto them. You'll see something move in the sand. Open your map view and one of the tiles will have changed to an alter. Head to that and put your gold coin on it.

    A rat will knock itself out. Pick up the item that drops, and interact with the rat to receive a new map piece. Head back to the lady in the cave to give her the artefact. Stand under the light beam that appears and open your map. There will be the outline of a castle. Fit all your dark, yellow sand tiles into this image (this is any tiles with dark sand on them). This will create a water tile.

    Then create a circle of all the shoreline like tiles with a blank tile in the middle.

    This image should assist with both of the above.

    External image

    Place the water tile into the blank space. You'll receive a cut scene, after this talk to the characters and then walk down the staircase to end the chapter.

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    skittlebizYou can't just randomly follow squares of footprints. I did this forever - after 16 chimes of the music notes I finally gave up and tried something new - you have to follow the direction of the footprints, and keep them going in the same direction as you place the next square. After about four square passes doing the footprints in one direction, the map piece finally showed.
    Posted by skittlebiz today at 23:23
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  • Lildude3107Lildude3107245,864
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    Click on the link and it will jump to chapter 5.

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    Lildude3107I think the sand storm pieces and the guy in the first chapter who lives West after the update.
    Posted by Lildude3107 on 30 Oct 20 at 20:29
    Lildude3107I replayed it a couple of times. Sometimes it will say west and sometimes it will say east. They didn't invert anything - that's just the game - random direction
    Posted by Lildude3107 on 30 Oct 20 at 20:54
    Lildude3107I replayed it a couple of times. Sometimes it will say west and sometimes it will say east. They didn't invert anything - that's just the game - random direction
    Posted by Lildude3107 on 31 Oct 20 at 08:17
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