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Monster Hunter

Defeat 1,000,000 monsters

Monster Hunter+22.4
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How to unlock the Monster Hunter achievement

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    Edit: Please note that estimated play time required for a 1% increase will likely be around 60 minutes now. At the time I wrote this solution the game experienced massive framerate drops and crashed frequently, an update has addressed those issues and made this achievement a little less of a grind.

    You're going to be in this one for the long haul. After completing the rest of the achievement list, with about 100hrs of total play time, my counter was at 32%. This achievement required about 100-150 additional hours of dedicated play time.

    Difficulty does not affect this achievement, so play on practice to blast through enemies. The best place to farm enemies will be at the Fazeer's Dun'djinn levels 60-63, when "Dividing" (enemies have a chance to split into two) is added as the permanent modifier. Get a level with the additional "Gauntlet" modifier (enemies will constantly respawn). For maximum enemy density, make sure you get a level with a goblin pictured on the card, and always choose the cave or underground warehouse levels over the forest one. Cards will reset if you leave the game or complete another Fazeer Dun'djinn level. Afterwards, find a nice route within the level and grind away. I have been averaging a 1% progress increase every 90-120 minutes, which includes load times and searching for a good level, using this method.

    Every class has good builds for farming. I prefer the Sharpshooter with a build focused around the skills "Loyal Shasta", "Targeted Strikes", and "Scattershot" using the weapon Wingspan. Pick a build that works for you.

    Please leave a comment if you have recommendations for builds made for grinding and I will update the guide.
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    AllOvaMyself@Iggsy81 - If you look at a particular power that's getting a buff and the buff takes it over ten, there's a line in the info card that denotes how many additional levels the power has. It's hard to spot but it is there. The game's not very good about telling you how much those extra levels add, mind you, but I figured +8 had to give it enough of a kick that I'd notice and, well, it was pretty devastating to enemies, sooo... laugh
    Posted by AllOvaMyself on 19 Mar 21 at 19:50
    Iggsy81Ah sweet!! Thanks i had no idea, i'll definitely keep that in mind now, : )
    Posted by Iggsy81 on 20 Mar 21 at 10:08
    Iggsy81So using the above method (electrode extended, just running around killing mobs of goblins underground on gauntlet/dividing) i basically concur with you guys. I timed myself from the exact beginning of a percentile to the next and it came in at 47 minutes, which is more or less as good as suggested above. I dont have any movement speed bonuses attached so maybe you could whittle it down slightly but let's say 45 minutes on a good day. So from scratch i guess 75 hours to do 100% but obviously you will be at ~12% or so after getting all the other chevos (at least i was) so subtract whatever that is.

    I guess i prolly spent more time on Forza Street tbh but the thing is it was less repetitive!
    Posted by Iggsy81 on 10 Apr 21 at 21:21
    vSullySo yeah, I just finally got through this. It was a brutal grind. I was at ~15% towards 1 million kills and ~60% towards 1 million gold after finishing everything else. So it took me about 80 hours from that point over a couple of weeks. I definitely spent way too much time grinding this every day but I wanted to get it over with.

    As mentioned, I used Fazeer Dunjinn levels 60-62 with the Gauntlet modifier and goblins. I found the levels to be in two types of indoor areas, a cave and a library, or an outside forest area. I'd just stick which whatever one I was able to find first through rerolling modifiers by killing the boss in 63. The indoor areas were a little better since they were linear rather than a somewhat wide open area, but the forest area didn't really seem to be any slower in terms of killing speed.

    I used the Forged for this as I found his Cyclone skill to be the best for general progress, making the trek through the base game and the early Dunjinn levels easiest. Localized Storm (electric rune) is a godsend for this grind, and with gear that added to the duration, it would last indefinitely once activated provided you don't go for more than like 20 seconds without encountering enemies. You can activate it as soon as you have enough relic energy and the bar will fill itself and remain full as long as there are enemies to kill.

    My skill breakdown:
    10 in each: Cyclone Mode, Ramming Robot, Rapid Strike, Sonic Pulse, Localized Storm
    5 in each: Shocking Display, Tingling Sensation, Lightning Strike, Energizer

    For relevant modifiers, I had +7 total cyclone mode on weapon/helm, +33% and 34% localized storm duration on gloves/hatch, +46% and 49% critical damage on shoulders/chest, and +6% crit chance on legs. My attack stat was 13,274 in the char stats screen.

    I was able to get about 1% progress per hour, but I only semi-actively played the game and mainly watched movies, basically one handing the controller to move through the areas while localized storm did all the work.

    The game still has framerate and freezing issues. I'm playing on an Xbone X and what I would find is that the longer I played a single level, the worse the stuttering and occasional freezing would get until the game eventually crashed, forcing me to launch again and then hunt Dunjinn cards for the gauntlet modifier with goblins. This usually only took a few boss kills to find but sometimes it would take 10 or more, which was frustrating.

    I'm glad to be done with this completely unnecessary grind. 200k would have been plenty.
    Posted by vSully on 18 Jul 21 at 23:47
    bloodlands 666anyone had any problems enemies respawn not comin up today been trying for an hour
    Posted by bloodlands 666 on 23 Jul 21 at 12:05
    ZukapeI'm working towards this achievement, I have to say best build I think is Cursed Captain - Plunderbuss with Electrode. Clear speed in my opinion much faster compare to Sharpshooter. Game is like slide show for me on Xbox Series X after playing 30-45mins depending on map.
    Posted by Zukape on 19 Aug 21 at 08:11
    IsilmerAnyone looking for boost it? Add me or pm me.
    I am at lvl 60-63 already. I just need another partner with shock build to boost it.
    Posted by Isilmer on 12 Nov 21 at 11:02
    CzarnyDoes anyone know why i can't see the progress of this achivment ?
    Posted by Czarny on 25 Jan 22 at 14:59
    SaP RaZzor@czarny maybe bc you didn’t had 10k kills yet it says you got 1% now
    Posted by SaP RaZzor on 08 Feb 22 at 18:52
    Onyx MementoIs this achievement still bugged in solo mode ? I don't want to restart everything from scratch
    Posted by Onyx Memento on 09 May 22 at 23:36
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