Legendary Set achievement in Torchlight III

Legendary Set

Equip each set: Arc-Powered, Celestial, Cosmic Mountain King, Musketeer, Skittering, Woodsbeast.

Legendary Set+17.8
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How to unlock the Legendary Set achievement

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    Please note that the achievement tracker will not show any progress as you equip set pieces.

    Legendary sets consist of six armor pieces: helmet, chest piece, legs, shoulders, gloves, and boots. All pieces of a set must be equipped at the same time for achievement progress to be made. Progress is account wide and not tied to a single character.

    There are seven core sets that were available at launch, each with their respective achievements, that count towards this achievement. Any armor sets not specifically listed here were added to the game post-launch and will not count towards this achievement.

    Four sets are class specific.
    Musketeer Garb - Sharpshooter
    Cosmic Garb - Railmaster
    Celestial Garb - Dusk-mage
    Mountain King's Garb - Forged

    Three sets are region specific.
    Woodsbeast Garb - Goblin (fire)
    Skittering Garb - Hyvid (poison)
    Arc-Powered - Voltura (electric)

    All other sets not specifically listed drop in Fazeer's Dun'djinn or from the gambler.

    It is unlikely you will acquire a full class set prior to reaching level sixty with a character. Grinding levels in Fazeer's Dun'djinn (the end game) that give the +50% gear luck modifier will be your best bet in polishing off any missing items. Region sets will drop in the respective levels in Fazeer's Dun'djinn. The chest pieces for each region set give a +20% gear bonus for a brief time after killing the monster associated with the region which is a boon when finishing off the region, or class, sets. Finally, all of the sets can be acquired through the gambler and gear bundles given through contract completion.

    Due to recent updates, Fazeer's Dun'djinn is no longer the best way to gather legendary sets. All set pieces are now available in end-game dungeons making gathering specific region sets more difficult. Bosses now have an increased chance of dropping legendary items and the bonus gear luck modifier from playing on ridiculous difficulty has increased. To clean up region sets return to the areas available in the campaign and target bosses within the region that drops the set you're looking for. Most overworld levels have multiple bosses to kill. Ignore mobs and take advantage of phase beasts. Bosses will respawn after traveling to two other areas. The layout of areas will remain the same unless you exit the game. The Hyvid region has the most easily accessible bosses so clean up class sets there. Remember to take advantage of gear bonuses offered by the legendary chest pieces of region sets. There has been some reports that returning to campaign areas with a level 60 character decreases the chance of legendary items dropping. I cannot confirm this to be true, as I received comparable drops with both mid and max leveled characters.

    All set pieces can be acquired through the gambler and gear bundles given through contract completion. With recent updates the chance of legendary items dropping from rare gear bundles has increased.

    If you have any additional tips or corrections send me a message.
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    UnmatchedBraceIs there a benefit to doing the harder levels in Fazeer's Dun'djinn? Is there a higher chance of getting better quality items?
    What I've been trying to do, is keep repeating the boss level of a challenge set (e.g. Challenge 11) over and over on the Ridiculous difficulty as it grants +20% gear luck. The boss is guaranteed to drop stuff, as is the boss chest (I get 8-10 items per trip), and can be done in ~1 minute. Another benefit is earning Fame quickly to get the bonus items there as well. I'm just not sure if I should instead be moving on to the harder challenges, but on a lower difficulty.

    Other tips (even though I haven't unlocked it yet):
    - If you die, you lose your Tree bonus (+5% item luck). Back out to the character select screen and rejoin to get it back.
    - Sometimes the inventory screen shows the wrong item (it mixes the icons from your pet or potion inventory screen in) so you may be getting rid of something you didn't intend to. Switching to and from the pet inventory screen will temporarily work around this bug.
    - You mentioned the Chest's +20% item luck. It's worth pointing out that when you have 2 additional set items equipped, that doubles to 40%! Alternatively, you can assign the Chest's bonus as a Legendary skill (if you have a really low level Chest) and wear 3 of that set's other items and still get the 40%.

    EDIT: Found some answers in the latest patch notes (https://www.torchlight3.com/en/news-article/11481873):
    - Increased the drop chance for legendary items from champions and bosses.
    - Increased the drop rate for legendary gear at higher levels (46+) on higher difficulties. This is a bit more of a significant change for Ridiculous difficulty than for Painful or Hard, but I did at least increase the rate a bit for those as well.
    - Fixed an issue where Act-specific Legendary armor does not drop in the endgame often enough/at all.
    - Increased the chance that legendary items drop from Greater Item Bundles (earned from contracts) by around +50% to +100%, depending on level.
    - Changed the logic for dropping items so that instead of always preferring class-specific weapons, we weight choosing weapon types to drop equally, but weight the class-specific legendary items higher than non-class-specific legendaries.
    - Changed the Legendary drops that were restricted to specific regions (I.E. the Woodsbeast set in Goblin act regions) to now be restricted by level range instead, so that those items can appear anywhere in Fazeer's Dun’djinn. Woodsbeast armor pieces can appear in any Fazeer's Dun’djinn area, rather than just Goblin-themed ones.
    Posted by UnmatchedBrace on 28 Jan 21 at 18:10
    Inspector AdamGreat info UnmatchedBrace!
    Posted by Inspector Adam on 04 Feb 21 at 18:34
    UnmatchedBraceThanks, Inspector Adam!
    The update has kind of screwed us over I think, with regard to trying to complete the region specific sets - by that I mean you can earn, for example, Skittering or Arc in Fazeer's goblin dungeons instead of it being constrained to just Woodsbeast (and class + Ancient Ember), so the legendary pool is wide open.
    I've played through to 60 with 3 characters and was reserving the last character to clean up the region specific sets. What I've been trying to do is have one character progress through Fazeer's earning gold, fame & improving item luck. Then using my level 15 character to use that gold and contract rewards to buy my missing Woodsbeast item in the gambler store, thinking this early they can only give me Woodsbeast & class legendaries. It just gave me the Skittering one (I've not beaten Brall yet with this character so haven't progressed to the poison levels)...
    Farming the regular goblin levels on Ridiculous difficulty hasn't been too forthcoming with legendaries either.
    Posted by UnmatchedBrace on 04 Feb 21 at 19:30
    Iggsy81Does the tracker work for this? Cos i already have the chevo for the Mountain King set as i got all those items, but my tracker for this is at 0%, is that normal?
    Posted by Iggsy81 on 06 Feb 21 at 00:18
    UnmatchedBraceI haven't unlocked it yet, but the tracker is not moving for me either (with 6 completed sets).
    Also, I just completed Winterweave as my 7th set and the achievement didn't unlock. That seems to confirm the extra set doesn't contribute to the achievement tracking.
    Posted by UnmatchedBrace on 07 Feb 21 at 01:51
    X30 beoWhat is an end game dungeon?
    Posted by X30 beo on 19 Mar 21 at 21:40
    What is an end game dungeon?
    Once you complete the main story, there's a dungeon that opens up in your fort. This provides a series of levels that you can play through (random location, random monster set, random modifiers) that get progressively more difficult.
    Posted by UnmatchedBrace on 19 Mar 21 at 22:41
    X30 beo
    Once you complete the main story, there's a dungeon that opens up in your fort. This provides a series of levels that you can play through (random location, random monster set, random modifiers) that get progressively more difficult.
    Do you mean Fazeers Dun´Dschinn?
    Posted by X30 beo on 20 Mar 21 at 16:14
    The S bot 9000It seems the ridiculous difficulty's gear bonus is automatically applied when you hop into the game: meaning that you should back out and switch to ridiculous even if you're just going to the gambler or opening contract bundles to increase your chances of getting a legendary. Alongsides that: the lifebound scrolls work on gear luck items that are magic/rare.

    I've been able to get a base gear luck boost of ~55% with only 3 armor pieces that have the gear modifier on and a maxed out tree.
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 22 May 21 at 18:47
    CheshireMulishaJust don't do what I did and change the difficulty to ridiculous, change into lifebound gear luck gear and visit the gambler. Then forget to reset the difficulty or change out of the gear and get killed very quickly (slight panic of trying to pause, realise I can't do that, try to load a portal home and die miserably!) and lose all my gear luck gear! facepalm
    Posted by CheshireMulisha on 03 Apr at 21:09
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