I Know a Few Maneuvers achievement in Star Wars: Squadrons

I Know a Few Maneuvers

Destroyed 10 starfighters while drifting in Dogfight.

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How to unlock the I Know a Few Maneuvers achievement

  • BulkGalaxyBulkGalaxy514,829
    04 Oct 2020 04 Oct 2020 10 Oct 2020
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    So let's start off with how to drift in the first place:

    -First you have to transfer your power to the engines (left on Dpad) and you'll notice yellow bars that are filling up next to your speedometer.
    -Then you'll push in the left thumbstick to boost
    - While boosting, you look where you want to be facing with the right thumbstick, and then you push in and HOLD the left thumbstick in to drift. You'll come out of your boost and you'll drift for about 2-3 seconds.

    What I did is I equipped seeker mines to my auxiliary and used an A wing/Tie interceptor. Bombers can work too but I had more luck with the more nimble interceptors. When you drop a seeker mine a icon will appear on the left side of your screen showing the status of the mine. When it's yellow, that indicates it's locked on to an enemy and moving to kill. About 3/4 of the time it'll be a kill if it hits. The goal is to hit a drift while the seeker mine kills the target. I can confirm that there are no bonus points or indicators that you got a "drift kill" so you'll just have to keep track on your own. I'd fly into groups of enemies chasing my allies in a circle (especially enemy interceptors) and drop a mine and immediately begin boosting. You'll more often then not have all of your yellow bars full and can just keep going until you see the icon turn yellow and then begin to drift. That's the best method I was able to come up with. Trying to pick out weak enemies and drift to get kill takes an incredible amount of aim and skill that I didn't possess but that's always an option.

    This is only my second guide on the site so if you leave a dislike please let me know what I can do better or what you didn't like

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    TexasHONZChanging the setting on boosting to where you have to click the analog stick again helped tremendously. Default setting was super inconsistent. I was able to reliably hit a drift every time after changing it. Then its just grinding for the scenario to hit right in game.
    Posted by TexasHONZ on 07 Nov at 08:03
    TexasHONZWay easier to use missiles. I used quick lock missiles in the interceptor/awing. Go for other a wing interceptora because theyre weaker. Big open maps are easiest. Try and put a few sbot into them first to ensure a kill. You can watch the missile to the target most of the way to try and time the drift. Better than guessing and luck with the mines.
    Posted by TexasHONZ yesterday at 07:11
    Changing the setting on boosting to where you have to click the analog stick again helped tremendously. Default setting was super inconsistent. I was able to reliably hit a drift every time after changing it. Then its just grinding for the scenario to hit right in game.
    Definitely agree. I re-mapped it to left trigger and drifting was much easier.
    Posted by SilentBotts today at 17:18
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    01 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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    BulkGalaxy's guide is great, though I suspect that there was a stealth nerf to the seeker mines. The indicator for when a mine is tracking lags now, so in my experience you can no longer use it to tell when to start drifting.

    I've found that jousting can be a useful tactic. Head straight at an enemy unloading lasers to weaken it, drop a mine with enough time for it to arm and then peel away to immediately start drifting. The enemy will head straight into the mine for the kill. I got my last three that way.

    Missiles are OK, but players are much better at evading now so more often than not you'll just get a little damage and, because you've started drifting, lost the target...very frustrating. And I've never gotten single kill with cluster-missiles.

    Happy hunting!
  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ318,046
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    Just adding what worked for me.

    Changed the boost button settings from "throttling down will deactivate boost" to just clicking the left analog stick again. I then used practice mode to try it out, I was able to hit drifts very consistently and easily this way.

    Then I went to dogfight mode.

    I used TIE interceptors and A wings since you can go so fast and get boost, you can do hit and run on dogfight snarls. The quick lock missile was much easier to setup.

    TIES and Xwings are okay, but interceptors and Awings are usually very week and easy to kill. Id put a few shots in from 1000m if I could to knock them down and then fire a missile. Watching distance can let you time the drift. Boost after you fire and then hit the drift. Hopefully you get the kill. If not, rinse and repeat.

    Esseles and Yavin were the best maps, then Dockyards, Sissubo and Galitan were the hardest since theres so much cover to evade locks and not enough room to boost a lot.

    I kept track and I had what I thought were about 20ish drift kills before it popped, so its tough to know if it counted or not.

    You will hear a woosh, and usually a voiceline from your pilot (at least the hotshot rebel when I was in the A wing) when in the drift. I was probably drifting a little late on my kills. Dont get sucked into turning dogfights. Hit and run, should be easy if youre moving fast (I also used the propulsion engine to up max speed).

    You wont get a lot of kills focusing like this. But of you find a new, bad player that doesnt avoid well and flies straight lines FOCUS on them. Keep trying to find them and setup your scenario.

    I had one match where I had 6-7 drift kill scenarios this way.
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