Trigger Happy achievement in Star Wars: Squadrons

Trigger Happy

Dealt more than 50,000 laser damage in a single match.

Trigger Happy-4.4
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How to unlock the Trigger Happy achievement

  • BulkGalaxyBulkGalaxy514,829
    08 Oct 2020 10 Oct 2020 10 Oct 2020
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    So there has been some confusion and inconsistencies with the achievement so I figure I'd put what I did here for anybody that's struggling to get this like I was. For starters, lasers refers to the primary weapons and not the beam laser that you can equip to auxiliary.

    I did this in a single player AI Fleet Battle. In case you don't know, when you select AI Fleet Battle and the menu pops up you can switch between Co-op and Single player at the top of the menu. I did this on Yavin because of the open space and I played as the New Republic because only hull damage counts towards the achievement and the empire doesn't have normal shielding and default more hull health which equals more damage. I played as an A-wing with the standard lasers so I could catch up to the AI ships easier and also because it's super easy to commit suicide when you need the morale meter to get that extra push against you and prolong the game. This achievement popped for me mid game and I had about 25 player kills and 30 ai kills. What makes this hard is in my experience the AI was pretty good at completing the objectives without me because of the Raider you get when the morale shifts. Time is the biggest factor. I did try to do Ranked Fleet battles but try as I might I couldn't get beyond the 45k mark no matter how much damage I did to players and AI however it may be better if you find the AI fleet battles just keep ending too quickly, bombers in Ranked tend to add the extra hull health to their which makes them a juicy 4000hp target. It's a combination of luck and skill, the luck being that the teams are even enough that the game lasts long and you can get the achievement with some good back and forth

    I read on reddit that if you select Nadiri Dockyards, the AI for some reason just gets stuck on the map and you can just kill AI ships and the "players" that are stationary because of the bug. However when I tried it, like 5 times in a row all of the ships on my side and the enemy side just sat back and I couldn't even progress the game. Feel free to try it, I'm sure it'll work for some but I couldn't get it to work.

    I've also seen where people said the rotary cannon on the bomber is the way to go too. That's mostly what I did in Ranked Fleet battles and is viable as well, just `not ultimately what I used. It does great damage output if your aim is good.

    Finally there seems to be some debate on whether or not dealing damage to capital ships contributes. Based on the wording of the achievement I assume it does and the damage calculator is weird because I had one game with 100k damage to capital ships with only lasers and it didn't pop. The game I got it to pop I didn't do any damage to capital ships and strictly focused on "starfighter damage". Take that for what it's worth as I can't really confirm or deny that it counts towards it but I lean towards it doesn't. If someone can confirm otherwise please do so.

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    foley1471I tried the glitched map "Nadiri Dockyards" solo , and yes the fighters on both sides stop moving, sometimes your team moves while the other doesn't and other times fighters get stuck in the middle of the map toward their side of spawn. Its a good way to farm kills but unfortunately for me I didnt get the achievement. I got 25 AI kills and 15 Piolit kills and took down both the frigates, 2 corvette ships that spawn to aid the enemy team and the main star destroyer ( playing new republic btw) with only primary laser guns, on the scoreboard I got a total of 72,082 capital ship damage. I made an attempt for this map and the glitch about 5 times now and still nothing, my achievement is a 93% so any detailed help would be great.
    Posted by foley1471 on 15 Oct at 02:18
    DeaDLy HuNTsMaNI just popped the achievement mid-game of a Fleet vs AI on the Dockyards map. It popped with 28 normal kills and 43 AI kills with about 10000 capital ship damage (only to progress the match). Loadout was a stock A-wing using the main lasers only
    Posted by DeaDLy HuNTsMaN on 19 Oct at 01:54
    stealth fingerGot this toward the end of a game using pretty much a stock a-wing with 34 player and 8 ai kills. Ended the whole thing a few mins later with like 50,800 damage.
    Posted by stealth finger yesterday at 01:37
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  • OsakamitsuOsakamitsu374,341 374,341 GamerScore
    11 Oct 2020 11 Oct 2020 11 Oct 2020
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    I dont know if it's glitched or what... but what I did was very simple and I got it very quickly.

    But first, I just want to say that it says do this in a single match, but my achievement tracker was sitting at 92% before I got this. You would think that I was 92% almost there, and then you start again and it will update if you pass 92% the next try. But how I got it was weird. I was sitting here and the xbox dashboard was cycling through showing me achievements that I dont have yet as its screensaver thing, and I noticed that the achievement has a gun part as it's image. So I thought, lets see if that's a real gun part and equip it and see if I can get the achievement with THAT gun. Then BOOM. 10 seconds into the match I got it. I rushed the first group of fighters at the center. I didn't even kill anyone. I just lit a bunch of them up and then it popped. SO I don't know if that previous 92% counted. In the previous matches I did attack capital ships a lot. But in the match that it gave me the achievement, there were no capital ships to even shoot yet.

    The weapon I equipped in co op fleet was czerka burst cannon (3rd one) with the X wing.
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    ValaithProbably a glitch for you. I've been stuck at 97% and gave your guide a shot and it didn't progress.
    Posted by Valaith on 13 Oct at 13:36
    MassimilianoM@Valaith Same for me, stuck at 94% and not matter what weapon I use.
    Posted by MassimilianoM on 16 Oct at 19:28
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