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Ultimate Weapon achievement in Star Wars: Squadrons

Ultimate Weapon

Destroyed 1000 starfighters in Dogfight matches.

Ultimate Weapon-44.3
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How to unlock the Ultimate Weapon achievement

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    There's not really 100% great fast way to do this other than grinding it out, but I do have a few tips for what I did to get this quick. Usually averaged about 13 kills a game according to the career screen.

    I played pretty much exclusively as an interceptor/A-wing with seeker mines and the hull repair. The seeker mines were probably responsible for 1/3 of the kills I got and will almost always lock on to somebody, even if you're just spamming them which is basically all I did. The recharge on them is quicker than the recharge on any of the countermeasures so in those moments where you're chasing each other in a circle, it's a cheap way to get kills, and even if you don't it usually forces them to change trajectory and you can catch them that way in an A-wing or interceptor fairly easily. It also one shots other interceptors and A-wings who for some reason for me would just fly right into them. People may disagree with the hull repair, but I used that because when you're going head on against another player and you spam activate it, it gives you a slight edge over them if they don't have it, and evens the playing field if you're in an interceptor going against an x-wing.

    If that's not your play style or you completely disagree, no worries, there's certainly no wrong way to grind this out. I saw there wasn't a guide or anything and wanted to encourage people to comment and add their own tips to help each other out.

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    BulkGalaxyThe average match isn't that long. Maybe 8-9 minutes
    Posted by BulkGalaxy on 16 Dec 20 at 01:42
    Anyone know if you can boost these achievements in custom lobbies?
    Posted on 19 Dec 20 at 05:07
    iagoNope, has to be in unranked Dogfight.

    I used Interceptors with Seeker Mines and Targeting Jammer along with Reflec Hull and Microburst Engine. Targeting Jammer helps out in many ways, you can sneak up on players, get a breather in the middle of a fight and go for a stationary repair beacon. And if you decide to go head-on (which I would only advise against other Interceptors) you can switch it on to throw off your opponents' aim, they miss quite a fair bit since they lose you in their sights. It also allows for a getaway or if you're fast enough it can break an opponents' targeting (unless he already has a lock and fired). Reflec Hull is great since it prevents the enemy from targeting until you're 1500m out so that especially in the early phases of the match the enemy players won't target you from the start. It's not as useful in later stages though. Finally the Microburst engine makes for great dogfight maneuverability when an enemy is tailing you and your Seeker Mine didn't hit or it did and you need to finish him off. Had matches with 20-2 K/D, even one with 18-0 with this setup and it took me a bit over 110 matches (sadly many of them were matches were I was thrown in mid-game).
    Posted by iago on 04 Jan at 20:43
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    08 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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    The lack of achievement tracking is frustrating for this one, but you can get a good idea of how many kills you have in dogfighting using this tip.

    1) On the upper-left-hand corner of the main screen you'll see your pilot's avatar with the word "Social" cn_back open that.

    2 Open your own player profile and navigate to the dogfighting section. There are lots of stats here but not exactly what we want. Thankfully, we can derive what we want from what is here.
    - Under Dogfight>Offense, record your "KD Ratio"
    - Under Dogfight>Defense, record your "Total Deaths"

    3) Simply multiply these two numbers to get close to your number of dogfighting kills.

    Happy hunting!
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