Perfectionist achievement in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time


Earn ALL N.Sanely Perfect Relics

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How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

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    09 Oct 2020 09 Oct 2020
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    This is going to be the big one. I cannot imagine even a decent fraction of people will be able to input the required patience and skill to be able to reach this achievement, as it means that you have to essentially play the entire game perfectly. Including the *cursed* animal sections.

    To get an N.Sanely Perfect relic, you have to break every box in each level without truly dying. Deaths in the bonus rooms do NOT count as true deaths, and are allowed.

    Only the 38 standard levels will give out these relics. Just like the time trials, the N.Verted levels do not count towards this. Boss battles do not give out these Relics, and are thereby unnecessary.

    As you complete these relics, you will also unlock the two following achievements.

    Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeN. VincibleWhtKid6969The N. Vincible achievement in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time worth 18 pointsBeat a story level without dying

    Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeSecret AchievementWhtKid6969The Secret Achievement achievement in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time worth 24 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    And likely many more. I definitely expect this to be most people's last achievement. Good luck.
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    Tendoman77Yeah good luck doing Bears Repeating, Crash Landing and the final 2 levels without dying at all. Hell both animal levels ironicly have a coloured gem path too, and Toxic Tunnels has the traditional endgame multi-coloured gem path that is mandatory for the box gem.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 09 Oct at 23:02
    Legacy I Tom II’ve done all of them. My advice for the animal sections is to spend a good hour learning the routes and getting a real feel for the controls. Just keep running the course and missing the checkpoints, the Polar sections are actually pretty fun when you’re used to it. When you need to hit a stack of 4 boxes, it’s best to cut in from the left or right diagonally as you have a better chance of breaking them all.

    Crash Landed and Toxic Tunnels are the worst, little advice other than practice and abuse the double jump as much as possible. I played Crash for over 20 years and thought this would be impossible but it isn’t, it’s all just patience and practice.
    Posted by Legacy I Tom I on 10 Oct at 00:42
    Tendoman77Problem is if you mess up the animal sections even once you gotta do the whole entire level, including doing the entire Yellow and Blue gem routes and even the anoying bonus sections, over again. Rememebering the Polar section especially is difficult since its the last part of that level while the Yellow Gem path and the Bonus section are right before it.

    Side note for trivia sake, I find it strange how the 2 levels with the blue gem and its route are 4 entire worlds apart while the other 3 gems and their respective paths are within 2-4 levels from each other. Just a trivial observation.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 10 Oct at 16:21
    Tucky90Yeah it is the Bear level, and Toxic tunnels that have me worried. 2nd riding level is a pain but control and hit detection feels way better in that level. plus blue path nowhere near as bad as the yellow. Not to worried bout Cortext castle cause the tape is at the end so you have to basically do it without dying for that anyways. O and the alternative timeline for Run it Bayou.
    Posted by Tucky90 on 10 Oct at 21:21
    Tendoman77Sure about that? I found the Yellow Gem path to be easier than the Blue one despite being based on Crash 1's infamous bridge levels, did it in my first try while the final section of the Blue Gem path was a absolute pain to get through.

    Heck if I had to order Crash 4's solo gem paths from hardest to easiest, it be Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 11 Oct at 00:07
    Tucky90Suppose that really boils down to individual gamers. But yeah had way more trouble on Yellow (admittedly may have been a bit short on concentration that day). For me its probably, Green/Yellow/Blue/Red.
    Posted by Tucky90 on 11 Oct at 01:42
    Shand Alk3You CAN get the perfect relic in N. Verted mode and it'll count towards getting the relic for that level.

    Maka does every level perfectly and has commentary with it.
    Posted by Shand Alk3 on 11 Oct at 20:00
    Tucky90@Shand. Yeah can confirm this, although it is not really an advantage for most levels. The big city at the end though its massive advantage.
    Posted by Tucky90 on 12 Oct at 17:10
    MulgikapsasI have two questing regarding breaking the boxes. When you hit the detonator for nitros at the end of the level, does it break normal boxes adjacent to nitros? I've seen it happen on screen but I don't know if it's the case off screen.
    Secondly, do all boxes need to be broken specifically by Crash? If on a chase stage the boxes are broken by thing chasing crash, does it count?
    Posted by Mulgikapsas on 02 Nov at 20:25
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