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Are you not Entertained? achievement in Gems of War

Are you not Entertained?

Complete an Arena Run with no losses

Are you not Entertained?-11.7
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How to unlock the Are you not Entertained? achievement

  • KugareKugare1,974,144
    07 Oct 2020 07 Oct 2020 07 Oct 2020
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    Hello everyo guys,
    for this achievement you have to win all 6 fights in arena mode without losing a single one. They made some changes and now you only have to fight 6 rounds, but you can no longer use your hero and instead you have an epic troop. Due the fact all troops are random, i can't give you any specific setup to use, but i want to mention some things that can help you with your own setup.

    My biggest advice is to look for troops with "boosted by" effects, especially if boosted by gems, because sometimes there a bit unbalanced compared to other troops. If you find troops that can summon in other troops, use them in your last spot. Of course bad luck can mess up any of your attempts. If you're unhappy with your current team, just cancel out and pay the 1000 gold again for another troop setup.

    If you think you found a vital troop that could be a good damage dealer, don't place in the first spot, because you don't want to lose it from early skull damage, instead place every troop that don't use any mana colour of that troop in front of him, so all needed mana goes to that troop, so you only have to worry about spells.

    Just to give some examples:
    In my first successful run "Wargare Brute" was my most efficient troop, because it can destroy a row and gain 5 life for every green orb destroyed, giving him between 15-20 life most of the time, which is pretty good for only 10 mana, making him the perfect troop to tank, in some battles i had around 100 life.

    In my secound run "Armored Boar" was a pretty good damage dealer, it also destroyed a row and for every skull destroyed it boosted up the damage by 5... with only 8 needed mana it sometimes one hitted a troop, depending how much skulls i was able to destroy.

    So check out each troop and hope you have at least one that could pretty powerful and do your best to match the needed colours. That's all advice i can give you at that point. Good luck!

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    LV 1 Blue SlimeNot sure if it's bugged or part of the event, but every first win in the arena gives me 2 wins in the current event, so I only needed to win 5 matches. Love how even though they changed it, it's still a slot machine. Either you get good troops or you fucking lose. I got Miden Swarm (12 scatter damage twice) and it was 2ez.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 30 Oct at 18:52
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  • LiquidAgLiquidAg272,049
    07 Oct 2020 07 Oct 2020 07 Oct 2020
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    Arena Runs are found in the "Games" section of the main menu. The arena was changed a bit in the most recent update, so now it works slightly differently.

    When you start your run, you are shown three cards to choose from at the Common (white) rarity. You can click on each card to see what their abilities are, compare stats, etc. You won't actually choose one until you use cn_X to "Recruit" that card to your team. You'll repeat this three more times for a total of four cards; one of each of the following rarities -- Common (white), Rare (green), Ultra-Rare (blue), and Epic (purple). You would be wise to try to pick cards that compliment each other with their abilities. For instance, if you choose a card that creates yellow gems, but then you don't choose any cards that actually use yellow mana, then your creation card would be useless.

    You no longer get to recruit one of your Over-Powered weapons, in the Arena, which was a source of stability and a big help, before.

    Next, you'll start battling other teams, playing the puzzle game as you usually would. After the battle you return to the Arena result-screen which shows your team and your stats. If you won, you'll light up a sword icon that tracks your wins. If you lose, you'll light up a skull icon. There are six sword icons (there used to be eight, so this is a little easier than before), and two skull icons. If you lose twice (and light up both skulls), the Arena Run is over and you collect some minor rewards. This means that you can lose once, and still continue your Arena Run. If you win six times (and light up all the swords), the Arena Run is over and you collect some better rewards.

    If you manage to win six times without losing any battles, the Arena Run is over, you collect the best set of rewards, and you unlock this achievement! Congratulations.
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