The Book of Honor achievement in Dawn of War II

The Book of Honor

Get 15 stars on one mission in Dawn of War II.

The Book of Honor0
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How to unlock the The Book of Honor achievement

  • GnemlockGnemlock168,296
    25 Mar 2009 28 Mar 2009
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    During the later stages of the game, when you have unlocked terminator armor and have to hold off the tyranid assault in anticipation for the final battle;

    Equip your Force Commander with terminator armor, and give him a teleporter, the orbital bombardment and drop pods. Give him a thunder shield and storm hammer. It is incredibly easier still if you have the double bombardment skill.

    Have your three best squads with him; I suggest Davian Thule with the Assault Cannon Barrage ability, Tarkus in terminator gear with a flamer, and Avitus in terminator gear. Ensure you have between your three squads the following accessory:
    - Rites of Repair
    - Recovery Stimulant Kit
    - Cyclone Missile Launcher
    - Locator Beacon
    - Rosarius

    Start a defense mission on Meridian - Capital Spire, and drop down all the available Tarantula Turrets (including the ones provided with your locator beacon). DO NOT place any mines. Set up your squads and play through using these tips:

    - Teleport between the various strategic points and capture them using your Force Commander. It is usually at these areas that the Tyrannids will group, so by taking them out you push further towards a 5 star fury rating.
    - Use Orbital Bombardments on larger groups, but be sure to teleport out of the way. On smaller clusters, use drop pods.
    - Keep an eye on your base. Use the Cyclone Missile
    Launcher, Assault Cannon Barrage to take out large groups of Tyranid, and keep using stimulant kits to heal your men, and rites of repair to heal Davian and the generators/turrets.
    - Kill as many Tyranid groups not involved with the assault using your Force Commander. If your commander is weak, teleport him away to let him regenerate. If he can not teleport, use the Rosarius to grant temporary invulnerability.

    Ideally, you should complete the mission in about 5 minutes, and should only find small groups at the three strategic points on the map. If you have captured the shrine on the opposite side of the map during another mission, there will not be a large group defending it, else save an orbital bombardment for here.

    You should easily defend your base, as the Tyranids swarm with smaller units that area easily destroyed with the various area damage skills mentioned above. If you can bring your Force Commander back in before the last strike, even better.

    For the last strike, throw everything you have left at them, and pop a Rosarius for the final boss for good measure.

    This tactic is also handy when you have limited time to complete missions. A 15 star rating is a full bar of experience, which in turn grants you both additional deployments regardless of Automated Foundaries on the planet, allowing you to get extra missions done in a single day so you do not get over run.

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    CarbokrisAmazing guide! This achievement started to bug me as I could not get the speed down, so usually got 12-14 stars. Put in Tarkus with terminator armor and flamer as you suggested, and it's unbelievable how much it helped. Used Thaddeus with terminator armor and hammer/shield before, but swapping him with Tarkus turned out to be the deal breaker. The teleporitng part is also important, although at one defense mission I literally stood were they spawned most of the game. Got 15 stars two rounds in a row now, so thumbs up from me!
    Posted by Carbokris on 17 Dec 12 at 00:13
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  • CSARdiverCSARdiver367,075
    26 Feb 2009 02 Mar 2009
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    Easily earned on defense missions since the enemy will come to you. Advance your troops to engage the enemy quickly, keeping a close eye on health, as you must not lose any forces. Drop tarantula guns at close proximity to the enemy path and make good use of mines, artillery strikes, and orbital bombardment to speed things along.

    You will have several opportunities for defense missions near the end of the campaign, so don't be concerned if you miss out on the earlier missions.
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    GnemlockAlthough in theory this would seem like the best idea, it is infact the worst.

    In a defence mission, there is still a considerable amount of enemies around the map. For example, on the initial defence mission, their are enough orks around the map that do not participate in the attack to limit you to a 4 star rating. Therefore, to achieve this on a defence mission, you would have to have a squad or two go through the map and rack up some more kills, leaving your generators un-defended.

    Perhaps feasible on the initial defence mission if you have your force commander wander the map, killing camps of orks. You do not have to kill every enemy to get a 5 star fury rating. I have recieved a 5 star fury rating with as little as 83% killed.
    Posted by Gnemlock on 23 Mar 09 at 00:03
    selirt11I keep findingthat i only killed 52% in a defense mission( or near that) so i tried to do an assasinate, i got on a Calderis mission when you have to kill the zoanthrope, it's easy to kill and the terminator armour means your sqauds can go along both sides of the map and kill. Just offering another option...
    Posted by selirt11 on 15 Aug 10 at 10:23
    INMATEofARKHAMThis gets my vote... Got it pretty easy, and without even trying mind you, on the first defense missions suggested.

    I life the scouts at home. Deployed with everyone else.
    Posted by INMATEofARKHAM on 05 Jun 11 at 11:41
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