Crush the Enemy achievement in Dawn of War II

Crush the Enemy

Complete Campaign on Primarch difficulty in Dawn of War II.

Crush the Enemy0
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How to unlock the Crush the Enemy achievement

  • CSARdiverCSARdiver364,135
    19 Oct 2009 21 Oct 2009 21 Oct 2009
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    No doubt about it – Primarch is rough!

    I would recommend playing through at a lower difficulty to know what to expect, especially on the Angel Gate and Last Stand missions.

    Here are some general recommendations for the war:

    1. This is a different RTS in that you don’t have to right click targets, concentrate on strategic placement of units. Have your keyboard mapped and memorize your squad number, so you can immediately control the individual untis.
    2. Use cover at all times. Avitus will gain an ability increasing his squads rate of fire under cover and this will keep your squads in the fight. Without cover expect your units to die very quickly.
    3. Plan a leveling strategy for all units in advance, ensuring they compliment your overall battle tactics.
    4. Learn to use Cyrus wisely – he is an extremely powerful character, but won’t last long on the front lines.
    5. Be patient. Retreat is your best friend and hit it quickly when ambushed.
    6. Take a sec to hit an optional mission if there is a reward that will help you out. Also ensure to take hold of strategic assets to aid your endgame.

    The individual missions are nothing special, make sure to equip your troops based upon the intel provided: Anti-armor for Orcs and Eldar will come in handy, but not effective against the Tyranids. The two missions that will take the most time and planning are Angel Gate and Last Stand.

    Angel Gate:

    Take control of the closest beacon and move your troops across the map slowly and cautiously. Have your commander take point, keeping ranged support close behind for immediate suppression and cover fire support. I used Tarkus, Avitus, and Cyrus (sniper) for my playthough. Rescue all guardsmen and take all generators before attempting to close the gate. During the mission you will be ambushed by raveners and orcs, however by now you will be used to their tactics. Use Avitus’s increased rate of fire to finish enemies off quickly and Tarkus’ grenades and melee tactics. Keep Cyrus behind, but close to revive fallen leaders and support.

    Once you have everything cleared head to the gate – take note of the two indestructible buildings flanking the gate control. Place Tarkus and Cyrus in one and Avitus in the other. You can also drop your commander in one as well for cover, or leave him in the open for support. Be quick on the retreat button as any exposed units will be quickly overwhelmed. Start to close the gate and move away. Spores will begin to descend in waves and you will have plenty of warning from Derosa as well as the markings around the gate. The ranged troops will mow the invaders from cover and the guardsmen will continually spawn from the South and assist, although they won’t last long. Lob grenades with Tarkus, snipe with Cyrus and use the increased rate of fire with Avitus. Just sit back and let your troops mow through the Carnifexes. Once they stop spawning take your force commander and secure the gate using cover fire from your support squads.

    Last Stand:

    You get the whole compliment of squad commanders, so load out everyone prior to dropping.

    Move to the first beacon and place your ranged troops in good cover ensuring overlapping fields of fire. Place one tarantula in medium range to absorb some of the waves. Leave your dreadnaught near the vein and take advantage of his amazing ranged support. I set up Tarkus in terminator armor with the missile rack to add to the long range support. I prefer the rally flag on the force commander as this gives a great emergency heal. Mines don’t do enough damage, but grenades, demo packs, and artillery are fantastic. Poison the first vein and closely monitor the battle, heal when necessary and shift fire to the brunt of the attacking forces.

    Move to the second vein and stage your forces in advance just as you did before, although the attacks are increased and elite units more numerous. Place your remaining tarantula guns here. This is a good time to eliminate some of the nearby nests to reduce reinforcements. Once through the waves, the hive will die and you just need to hold out. If you are being overwhelmed, this is a good time to pull Cyrus back and stealth until support arrives.

    You will be prompted to secure the beacon on the pyramid structure near the center of the map – cake walk. Secure and hold for a brief time and you will receive additional support from Angelos, your deciding factor in this fight, so pay close attention to his abilities and their locatoins. Move to the prompt on the map to the Hive Tyrant Alpha and prepare to succeed where the Eldar failed.

    Incredibly tough to kill by normal means, he can one or two shot your entire force, so plan in advance. He will poison the ground, covering an area large enough to affect your group. Supply packs abound this area, so resupply and expose them in advance with Cyrus (stealthed). This is also a good time to watch the tyrant’s tactics. This is where taking those strategic points previously will pay off, so equip those rosarius items. Use Angelos’s invincibility, increased damage to target. Be ready to activate every offensive and protective capability in your arsenal and watch in amazement how quickly the tyrant’s health wanes. Once again, hold Cyrus back just in case and use his stealth revive ability. Reviving the dreadnaught can make for a great distraction when trying to extract your other forces. Retreat if you have to, but you should be able to eliminate the tyrant in one shot.

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    Brutaka5I've done this on primarch and didn't get the achievement. Did it co-op as well and still nothing. Any idea?
    Posted by Brutaka5 on 31 Mar 13 at 01:22
    CSARdiverBrutaka5 - I've been searching the Relic forums and other achievement sites for this one. This was an issue when the game first launched, but should have been fixed in the first patch. I only received credit for Sergeant at first and had to replay the final mission to get Primarch.
    Posted by CSARdiver on 22 May 13 at 14:04
    MazraelI find FC, Tarkus, Avitus & Thule a muct better line up. FC charging on the melee, with Tactical Advance & focus Fire, and the upgraded assault cannon burst, and a finger over the X to pull back the universes weakest space marines. Do have to keep an eye on Tarkus, has a habit of wandering off, and Thule won't stand still & fire (on either stance), you'll want him to keep distance for the assault cannon, as the burst ignores enemies within a few feet from him
    Posted by Mazrael on 18 Sep 13 at 09:09
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  • DiDevilDiDevil109,054
    08 Oct 2009 06 Oct 2009 08 Oct 2009
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    Some tips and triks from russian gamer:

    1. First of all - most of missions you will play (except defence missions and first two in campaign) are completely based on silence and guerilla tactics. In my opinion - Cyrus is your best reviver of squads and demolisher of enemy buildings.
    Upgrade his Endurance and Will for best efficiency.

    2. All your troops are very like to die faster then a blink of eye!:) ALWAYS use covers (but not in buildings).
    Also run from grenades, like hell... I'd a case, when ALL FOUR of my squads had been destroyed with only ONE ork grenade...%) it was very sad.

    3. When fighting bosses - it's very important to never forget to use Retreat (Button "X" by default), that means you must capture all the radars, if possible. And Cyrus is your best frend here for reviving. In the rest tactics is the same as on other difficulties.
    Whenever possible use the special weapons, against which the boss has weakness.

    4. Use all of your squads forces, abilities, special items (from strategic assets) with maximum efficiency. Sell all unnecessary items for extra expirience. And...backup your saves (that's maybe useful)!

    5. The Angels Gate mission (it's where you'll have many problems):
    I'll describe the way I did it (10 minutes ago):
    My squads was - Force Commander, Tarkus, Avitus and Cyrus (all about 15-16 lvls).
    First of all I activated 2 generators, that closer to the left side of the map (if you don't rotate it after starting the mission).
    Then - cleared other areas with generators from enemies.
    Further I placed Tarkus squad to the right building near the Gates, and Avitus squad to the left. Cyrus in position to capture remaining left generator. Commander in position (near one of generators) to capture other three generators to the right side of map.
    After that start capturing with Commander and Cyrus.
    When all generators will be captured: don't rush to main gates.
    Just wait (and that is MAIN TIP) and kill all Carnifexes...They will appear in approx. 2-3 waves...After that Tyranids will come only from the north! - And it's time to close main gates!
    Send your Commander to start closing gates. Cyrus - on patrol to cover (sniper shooting) and revive him. Other two squads as before - in buildings.
    If Commander down - revive him as faster as you can (in Cyrus stealth mode). Gates closing progress is falling down slowly in that situation, so you should be in time after 3-4 waves of tyranids.

    Good luck!;)

    P.S. Don't beat me for my English:D
  • NonfaithNonfaith458,238
    11 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011 13 Apr 2012
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    Use Cyrus, A LOT.

    Cyrus has a special ability of being able to use accessories while he is cloaked. This allows you to walk right up to almost every enemy in the game (including bosses) and use mines, sniper, satchel charges, etc. etc. right next to them. I personally took out 90% of the bosses this way and almost 100% of the enemies once I had it unlocked.

    This makes Primarch difficulty relatively easy. Everything else is just putting the maximum amount of fire power concentrated on one target then retreating to heal and maximum firepower again.

    Hope this helps some people.
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