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Poor ancestors

All Spawn Points Destroyed

Poor ancestors-19.8
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How to unlock the Poor ancestors achievement

  • elquietoneelquietone380,597
    26 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    Like my tip for the OCD achievement, this is not a guide to each grave marker but more or less a tip for post game cleanup, though this one can be done if you've already gone for.
    SupralandHappinessThe Happiness achievement in Supraland worth 125 pointsAll you could ever want...

    There are a total of 206 grave markers/lava mounds "spawn locations" to find (you will find a counter for them in a chest, I believe it's the one at the end of the long hallway of water behind the blue castle) and once you clear out the guys from the above achievement attempt, you'll enter a room with a chest and in that chest is a beeper that tells you when you are close to grave markers both wood/stone and the small lava mounds. Just make sure you have the ability to smash wood graves and stone graves plus the ability to stomp force cubes to close the lava mounds.

    Again, it's easier just to run through the maps one by one, edge to edge listening for beeps and finding the graves that way than it is to use guides and sit there watching somebody point out where each one is.
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    elquietoneDoc is correct, you should be able to turn it off and on with RB. If it is off the icon will be slightly transparent where as on is solid. Keep in mind though the grave stones will not beep using the beeper (from the green moon quest) unless you have gone for the Happiness (6th gold barrel). Only then will you get the upgrade that allows the treasure tracker to also beep when near graves.
    Posted by elquietone on 31 Oct at 13:57
    UberPirateNinjaWhere do you get the stomp upgrade to seal the little volcanos?
    Posted by UberPirateNinja on 01 Nov at 15:32
    elquietone@Uber, there is a video posted in the stomp achievement if you want to see exactly where it is. It's located in one of the areas that branch off the red barrel trade in station. You should notice some high rise pillars of wood and a flat platform blocking a glass box high up if you're in the right map. In that map is a wooden building with a red in it that tells you there is something special located in the building. There's a green pipe behind the building along a wall you can technically use to climb up the grey rock and just jump from it to the building top, or you can try to parkour your way up following the coins. I had originally just climbed near the green pipe and jumped over the wall fairly early, just stay on top of the building walking along the boards until you see the chest below.

    If you have happiness, it will make the jumping way easier.
    Posted by elquietone on 01 Nov at 17:16
    UberPirateNinjaYeah, I’ve got the standard stomp, I’m looking for the upgrade for it to seal the volcanos.

    I’ve completed the game, and have the happiness super jump, just need the upgraded stomp to seal the little volcanos for the ‘Poor Ancestors’ achievement.

    Edit - never mind, didn’t realise there was 2 separate upgrades, the cube stomp AND the volcano sealer. Got both now. Cheers!
    Posted by UberPirateNinja on 01 Nov at 17:44
    paddycfc22Thanks guys can't believe I couldn't figure it out laugh
    Posted by paddycfc22 on 01 Nov at 18:50
    rafter84Is anyone else having trouble with this? I can see 2 groups of enemies which spawn but there is no graves to destroy. Also the detector is silent. I've spent hours searching for the graves, but no luck. It's driving me nuts!!!!
    Posted by rafter84 on 02 Nov at 22:24
    elquietoneThere are still random spawns not triggered by a grave in a few maps that I noticed as I played so if that's happening I'd just move on, there has to be something you missed in a corner somewhere or one of the lava mounds is still open in a different map.
    Posted by elquietone on 03 Nov at 13:34
    rafter84Not sure. It's very frustrating. I would have thought the detector would have picked it up for me.
    Posted by rafter84 on 03 Nov at 18:09
    elquietoneWhen you pause the game, it should have a total assuming you have gotten the upgrade for how many out of 206 you have found (not sure if it needs the increased stats upgrade) as well as on the left of the screen if you have to spawn counter upgrade (end of the water hallway behind blue castle).

    My last map ended up being the carrot map, where I had a few graves and mounds left, in other maps though I had noticed some well hidden corner ones. There are also a few maps some people don't seem to go back to like the left side of the supraball field map.. There's a door there that leads down some stairs to a small sections of map with 3 stone graves, most people run right past that door, though it should beep if near it anyways.
    Posted by elquietone on 03 Nov at 23:02
    rafter84Got it last night. But that's for your advice. Cheers.
    Posted by rafter84 on 04 Nov at 18:20
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