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How to unlock the All Chests achievement

  • elquietoneelquietone381,087
    26 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    There are a total of 172 chests throughout the map (use in game count not XB hub) and while this is not a guide to finding them, I felt the need to write something so people might be less discouraged if they perhaps knew something about post game cleanup.

    During the 3 green moon quest, you'll be given a treasure tracker which beeps as you get closer to a chest. After you beat the final boss, your home town will gain 3 more items to buy from the vender, one of which tells you how many chests are left in the game. You will also gain upgrades to increase the range at which it can detect treasures. At that point it becomes just a matter of walking around in each area listening for beeps, and searching high and low as well as inside any small crack you might see just to find those treasures. Some are literally at the top of the maps (or Swords, Ya that one) where most people can't even get to without
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    as well as a few are out in the out of bounds area's like behind the blue castle down a long hallway of water which you need to Spiderman to get (purple gun rope jumping @ don't break your controller).

    *At the end of the chest collecting, just for those that want to see matching stats. I'd take a screen shot but the game brings up the pause menu before you can actually get it to take one.

    Armour 3 HP 200
    Moon"super" Sword 79
    Red Gun 79/128/300
    Teleport Gun 400
    Force Cube 90
    Stomp 208/600

    I'm sure you can find video guides and pictures of where each one is, but trust me it's easier to get what you can early as you play and then just use the treasure tracker to find the rest, it goes so much quicker than looking up each one via picture.. The only challenge comes from trying to find where the beep is telling you it is, which is why I say even the smallest of cracks might be where you need to go (teleport).

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    elquietoneMine is at 200 after all 172 chests, I have seen people on PC with 204, 205 etc, so it's possible there are uncounted chests hidden around (or the PC has a few removed/bugged/cheated ones), but for XB completion sake, the achievement will pop at 172 chests found at least that's what my count in game is at as well as the XB hub screen (The hub can be skewed if you have multiple saves so use the in game counter).

    *I'll make an edit to show my numbers for everything including sword damage, gun damage etc. Might help people see what they are missing.
    Posted by elquietone on 01 Nov at 13:12
    Jay CowlI'll add the one I was missing. There is a chest in between the last puzzle area and the giant blue pipe. Walk the lava on the right side towards the big blue pipe. There is a cave hidden in the back with a chest.

    Also both sides of the rainbow in the pots
    Posted by Jay Cowl on 09 Nov at 12:34
    wh00kieMy last chest ended up being near the supraball players house, I had used the ball momentum to jump the huge gap earlier in the game and found the chest along that path but there is a 2nd chest out of bounds there as well.. was easy to get to at that point with happiness unlocked.
    Posted by wh00kie on 09 Nov at 17:45
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  • Heisenberg1994WHeisenberg1994W330,612
    01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    Go through the game normally collecting what you can throughout, don't bother following a guide right away because you won't unlock certain upgrades or weapons abilitys until you have fully finished the main story.

    After the end boss fart face is defeated return to the village Starting Area you'll now be going for the last golden barrel of the game to unlock an upgrade called "Happiness" if you don't have it already. This will make finding all 172 chests easy peasy.

    Grab the 2 sponges from the juicer guy and soak them up in the puddle with the purple flies to the left, now head through the double doors you had to place a crystal in at the start of the game, take in a sponge at a time and bring them through the large area behind the double door house as far right as you can.

    Now once you are at the switch there will be 8 spawns of enemies but with the 2 sponges you will make this a cake walk!, before you press the switch add a sponge to each side of the portals the enemies will be running to and connect the purple gun to each sponge like spiderman.

    Make sure the sponges are not too close to the portals because some enemies can and will get through, just watch out for the ones who can shoot! Because they can shoot your sponges! so just make sure you kill those guys and let all the others piles up if you can't kill them in time, Don't worry your purple line will stop them!

    Once that's done and you've handed in the final golden barrel you can buy the happiness ability for 1337 coins and the radius x2 will be for sale also so buy that too.

    The radar isn't as bad as you'd think you can easily collect the rest of the chests in an hour or so instead of following a very slow guide just check above and below every area of the sandbox with the trackers help and you'll eventually collect every last one,

    If you have some chests left to find and you can't for the life of you do so and you think the radar is playing tricks on you.

    Here is a some commonly missed ones taken from a steam post by Klagmar from January.

    * 2 chests behind blue castle (including the one over the water) use your purple gun on the rock to reach it just spam RT and LT cut the line and repeat
    * 1 chest above Mr. Miracle's house out of bounds in volcano area
    * 1 chest out of bounds next to Supraball player's house
    * 1 chest out of bounds way up high near where you get the belt
    * 1 chest behind big bucket near red crystal (and the one in the spigot)
    *2 chests out of bounds behind/near the blue crystal

    Good luck, Hope this helps! Happy treasure hunting.
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