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Vengeful Ghost achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Vengeful Ghost

Complete the Vengeful Ghost Junkenstein challenge mission.

Vengeful Ghost-2.6
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How to unlock the Vengeful Ghost achievement

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    13 Oct 2020 13 Oct 2020 13 Oct 2020
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    This mode features a ghost that chases players around until they either beat the mission or die trying. Other than that, it is just basic Junkenstein rules, so feel free to watch one of those guides if you've never played Junkenstein before or are having trouble with the waves!

    Here are some notes based on my time playing this mode:

    - The ghost spawns about 10 seconds into the match and immediately starts chasing one player
    - The ghost chases one player for about 10 seconds, after which it stops for about 3 seconds and then selects a new player to chase
    - When the ghost has locked onto you, there will be a creepy sound that plays so you know you've been targeted (which is quite useful in case you aren't looking in his direction)
    - The ghost cannot take any damage, so do not waste your shots
    - The ghost moves at about 3/4 the speed of a normal player, so he is pretty easy to outrun... as long as you are paying attention
    - If the ghost gets close enough to any player (not just the one he is chasing) he does pretty significant damage, so you will want to take him seriously (he can kill in about 3 seconds)
    - For best results, I've found that the person being chased by the ghost should run down the middle/bridge area (toward where most of the bosses spawn) so that you can lead him around without running the risk of accidentally getting too close to one of your teammates
    - Once the ghost stops chasing you, return to your normal position and resume fighting the waves of bots
    - While your teammate is being chased by the ghost, just carry on fighting the waves of bots, and/or keep your teammate healed up if the ghost is damaging him

    The team comp I've found to be the best out of my time playing is one consisting of Torb, Zen/Ana, Brig, and Tracer/Soldier. You definitely want a good amount of healing output from multiple sources (especially since if your healer is being chased by the ghost they won't be able to heal much), and you absolutely need a Torb in this mode no matter what because the extra damage from his turret is just too valuable. Place Torb's turret somewhere near the door, keep Brig near the door for AOE heals and damage/stuns on any bots or tires that get by, and Zen/Ana and Tracer/Soldier can cover the area to the left by the stairs.

    That's about it! If you have any other pointers, please leave a comment and I would be happy to add them toast
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    SSgtRubberDuckyThey should still be available through the entire event. I don't remember which one but I do recall one of the previous events had a similar thing with 6 variations with 2 unlocking each weak and each one was available until the very end once it unlocked.
    Posted by SSgtRubberDucky on 15 Oct at 08:27
    Wrathofzar@SSgtRubberDucky ok thanks! I don't really want to pop them yet because I know the TA Difference is going to be steadily going down, and I don't want it drag down my score for GTASC Next week lol.
    Posted by Wrathofzar on 15 Oct at 09:37
    Dixxxxxon@MangaPowerZero - That's a good comp as well, but we didn't personally get much use out of Bap's ult, so we went with Zen or Ana instead.
    Posted by Dixxxxxon on 15 Oct at 17:39
    Bunny BreakfastI can't get this achievement because every round I play I get paired with level 10 teammates playing as Ashe or Genji! Every time! I always play Zenyatta or sometimes Solider, but my team with randoms consists of usually me, ashe, genji and torb. Atleast people are smart enough to play as torb, but thats it!
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 15 Oct at 19:26
    KandeeRebel@Bunny Breakfast I've had a lot of problems with randoms too sometimes they will be the weirdest characters for this or will leave mid game if they die at all tried for hours last night with no luck I have been mainly playing torb for this
    Posted by KandeeRebel on 15 Oct at 22:09
    Bunny Breakfast@KandeeRebel thanks for the recommendation, Torb is really good, but I still just can't manage to pull a good random team together, because it seems like everyone is obsessed with playing as Genji
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 16 Oct at 00:50
    Bunny BreakfastI might give up on this achievement, because all I get is teammates who are less then level 50, and all they play as are Ash, Widowmaker and Genji!!!! ITS SO ANNOYING!!!
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 16 Oct at 01:17
    KandeeRebel@Bunny Breakfast.I mainly meant if you are ever trying to get a team together for it or anything I can play torb and pretty comfortable with using him if we could find 2 others because im honestly on the exact same vote as you its getting very frustrating:(
    Posted by KandeeRebel on 16 Oct at 01:20
    xCENAxMODBunny Breakfast, you should make/join a session on here for it. These aren't hard and braindead teammates in public games make it harder than it needs to be
    Posted by xCENAxMOD on 16 Oct at 18:05
    Bunny BreakfastFinally got this achievement, thanks to a team that half knew what they were doing! I got it with a team of zenyatta, brigette, torb and soldier. Although how much I complained, this achievement was fun to do, and I am quickly realizing that the "Frenzied Stampede" mission is much harder!
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 17 Oct at 18:14
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