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Halloween Terror 2020

Mystery Swap achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Mystery Swap

Complete the Mystery Swap Junkenstein challenge mission.

Mystery Swap-0.2
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How to unlock the Mystery Swap achievement

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    27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020
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    This isn't overly complicated as the enemies, patterns & everything else is the same as a normal mode. The twist is everyone will be randomly switched during the match.

    You can be switched to ANY of the characters available to the mode and you can end up with doubles, as many times during this we had doubles, sometimes to our advantage like two Torbs and others not so much, like two Widows.

    Your ultimate meter carries over during any switches, so if you're a character with less than ideal ultimate or the situation doesn't call for it, you can save it for the next swap.

    The swap happens wherever you happen to be on the map, so be prepared to be pretty mobile during this, as an example I started as Soldier 76 & was covering the top left stairs when I switched to Zen, which isn't an ideal spot for him all alone.

    I think the swaps are set to a timer, though I can't say for sure. I'm going off memory here, but I believe my order went --> Soldier, Zen, Baptiste, Torb, Soldier, Baptiste, Brigitte, Soldier & Tracer.

    As long as you have a pretty good grasp of all the characters (which really after 4 years, most probably do) and a team who knows the mode, it shouldn't be a problem. The only trouble could be really bad swap luck, like ending up with 3 healers during the final boss wave.
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    Moldy Tacos5000The swaps happen every minute like clockwork. A few seconds after the minute ticks so 6:57, 5:57, 4:57, etc. You will swap one final time when the timer runs out.
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 on 27 Oct at 23:33
    CyanDeadEyeIt honestly depends on the state of the game (especially on the boss waves), so you may not even need to do this at all, but don't forget that if you end up as Hanzo, Baptiste or Widow, you can get up to the wooden platform on the side of the gate right before the next swap and let the new character take advantage.

    McCree, Ashe, Ana, Zenyatta and Torb's turret can benefit from this the most with the higher vantage point.
    Posted by CyanDeadEye on 28 Oct at 09:09
    SSgtRubberDuckyFrom my teams personal experience it seemed to pick characters you've probly use least and aren't proficient at. Like for me it kept giving me precision characters when I main healers and our 2 that focus on playing dps kept getting healers. Our 4th plays a variety of characters but still got characters he knew the least aboot like Babtiste, Ashe, and Torb.
    Posted by SSgtRubberDucky on 29 Oct at 00:30
    FruitofPassionSomething you can add that I found out the hard way is if you deploy an ult (like Baptise's field or Torbjorns Molten Core) shortly before you get swapped, the ult goes away and is effectively wasted so it's wise to hold onto it if you haven't swapped in awhile.
    Posted by FruitofPassion on 29 Oct at 02:39
    Cr4ck Sh0t23You can have triple of the same character. I had 3 hanzo's at one point.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 29 Oct at 03:52
    DixxxxxonThis ones isn't too bad. A lot of it depends on the luck of the characters you roll, and what combination you get.

    Having two Torbs and two Soldiers at once was awesome. Having two Widows during a boss battle was not :)
    Posted by Dixxxxxon on 29 Oct at 17:43
    VGM 007Getting up to the wooden ledge with mobility characters & getting the swap is a good tip. I did that the second time I got Baptiste, unfortunately I got swapped to Brigitte, which is useless up on the ledge.
    Posted by VGM 007 on 30 Oct at 00:30
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