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Halloween Terror 2020

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Halloween Terror 2020

Shocking Surprise achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Shocking Surprise

Complete the Shocking Surprise Junkenstein challenge mission.

Shocking Surprise-0.3
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How to unlock the Shocking Surprise achievement

  • DivergentBeeDivergentBee#945130,193
    27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020
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    This achievement is quite hard. The team we got it with was McCree, Torbjörn, Zenyatta, and Brigitte

    What to know: with each zombraider you kill, one ripe tire spawns. With each boss you kill, two ripe tires spawn.

    Now, the roles:

    Everyone: Any time, and I mean any time, you see a ripe tire, speak about where its at. Left, low left, middle, and right were the commands I used, but really as long as you can differentiate the possible locations you should be fine, just tell your team.

    McCree: As opposed to the usual junkenstein strategy of standing on the left Bridge, stay towards the door, numbers are the key to taking out the rip tires. The ultimate charges quite fast, so don't be scared to use it, especially on road hog, symmetra, junkenstein, and mercy. Especially mercy, save your ult for the finale.

    Torbjörn: Find a great placement for the turret, the far corner towards the door works. Use molten cores when rip tires are nearby the door and on any hero. Molten core charges tremendously fast.

    Zenyatta: Discord rip tires and heroes as they come, prioritize the rip tires. Use the ultimate to counter road hogs ultimate and when everyone's health is low.

    Brigitte: The main reason why Brigitte is vital is to lead the heroes away from the door. As discussed above, the heroes spawn two rip tires when they die. Killing heroes by the door is game over. It isn't too easy for Brigitte to lure the heroes away from the door, but if done, is the game changer. Thats the reason how we won, so certainly lure the heroes.
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    DivergentBeeAppreciate the comments everyone! Thanks for talking about some alternate routes to get the achievement. As far as McCrees ult goes, we figured that we'd get swarmed in rip tires anyway so might as well do it to take out heroes, which ended up working. random. We arranged the team composition plenty of times but the time when we got it it was with the heroes i mentioned above. 76 is fantastic at taking out rip tires, but his ult isn't too effective. As McCree i would fan the hammer on rip tires which with combined effort with teammates seemed to do the trick. Really clutch Omni playing with randoms.
    Posted by DivergentBee#945 on 28 Oct at 14:11
    Envy litosIf anyone would like to get this done please add me
    Envy litos
    I have a mic and this is the last one I need
    Posted by Envy litos on 29 Oct at 03:36
    Kexol@Envy litos You can create a gaming session on TA to find people to help you out
    Posted by Kexol on 29 Oct at 03:40
    DixxxxxonThis one took about an hour with randoms and nobody on a mic. I played Brig and tried to pull my team away from the door whenever we were fighting a boss. The one time they finally listened to me was the time we ended up winning :)
    Posted by Dixxxxxon on 29 Oct at 17:45
    VGM 007Got it with a really solid group of randoms. Soldier, Mcree, Torb & Brig. We fanned out by left pond, middle path & torb near right stairs to have a good view of every tire coming. The Helix rocket right after boss kill was a huge tip. Junkrats death tires was a bit of a hurdle because they have an awkward timing coming off the ledge and ended up coming with other tires, and one got through.

    Playing as Soldier, I found a tactic that worked, which was shoot most enemies, especially zombadiers, till almost dead & then reload to prepare for the tires. It felt a bit odd holding up on the usual kill shots, but helped to always be ready for the tires. With Torb's turret, it will will usually wipe out the low health enemies and everyone should be ready to focus on tires.

    Glad this one is done, it was a pain & probably the hardest of the challenges.
    Posted by VGM 007 on 30 Oct at 03:41
    MastaGamerRicanSoldiers ult is a must. As soon u kill a boss soldiers ult will kill the tires instantly. Very good when near the door
    Posted by MastaGamerRican on 30 Oct at 14:25
    OmenInTheSkyAlso molten core a boss right before their health is depleted as rip tires will take molten core damage as soon as they spawn.
    Posted by OmenInTheSky on 31 Oct at 14:31
    SoulSurvivor43I achieved with a good group of randoms consisting of Zen, Solider 76, Torb and Baptiste. Baptiste consistently used his ultimate on boss spawns which combined with discorded made quick work of the bosses. Torb was a little reckless with his molten cores (using them too soon or too late with boss spawns) but did well enough to take care of the tire spawns from dead bosses.
    Posted by SoulSurvivor43 on 01 Nov at 02:03
    SaintShibaIf you are playing with randoms I highly suggest playing Brigitte and when reaper/mercy/monster etc come out go to the opposite side of the map and try and keep them on you. If your team mates are good they'll shoot down the boss and they'll have enough time to react to the incoming tires.

    edit: it popped like 1 hour later...
    Posted by SaintShiba on 02 Nov at 22:20
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