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We need more wood!

Build every building

We need more wood!-7.1
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How to unlock the We need more wood! achievement

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    UPDATE 2: To those who got stuck on 98% there seems to be a workaround.
    Make sure to construct all buildings with every civ first. I did that about 7 times. Some 98-ers popped their achievement by building a house with the French. I personally had no such luck. For me it popped on the 4th Chinese wonder being built in the first age. I suspect that's the target age for it to register the Wonder buildings for being built.

    DISCLAIMER: This achievement is buggy, for a lot of people the tracker will get stuck at 98%. This isn't because a building was missed but because there is a bug in the registry of what counts. Even some of the people that have popped this achievement have noted that it took several times of redoing the entire list.

    Underneath is the whole list that got me to 98% I've built each building 7 times.
    If you can point out a building I overlooked and it pops my achievement then I'll add it to he list.

    What doesn't count:
    -Advanced versions or Dancing Halls for Saloon
    -Carts or Travois or alike that convert into resources (Cherry Blossom, Diamond mine, Copper mine, etc).
    -Walls and gates

    1. House
    2. Town Center
    3. Trading Post
    4. Market
    5. Mill
    6. Livestock pen
    7. Church
    8. Estate
    9. Capitol
    10. Factory (CARD)
    11. Outpost
    12. Dock
    13. Barracks
    14. Stable
    15. Artillery Foundry
    16. Arsenal
    17. Fort (CARD or Upgrade CARD)
    18. Native Embassy (Available after Trading Post with Natives)
    19. Saloon
    20. Field Hospital (Available through Surgeons, CARD or British Alliance)
    21. Manor (British)
    22. Torp (Swedes)
    23. Bank (Dutch, or Dutch Alliance)
    24. Mosque (Ottoman)
    25. Blockhouse (Russian, Russian Alliance or Swedes with Cards or Finnish Revolution)
    Native Americans civs
    26. Community Plaza
    27. Farm
    28. War Hut
    29. Corral
    30. Tribal Marketplace (Can only be placed at mines)
    31. Nobles' Hut (Aztec)
    32. Longhouse (Haudenosaunee)
    33. Siege Workshop (Haudenosaunee)
    34. Teepee ((Lakota))
    35. Kancha House (Inca)
    36. Tambo (Inca)
    37. Kallanka (Inca)
    38. Stronghold (Inca) (CARD)
    Asian Civs
    39. Rice Paddy
    40. Consulate
    41. Castle
    42. Monastery
    43. Village (China)
    44. War Academy (China)
    45. Sacred Field (India)
    46. Caravanserai (India)
    47. Shrine (Japan)
    48. Dojo (Japan) (CARD)
    49. (Build every Wonder in the Exploration Age)

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    BonkekookI followed this list all the way through. I then built every wonder as every Asian Civ in the 1st age(build wonder, resign, restart, for all 5). Then I built every building available for the British and Incas. Then I started as the French, built a house and it popped. Thanks everyone!
    Posted by Bonkekook on 03 Nov at 22:05
    ALoneWolf42speed always wins
    nova & orion

    What a hassle! I was going down this list and it popped for me when I built the Japanese Dojo. I had done a previous achievement that involved the wonders, I think I must've built all of them already!
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 08 Nov at 18:26
    Jibbermidget4th Chinese wonder on exploration age once you hit 98%. Works like a charm.
    Posted by Jibbermidget today at 03:40
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    This gets you a long way,

    Most civilizations have:
    Dock, House, Livestock pen, Market, Mill, outpost, trading post, Wall, Gate (convert a wall that is already built), Barracks, Native embassy, Stable, Town center, Estate

    There are 7 advanced buildings:
    Mill, Market, Arsenal, Dock, Trading Post, Farm and Estate

    - Field Hospital: Create a scenario with a friendly town center and one or more surgeons. Then start the scenario and use the surgeons to build a field hospital.

    Aztecs: War hut, Nobles hut,
    Brits: Manor, Artillery foundry, Church, Saloon, Arsenal, Fort, Factory, Capitol
    Chinese: Village, War academy, castle, consulate, Rice Paddy, Monastery, & 5 wonders
    Dutch: Bank (+Dance room upgrade for saloon, can be done with a card)
    Inca: Kallanka, Stronghold, Kancha house, Tambo
    Iriquous (Caughnawaga): Longhouse, farm, Community Plaza, Corral, Siege workshop
    Indians: Sacred field, Caravanserai, 5 wonders, Mango Grove (built with Grove Rickshaw, by calling him in with a card)
    Japanese: Shrine, Cherry Orchard (built with Orchard Rickshaw), 5 wonders, Dojo, (built with Dojo Rickshaw, by calling him in with a card)
    Ottomans: Mosque
    Russians: Blockhouse
    Swedes: Kalmar Castle
    Sioux (great council): Teepee

    That's 60 buildings + 15 wonders. If the advanced buildings, the dance room and the wonders don't count this is a pretty complete list at 52 buildings, since you get around 2% per building.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Not sure all of these are required, just pointing out possible ones you are missing.
    Also, as mentioned, it is buggy. This popped for me when I was back in the menu browsing the web for info on possible other buildings, so just do some multiple times to be sure it has counted. Also, when you're done NEVER quit. First, resign and then quit to be sure it counted properly.
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    HolyHalfDeadTM HOLLAND - Swedes does not have House, instead it has Torp. Other civs also have different pop buildings that count towards this, that are not mentioned in this solution.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 24 Oct at 05:38
    HolyHalfDeadI went from 98% to unlocking the achievement on building the French House.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 24 Oct at 10:09
    fireizsame here! i unlocked it after i built the french house! was stuck at 98%
    Posted by fireiz on 30 Oct at 17:46
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