Faith achievement in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10)


Convert 100 neutral or enemy units

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How to unlock the Faith achievement

  • EmagDrolBotEmagDrolBot270,097
    16 Oct 2020 16 Oct 2020 16 Oct 2020
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    You can easily do this solo using the Scenario Editor.

    On the Main Menu, select Tools > Scenario Editor. At the top left, click the New button (blank sheet of paper), set the Type to Great Lakes, Number of Players to 2. Size can be left as Normal.

    Once it generates, go to the central lake, select the Land tool (picture of two mountains) and paint a bunch of islands in the lake. They don't have to be big, just big enough to hold 3-4 units. I made 10, so that I could replay the map 10 times exactly for the achievement. The islands are so that units don't run away all over the place.

    Next, select Place Object (little picture of a figure), set Place As to player 2, then place one INF_Halberdier on each island (the black bar above the unit list is a search bar).

    Next set Place As to player 1, then place 2-4 HEAL_Priestess on each island.

    Now, you can click the Scenario menu on the top bar, then Playtest Scenario. Test it as Player 1.

    Once it starts, select each group of priestesses and direct them to convert the enemy unit on their island. The default hotkey is Q, so you can select -> press Q -> click the halberdier. Once all islands are done, press Escape, then Restart and go again. Each run will only take 20-30 seconds.

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    JohnnyKoiFirst of all great guide, and i can confirm that if you have 10 priests to convert it will count as 10 in the progress.
    Posted by JohnnyKoi on 11 Nov at 13:23
    YatsuiHayamotoYou must select the convert button in the Priestess. There is no hotkeys working for converting.
    Posted by YatsuiHayamoto on 14 Nov at 11:09
    THE DEADLY DOGQ worked perfectly fine for me. Johnny's comment is also true. I finished it in two restarts with four per island.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 15 Nov at 15:16
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  • Jagd Gray WolfJagd Gray Wolf458,726
    17 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020
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    Credit goes to "EmagDrolBot" for inspiring me to do a similar method but altered a little to speed it up.

    * Go to scenario editor and click on objects and then click wall.Make a pretty decent sized box to fit at least 50 soldiers in there.
    * Make sure the walls are player 2(enemy) so that the soldiers you put in there won't destroy them. Next put melee units inside this box.
    *Finally change the player to 1 on the left side. Search up priestess and place them on the outside of the box.
    You will be using the priestess on the outside of the box to convert the enemy units that are trapped inside. The converted units will most likely die but nonetheless will be converted.

    After everything is placed go click on scenario playtest and simply start converting away.
  • Ksar96Ksar96313,618
    Today Today
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    Credits to EmagDrolBot for a solution. and I've added some extra things to make it quick.

    I've just created a world for this achievement and you can find a link below.
    All you need to do is...
    Download the file from the link below.
    To Import the World
    1. From Main Menu --> Tools --> Scenario Editor. Once it's opened, click "File" (on the Top Left corner) then select "Load Scenario". (Click "NO" for saving the currently opened world because it's just a blank world, so click "no")
    2. Now, Click "Open Saved Games" to open the folder that contains save files. Then Copy the downloaded file from the downloads folder to this(Folder that opened through AOE3) location.
    3. Then close the File Explorer and back out from the Load Scenario to refresh that page. Open "Load Scenario" again and you can see the downloaded file appears on the list.
    4. Now, you can open through "Scenario Editor" or from Main Menu --> Load --> Use Filter setting --> Custom Scenario --> "Save File" --> Open.
    5. If you opened through the scenario editor, click scenario on the top bar, then select playtest scenario, make sure it selected as Player 1.
    6. There will be plenty of Islands to convert the enemies in that saved world, so move Island by island, Select all priestesses on one island(10 priestesses per island), and click the "convert" button from the bottom menu or use "Q"(Shortcut key for convert) and click on the enemy to convert.

    You'll get 10% on your progression for one island. so 10 Islands are enough to get the achievement.
    The achievement will pop once you've completed conversion on 10 Islands.
    Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10)FaithThe Faith achievement in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10) worth 147 pointsConvert 100 neutral or enemy units

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