Whatever the price... I'll beat it! achievement in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10)

Whatever the price... I'll beat it!

Win a Skirmish game with only mercenaries units

Whatever the price... I'll beat it!-4.9
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How to unlock the Whatever the price... I'll beat it! achievement

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    Mercenaries are units that can be trained at the Saloon.

    *I won multiple skirmish games only building and using units from the saloon (other than your explorer and the 5 villagers you begin with) and did not unlock the achievement.

    This is the way I got the achievement to unlock:

    Game Settings:
    Your Civilization: Swedes (Stockholm) – The achievement did not unlock when I used other civilizations, but did the first time I used this one.
    Enemy Civilization: Inca (Cuzco) – Other civilizations build archery/canon outposts and artillery units which make it more difficult for you to defeat them.
    Game Type: Supremacy
    Set Number Of Players To: 2 Players
    Select Type: All Maps
    Select Map: Alaska (This is a small map)
    Game Rules: Classic
    Starting Age: Nomad
    Difficulty: Easy
    Game Speed: Fast
    Useful cheats:
    Speed always wins - Turns on 100x gather/build rates

    A whole lot of love - Gives you 10k of each resource (credit to DivineShai)
    - Create your town center with the wagon.

    - Use the cheats above. Give yourself roughly 100,000 food, wood, and coin.

    - Keep advancing ages and selecting politicians that do not give you real units (select ones that give you food, coin, wood etc.) until you get a politician called “The Mercenary Contractor”. He usually shows up in either the first or second age upgrade.

    - Select The Mercenary Contractor. He gives you: “Enables Jaeger and Black Rider hiring at the saloon”. Black Riders are what I used and the only units I built.

    - Build 1 barracks, 1 stable and 1 arsenal. Buy all upgrades from the arsenal. (This step might not matter.)

    - Build a saloon near to enemy (only 1 saloon can exist at a time).

    - Build houses until the house building limit is reached.

    - Buy the upgrade “Wild West” from the saloon.

    - Now build Black Riders until your population limit is filled and send them in to destroy the enemy. Keep building them as they die and sending them in.

    - Delete all your villagers (you should only have 5) when you are getting close to defeating the enemy.

    - When the enemy concedes press yes and it should unlock right after.
    These steps are exactly what I did to unlock the achievement.
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    DivineShaiOr you could just type (A whole lot of love) which gives you 10k of each resource, which is better than typing in each individual Resource.
    Posted by DivineShai on 16 Oct at 09:53
    Metal CrusherThanks for the input. I'll add it to the guide.
    Posted by Metal Crusher on 16 Oct at 10:15
    is that HydroGot it - British vs Aztecs. Also just do deathmatch and rush the opponent. Takes about 10-15min.
    Posted by is that Hydro on 16 Oct at 12:51
    CrackedSeal3236You can also copy and paste cheats, saves a lot off typing :)
    Posted by CrackedSeal3236 on 18 Oct at 02:22
    Notorious KiwiWorked perfectly. Cheers mate.
    Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 19 Oct at 21:20
    VanGekoi played with russia and got the only cav achievement on that way too, without cheats. but thx for the idea.
    Posted by VanGeko on 20 Oct at 02:31
    fireizi agree with "is that hydro", it works as well in deathmatch, i used also british vs inca
    Posted by fireiz on 30 Oct at 06:47
    The CherishedAnother vote here for British vs Inca deathmatch. WAY faster and more efficient.
    Posted by The Cherished on 30 Oct at 19:38
    YatsuiHayamotothis cheevo is bugged
    Posted by YatsuiHayamoto yesterday at 03:34
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