Strike! achievement in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10)


Kill at least 10 enemy troops from a rolling cannonball

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How to unlock the Strike! achievement

  • Your buddy DEGYour buddy DEG812,716
    16 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020 17 Oct 2020
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    This seems to be a bit buggy or you need to be very precise. I also couldn't seem to unlock this in the scenario editor.

    Load up a skirmish match on any map with one other player. Set the starting age to post-imperial and difficulty to hardest (you may be able to do it on a lower difficulty but I wanted the AI to play aggressively).

    Once in the game I used the 'Speed always wins' cheat to let the enemy amass a large force and then used the 'ya gotta make do with what ya got' cheat to spawn a few Mediocre Bombard cannons.

    This will now come down to a little luck. I scouted ahead to see where the enemy was coming from and tried to set up a cannon in their path. The Capybara it fires seems to have a second shock wave which counts as a rolling cannon ball. It took me a few goes as the enemy either destroyed the cannon or I ran out of soldiers to kill. It unlocked on my third attempt when the enemy had a force of about 15 units. Try and aim for the solider at the front of the group too.

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    HolyHalfDeadJust create a crowd of villagers and fire a cannon into them. Under a minute to setup, and 15 seconds to unlock.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 24 Oct at 04:28
    BIG ChromerI managed to get it in Scenario editor using a huge pile of villagers vs a whole load of cannons.
    Posted by BIG Chromer on 24 Oct at 13:56
    fireizworked 1st try, thanks
    Posted by fireiz on 30 Oct at 17:49
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  • ShameOnAMonkkShameOnAMonkk574,407
    31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020
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    I have found a way to make a scenario that allows you to get this achievement.

    When setting up the scenario, go to Scenario->Scenario Data and set the number of players to 2. Use Terrain->Water Tool and make a body of water large enough to have two small islands in it without being in contact. Make one small island (exact size isn't crucial) and a slightly larger island right next to it without and land connecting them.

    On the smaller island, go to Objects->Place Object... and put down 4 or more AR Great Bombards down. Make sure you are doing it as Player 1.

    I have found that enemy pets count as enemy troops and that the pet coyote has only 45 hp. So, I populated the larger island, in striking distance of the bombards, full to the gills with the pet coyotes (Objects->Place Object..., go under Units, it will be "Pet Coyote"). Make sure you do it as Player 2 when you are putting them down. It is easy to tell if you are successful as the bombards will be blue and the coyotes will have red collars/red health bars.

    After the second island is densely packed with coyotes, go to Scenario->Playtest Scenario and choose to do so as Player 1.

    Take command of the bombards and have all 4-6 fire into the densest mass of the coyotes, hopefully allowing the subsequent rolling cannonballs damage enough of them so one can kill 10 in one go. It may take some finagling but I got my achievement in this manner.

    If you have issues with this, or questions, please let me know so I may help you. Good luck friends.
  • Ksar96Ksar96313,618
    Today Today
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    Credits to ShameOnAMonkk for Inspiring solution.

    I've just created a world for this achievement and you can find a link below.
    All you need to do is...
    Download the file from the link below.
    To Import the World
    1. From Main Menu --> Tools --> Scenario Editor. Once it's opened, click "File" (on the Top Left corner) then select "Load Scenario". (Click "NO" for saving the currently opened world because it's just a blank world, so click "no")
    2. Now, Click "Open Saved Games" to open the folder that contains save files. Then Copy the downloaded file from the downloads folder to this(Folder that opened through AOE3) location.
    3. Then close the File Explorer and back out from the Load Scenario to refresh that page. Open "Load Scenario" again and you can see the downloaded file appears on the list.
    4. Now, you can open through "Scenario Editor" or from Main Menu --> Load --> Use Filter setting --> Custom Scenario --> "Save File" --> Open.
    5. If you opened through the scenario editor, click scenario on the top bar, then select playtest scenario, make sure it selected as Player 1.
    6. I've Placed 5 Cannons, but you can do it with one cannon too. Just select the cannon and attack the coyotes, which are trapped inside the small island. you can move around to take good aim.

    The achievement will pop once you get 10 kills using a cannon roll. This could pop with a single playthrough and no need for multiple restarts.

    Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10)Strike!The Strike! achievement in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (Win 10) worth 68 pointsKill at least 10 enemy troops from a rolling cannonball

    Save File:

    You Can also find 2 other achievements save files inside the link.
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    If you have any issues with the file or any other questions, please comment below.
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