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Piece de Resistance achievement in Watch Dogs: Legion

Piece de Resistance

Complete a Paste Up in every Paste Up location

Piece de Resistance0
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How to unlock the Piece de Resistance achievement

  • Chief KebabChief Kebab
    31 Oct 2020 02 Nov 2020 30 Apr 2021
    Edit 3: *Seems like the latest patch has finally fixed the achievement.*

    There are 47 paste-ups and can be obtained any time. For it to be easier use the construction worker which you get in an early story mission and use the cargo drone to get to the location easier.

    Be sure to use the same character when going for them and I think this is the most important step. Use the same image for every paste-up! I'm not sure this makes the achievement 100% pop but this is what worked for me when it didn't unlock the first time I went for it.

    Edit 1: Confirmed by Wookiee Hairem that it doesn't need to be the same image.

    Edit 2: It looks like the Ubisoft servers are messing the achievement's progression because of the servers disconnecting very often.

    You can use x ii Y1D x's suggestion from the comments below: Go and find out which ones you DO have using the video guide, and note down which ones you DON'T have. When going through all of the paste you haven't done, do about 5-10 of them. Quit the game and load back in and check the last one you completed, and if it's complete then you know the saving is working. So I just did some at a time until I finished the last one, and bam it popped!

    JuIIIian provided a map in case you want to use the map rather than the video:

    For the locations this video showcases very well every single one:

    (It's my first guide so any criticism is well appreciated)

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    MulticronXDoes the achievement tracker not work for this one? I did my first two paste ups and still at 0%
    Posted by MulticronX on 17 Aug 22 at 13:46
    HolyHalfDeadYou unlock the last 4 designs at 47, so that is another way you can track your progress. They definitely fixed all the issues with this achievement in an update.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 06 May 23 at 03:07
    Chief RedrumIt would seem it can be done across games as I still had two to go (which I had done in an earlier attempt to the resistance mode) when it popped.
    Posted by Chief Redrum on 15 Jun 23 at 22:22
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  • SpilnerSpilner
    08 Nov 2020 08 Nov 2020 15 Nov 2020
    For those like me who much prefer a text guide with pictures here's a guide by Powerpyx

    Just remember to use the same operative for all paste ups but you do not have to use the same image though i did to help remember which id already done.
    A construction worker with the cargo drone will really help.
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    JSwartz0181Maybe it was changed with a patch, but I just got it, and I did NOT use the same person for every one (think I used four different characters), and just did them as I came across them. Ultimately had a half dozen or so that didn't pop up on my map though, so I needed to cross reference ( worked wonders for me, filtering it to just paste-ups and fast travel points).
    Posted by JSwartz0181 on 14 Mar 21 at 07:43
  • NewbieKenobiNewbieKenobi
    31 Mar 2021 31 Mar 2021 31 Mar 2021
    Other guides and comments seem to indicate there could be a potential problem for those who started this game close to the release, before the patches. I thought I'd give a few tips on this one, having started the game for the first time a few months after the release.

    This achievement is not missable. It can be completed at any time in the game.

    There are 47 paste up locations in the game.

    I did not paste all locations in one sitting. I pasted the locations as I came across them during regular gameplay over a period of 13 days . After completing the game, I used an online map to help track the locations I was missing.

    Using the construction worker helps immensely since it is able to summon a cargo drone for those hard to reach locations. The construction workers cargo drone is significantly faster than the one you can summon from the cargo drone summon stations. For longer travels between locations I used fast travel or a car.

    I did not use the same character for all the locations; I used a lot of different characters.

    I did not use the same image on all the locations, I used a lot of different images. I did however find it easier to use the ones with large red motives as they were easier to spot againt the city background when tracking down the ones I was missing.

    I did not re-paste any allready pasted locations.

    I played the game on Xbox Seriex X. I used quick resume, quit to menu, quit to dashboard and even removed the disc during my playthrough. The console went into power saving mode several times during playthrough. Every time I used quick resume the game indicated I had lost contact with Ubi servers and attempted to reconnect successfully. None of this voided the achievement for me.

    Hope this will encourage others to go for this achievement. Personally I felt quite intimidated when I read in other guides that people had to redo the pastes two-three times, do them all in one sitting etc. and even failing to unlock it after that. This however seem to be a problem of the past.
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