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How to unlock the Ethereal Executioner achievement

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    If you're reading this solution, I'm assuming that you're far enough in the game to be interested in fighting the Queen. I'm also assuming that you're able to access the Wandering Dungeon. You may want to max out your levels, but my characters were only in the 180s when I used this strategy.

    There are insanely cheap ways of utterly destroying the Queen. Here's what I did (my equipment requires an untouched Laser Weapon and Laser Armor, so skip ahead if you don't have them and want to get to the EQ strategy I used):

    TIP: Magical Clay farming: You'll need a decent amount of Magical Clay. You can mine them from nodes, but there is a nice way of getting Magical Clay quicker. Synthesize three Slayer's Bangles to a fourth to increase the number of chances you'll have to steal per attack. Make sure Myuria's steal skill is maxed out and throw the Bangle on her. Head to the Cave of Seven Stars, and find a Skeleton monster group to fight. Kill off all the enemies around it (they won't come back because you won't be using Ocarina), and enter the battle. Controlling Myuria, get close to a skeleton and use her forward A attack (she thrusts with her staff) to steal. You can only steal one item per enemy, so steal once from each and then run away. Reenter the battle and repeat.

    STEP 1: Get at least 80,000,000 Fol (72,000,000 if you plan on filling Santa's orders when you get to him). It is recommended that you bring even more Fol to buy Santa's weapons for the weapon achievement.

    Getting this much Fol is much easier than it sounds. Buy a bunch of Sacrificial Dolls, and make sure the four characters you want to use for this trick each have any weapon with four empty synth factor slots (also, you're using Bacchus, so pick a WEAK weapon for him that has four empty slots).

    Now, synthesize TWO Aquaberries to a Sac. Doll, and then synthesize one of Reimi's Mille-feuilles to it. Repeat this fifteen more times. Now synthesize all sixteen of these to your four character's weapons. This is 640% Fol after battle. You can keep going with accessories, but I found this number to be adequate.

    Head to one of the bottom floors of the Cave of Seven Stars and find some Metal Scumbags. Set everyone to Manual and enter the battle. If there's a crab, run and re-enter. Use Bacchus' Black Hole to annoy the Metal Scumbags until they go Fury and start stealing from you. Just spam Black Hole like this until the battle ends. That 640% will go toward the money you EARNED BACK from the Scumbags, which can get you around 30,000,000 Fol per battle.

    STEP 2: Make two Santa Runs in the WD. Santa is a merchant that randomly appears once you start getting to the higher floors. He always appears in dead end rooms, never in connecting hallways. Also, as you're working your way up to him, open every chest if you don't have an untouched Laser Weapon or Laser Armor. There's a chance you'll get one or both. Anyway, when you get to him each time, buy 20 tri-Emblems, and then leave. You'll have to do Step 3 in between each Santa run.

    STEP 3: Cheap equipment time! Get a tri-EmblUm, dropped by the Scumbags on Roak. Synthesize eight tri-Emblems onto it. Grab something like an Anti-Stun Amulet and synth something like an Anti-Void or Anti-Stun amulet to it. Then, synth two tri-Emblems to it.

    STEP 3.5: Duplicate your untouched Laser Weapon and Armor with Magical Clay (cost: 22 pieces). Add whatever factors you want to the duped Laser Weapon (Critical Hit chance up X 4 is good). Now, take your original Laser Weapon and synth the duped one to it. It now has the four factors you chose and still 15 slots for tri-Emblems, so synth 15 of those on (here's where you make the second Santa run). For the Laser Armor, add four factors to the duped one (Increased chance to survive incap via Fury, Regen 3% MP during battle, and 25% chance to avoid HP damage are all good, especially the last one). Again, synth the duped one to the original, and fill the original with your last 15 tri-Emblems.

    STEP 4: Make three copies of your souped-up equipment using Magical Clay (cost: 72 pieces).

    STEP 5: Make at least one Otherworldly Cuisine. Make more if you plan on facing the Queen more than once. You'll need one before each battle.

    STEP 6: I used Meracle, Arumat, Reimi, and Sarah. Set everyone (except Sarah, who should stay out of trouble) to gang up on the enemy with full force. Turn off all of Sarah's symbols except the healing ones. Meracle should have four X Claws configured, Arumat should have three Dragon Roars, and Reimi should have one Savage Sparrows and the rest Crimson Squalls.

    STEP 7: Use the Otherworldly Cuisine on Sarah right before the EQ battle. So important. Combined with step 6, this makes it literally impossible for you to lose, provided you position Sarah correctly.

    STEP 8: The battle. When it begins, have either Arumat or Meracle taunt the EQ and run into a corner. Once the EQ is there, switch to Sarah, and run her in to the opposite corner, where she'll stay forever. Now Sarah cannot be hit or even targeted, as long as the EQ stays on the other side.

    Now just comes the HP grind. To be super insanely cheap, use a Savage Sparrows with Reimi will instantly fill her rush gauge. Use a chain combo immediately, and repeat until you start laughing about how cheap you are being. If all three of your fighters die, just wait patiently until Sarah resurrects one of them. Immediately control them, as the EQ will target them.

    The only part of the battle that stinks is when she starts draining everyone's MP. You can either have Sarah use items to restore it, or just wait until your MP regen on your armor kicks in. At this point, use Reimi's Savage Sparrows and launch into a rush combo again.

    I've tested this strategy on the 2, 4, and 6 wing forms of the queen. The only difference is the length of the battle.


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    RhyoliticOk, I'm +1'ing this if only for the Fol farming technique. Have no idea how the rest will work, as I've got a bit to go before hitting the EQ.

    I wasn't getting 30 mil, but coming close at 25-26 mil. The key thing that needs to be stressed is ALWAYS shoot off the Black Hole Sphere. That's where I was tripping up at first, in that I wasn't using it constantly. Go into Rush mode whenever you can so that you won't get knocked down with the potential for the little bastards to run away with your loots.

    I would recommend only going for 5-10 mil at the start, simply so you have a bankroll in case the Scumbags do manage to run away and you don't have to start over. When you get to a point where you feel you've got enough for a starter bankroll, equip Bacchie with the Scumbag Slayer and fire off another BHS. Only after that, go for the full run of the entire battle with your choice of weapon. I used an Ancient Cannon as my synth weaph for Bacchus, only down side is it has 3 synth slots rather than 4. Used Observer Spear for Sarah, an Eldarian Bow for Reimi, and I forget which Claws for Meracle.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 15 Dec 10 at 03:05
    RhyoliticOh, something else. Rather than synthing an Anti-Paralysis to an Anti-Stun in Step 3, synth something else like Anti-Void or Anti-Silence to the Anti-Stun. When you synth the Tri-Emblem onto it, if you have 2 open factor slots, you'll get a Paralysis immunity factor put from the Tri-Emblem. No point in having 2 immunities to the same status type, IMO.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 16 Dec 10 at 05:26
    RhyoliticSorry for the excessive comments, but something else I would add. When doing the Fol farming, you'll want to have considerably more than the 72 million. That amount only covers the Tri-Emblems. One will need to buy the various weapons that Santa offers to complete the Weapons Collector achievement. On the second trip to him, he also offers three skill books, INT Boost, Atk Boost, and Myuria's Divine Wave attack. The DW attack will cost 900k, if you have fulfilled his orders completely, the others are fairly cheap at 5k-ish apiece. I know those things aren't related to the EQ achievement, but as long as one is down there, might as well take care of it on that second run.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 20 Dec 10 at 07:39
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    This solution is being written on an iPhone, so please excuse any mistakes, and I plan to come back and beef it up when I have access to a pc; the reason I want to get it down now is that I got the achievement last night and don't want to forget bits. 

    So before even entering the Wandering Dungeon, you want to learn to synth. I'm not going to tell you what you MUST have, but I'll give you my team and equips, as a guideline. 

    Arumat - conquerer scythe "Asura Vajra" with increased crit chance, ATK+18%
    - Battle armor "God of Hellfire" without anything (I picked it up within the WD) but beforehand he had DEF synths maxed and increased chance of surviving incap via fury.
    - Green talisman with hp +10%
    - Tri-emblem (also picked up in the dungeon, and VERY useful; I'd say make sure you take the 2mil for one of these at the very least

    Reimi had an artifact bow and laser suit, synthed to increase crits, ATK DEF and HP. 
    Meracle was similar with Dragon Claws and a laser suit, but synthed for crits and increasing chance of fury (as she would always be on the frontline, whereas Reimi is long range. Meracle wants to avoid damage/death rather than increasing DEF) 
    Sarah was almost completely def and HP (both were maxed) and with a sacrifical doll just in case. 

    Now, if you don't already know, the Wandering Dungeon is accessed from EN II, down the road to the old sanctuary (talk to the gatekeeper). Go in with all rings charged, your three fighter's level caps removed (255), a few tents, and a lot of spare time. I've heard it taking up to 8 hours, although it depends what floors you get. 
    As the floors are randomly generated, here's my advice; play the first five levels until you pass them without having to collect a single geostone. This will often mean you will have few of those floors, which are by far the most time consuming when you got them consecutively. I played till I had assassins and crystals and did it in four hours. 

    I won't go into depth on the dungeon, but be wary of the following;
    Look out for Santa. His eqs WILL save you, especially the tri-emblems. 
    Open every chest. 
    It's MEANT to wear you down, so take breaks/do it at your own pace.
    You HAVE to fight at points, so go in at 225/230 and you'll hit 255 no problem.  

    Ok, so you're at the queen. Scary ain't she. By this point you should be 255 with all characters except your healer (unless you want to cap her too). As usual, put her into a corner and avoid that corner. 
    There is a very basic strategy to kill her without dying once; ABUSE rush combos. When you rush combo, you can't be touched, it can interupt her attacks, and her rush gauge won't increase. With arumat as your main and ATK maxed at 9999, you. should be hitting for way over 1mil, unbuffed. And with the tri-emblem and squatting, you should be in a rush combo more than the regular screen. Using this tactic, only one of my characters died, and that was in a cheap supernova. 
    Although I used Arumat, Meracle and Reimi are also good choices if you've got their ATK maxed. 
    Also, if you're worried at all, try eating food that increases your stats for X amount of battles before going in. Off the top of my head I can't remember the names, but there are some for +50% def which is fairly useful if you're not already maxed.

    The Queen really isn't hard at all; it's the gruelling dungeon and  Supernova that'll give you any problems. Using my technique, I did the dungeon in 4 hours, and he queen in just over ten minutes. 

    As I say, I'll be back to fix this solution, drop any questions/requests if you have any.
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    Kahuna28writing all that on an iPhone must of taken ages haha, sounds liike a good guide though :)
    Posted by Kahuna28 on 11 Aug 10 at 15:53
  • dertswa687odertswa687o142,030
    29 Jan 2011 19 Jul 2011
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    I'm essentially copy-pasting this guide from here:

    If anything seems off or weird, it's probably because I reference something I mentioned earlier, but normally that shouldn't be a big deal.

    This guide assumes you are going for 1000 and need Lymle-100 Defeat the Ethereal Queen within 10 minutes. I also mention a lot about Arms Addict and quests and stuff, but in the end you'll end up fighting the Ethereal Queen.

    You must have an untouched Laser Weapon for my guide to be of any use to you, otherwise you're going to have to spend a lot more time with factors and stuff.

    -So now that you've beaten Gabe, it's time to tackle the Ethereal Queen, who is no joke by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, you need to beat her within 10 minutes, getting the kill shot with Lymle, who can only damage her with Hound Grenade. That means some preparation is necessary.
    -Start by breaking the level cap (50% BT) on every character (except Faize) before even entering the Wandering Dungeon.
    -You're going to want to pick the easiest battle trophies for every character. For example, Bacchus's 80 consecutive long-range hits, deal at least 99,999 points of damage for every character (Self Destructor 3000 (SD3K) + Sacred Pain on bugs on Aeos), and Sarah's 5,555 jumps are very easy and don't take very long (though I'd recommend a wired controller for Sarah in that instance). If you're running out of ideas, go ahead and go to the colosseum for every character but Edge.
    -Your goal this playthrough is to get as few kills as possible with Edge, yet still get somewhere in the 70% range of battle trophies. You will NOT be doing Edge's 30,000 kills on this playthrough, so any kill you get with Edge serves no purpose whatsoever. This means avoid the colosseum, poisoned enemies, drops, etc. Doing them later will actually count for something and you won't waste any time. I managed to get 77% of Edge without getting 700 enemies killed, so it is entirely possible.
    -Avoid anything like enemy type kills, item drops, exact damage, etc.
    -Once you have that done (remember, easy trophies), take the EXP equipment you made a while ago and level everyone up to level 255. You don't need Meracle, Bacchus, or Myuria for the EQ, but it's nice to have them as backup just in case.
    -Next you need 80,000,000 Fol. First, synth a bunch of Fol+++ equipment similarly to how you did the EXP equipment. Use Mille-Feuille (obtained from the Where's the Recipe? quest) to get the highest increase. Give Bacchus no weapon and the No Guard ability and go back to the Metal Scumbags on the 6th floor of the 7SD. Turn everyone on manual (to do this quickly, switch to them in battle and hit left or right on the d-pad) and spam Black Hole Sphere with Bacchus. The scumbags will steal Fol from you when they're in rush mode. After a little while, switch to a Scumbag Slayer and kill them. The Fol you earn counts the Fol the scumbags stole, so your synthed factors will help loads. 80 million Fol will come in no time.

    Before entering the Wandering Dungeon for the first time, be sure you have the following:
    -Everyone at level 255
    -Dragon Roar
    -Santa's orders (you probably just need the food)
    -Fully-charged disintegration rings
    -Lymle's charge skill maxed
    -20 Disintegration Stones and Magical Clay
    -All -ology skills maxed
    -80,000,000 Fol (at least)
    -3 hours of time

    The Wandering Dungeon is composed of random floors, so there is no map. Every odd floor (1, 3, 5, etc.) has one of the following objectives:
    -"Defeat our assassins." A simple 3-6 ambush battle. The best one to get.
    -"Bring to us x Geostones." You have to collect Geostones from enemies as a drop, or find them in chests. The worst one to get.
    -"Destroy the abhorrent crystals." Crystals are located in every room on the floor (except the one you start out in and the one where the objective is), each color requiring a different ring to destroy. This is where the Charge skill comes in handy, as the Light Ring has a solid 1 use and the Darkness Ring comes with a whole 3. Good on the early floors, but terrible on the later floors.

    Every even floor (2, 4, 6, etc.) has a boss. They all drop Saraphic Dolls, which is all the red spire thing will ask for. The bosses are as follows:
    2F: Prehistoric Psynard
    4F: Ring Beast
    6F: Chimera Beast
    8F: Imperfect Armaros
    10F: Armaros Manifest II
    12F: Runaway Dragon
    14F: Kokabiel Risen
    16F: Shadow Edge, Bacchus, and Myuria
    18F: Shadow Faize, Lymle, and Meracle
    20F: Ethereal Queen

    The hardest boss other than the Ethereal Queen is Armaros Manifest II by far.

    WD Run #1
    -Restart if you get Geostones on the first floor. It's not worth the grind when you can just leave and eventually get one of the other 2.
    -Open every chest no matter what. You need to get the following weapons for Arms Addict, only located on certain floors:
    -Artifact Bow (4F, 6F)
    -Blazing Wand (7F, 8F)
    -Infinity Saber (7F, 11F)
    -Trident Harpoon (9F, 13F)
    -Hidden Claws "Crimson Falcons" (10F, 12F)
    -Blood Scepter (14F, 15F)
    -Ultimate Cannon (16F, 18F)
    -Demon Sword "Levantine" (17F, 19F)
    -Lil Vending Machine 3 (9F)
    -Lil Vending Machine 3 has all the items necessary to create symbol cards, saving you loads of time later.
    -You will not get all of these in one run. There is only a chance they will show up on these floors, there is no guarantee. However, they will ONLY show up on the respective floors and not any others.
    -Santa starts to show up on floor 9 and up. He only shows up in dead end rooms similar to those where bosses are. He can show up more than once even (I had him on 14 and 15 once) but it is very unlikely.
    -If you get to him BEFORE fighting Armaros Manifest II, duck out immediately afterward. Either way, when you do reach him, complete all his orders FIRST, buy all the weapons and armors he sells, 20 tri-Emblems, all his skills, items, etc.
    -If you had to beat Armaros Manifest II, you have no reason to stop yet. Go to floor 13+ and try to find a room with 2 or 3 Damascus Fort enemies. Fight them until you get a Philosopher's Stone drop (pretty rare). Stick Myuria in for the possibility that the -ology skill matters. You also need a Dragon God Scale, obtained from Dominator Dragons on floor 16+. You can steal them with Myuria or Meracle and escape, similarily to how you steal Magical Clay. Obviously they also drop them.
    -If you get far enough, kill the shadows with the respective characters for those battle trophies. Yes, Faize is on Floor 18 and it's a huge pain later on.
    -Definitely leave after reaching Floor 20 if for some reason you decide to go that far.

    Synthesis Land
    -The Calnus is still stuck on Disk 3 on Nox, which is the biggest pain of all. Therefore, Welch is stuck on Disk 3 and so is item creation. Boo tri-Ace.
    -It's time to make some stuff to prepare for the Ethereal Queen! I recommend saving in a different slot before doing this.

    Wrist: Take a tri-Emblum and synth 8 tri-Emblems to it. It should have the following factors:

    HIT +2
    Rush Gauge charge rate +3
    Grants immunity to paralysis
    MP cost -15% in battle

    Duplicate this 4 times (so you have 5) at the cost of 1 Magical Clay each.

    Neck: Take an Anti-Stun Amulet and synth an Anti-Silence amulet to it. Then synth 2 tri-Emblems. Factors:

    Grants immunity to stun status
    Grants immunity to silence
    Rush Gauge charge rate +3
    Grants immunity to paralysis

    Duplicate this 4 times (so you have 5) at the cost of 1 Magical Clay each.

    Armor: Create a Laser Suit in item creation. Take a different blank (no factors) armor (Alchemist's Cloak recommended) and give it the following factors:

    Nullify HP damage 25% of the time (Blue Talisman)
    DEF +20% (Potent Defense Seeds)
    Maximum HP +20% (Potent Health Seeds)
    ATK/INT/DEF/HIT/GRD +5% (Hyper Potion)

    Synth that armor to the Laser Suit and it will get those factors. Then, synth your remaining 10 tri-Emblems to it but DO NOT DUPLICATE IT YET.

    WD Run #2
    -Now that you have your Super tri-Emblum and your awesome Anti-Stun Amulet, nothing in the first 19 floors should scare you.
    -Open chests for any floors you do not yet have the weapon on. As you start to get more of them, WD runs go a lot faster.
    -If you never got a Philosopher's Stone during your first run, be sure to get one now, as well as a Dragon God Scale.
    -When you find Santa again, buy 20 tri-Emblems again and anything else you need.

    Synthesis Land v2
    -Start by synthing 5 more tri-Emblems to your Laser Armor from earlier.

    Weapon: Take your untouched Laser Weapon and dupe it once for 11 Magical Clay. Next, take a blank weapon (Observer's Sword recommended) and give it the following factors:

    Increases critical hit chance (Crystal)
    Increases critical hit chance
    ATK/INT/DEF/HIT/GRD +5% (Hyper Potion)

    Synth that weapon to one of the Laser Weapons to pass along those factors. Then, take your final 15 tri-Emblems and synth them to that Laser Weapon.

    Finally dupe the Laser Armor and Laser Weapon 4 times each (so you have 5 of each) at the cost of 11 Magical Clay each, or 88 Magical Clay. It's worth the effort in the end.

    WD Run #3
    -Before departing, make at least 1 Otherworldly Cuisine for Sarah for the Ethereal Queen, have 20 Fainting Potions, and a good few Resurrection UNITS. This is the most important thing to do and otherwise you will probably not get the trophy.
    -Yeah, this is the hard one. Be sure to have 4+ hours of time to do this, as trekking to floor 20 takes some serious time and willpower.
    -As usual, open up chests on floors you need to. You'll probably encounter Santa along the way so you may as well buy as many tri-Emblems as you can afford. There's no reason to go all out and grind Fol again though.
    -When you make it to floor 20, take a deep breath and relax. The fight will be over within 10 minutes. But yes, read what I have to say about her first.

    The Ethereal Queen
    -First, watch a video of her if you haven't already. That should help you learn a little bit about her behavior.
    -Your team is Edge, Reimi, Arumat, and Sarah, all with the gear you made earlier equipped. Lymle should be in reserve with the same stuff. Your skill setup is the following:

    Edge @ Raging Strike x3, Critical Hit, HP Boost
    Reimi @ Crimson Squall x6, Critical Hit
    Arumat @ Dragon Roar x3, Critical Hit, Pride (why not?)
    Sarah @ Nothing, HP Boost, Fury Boost
    Lymle @ Hound Grenade x4, HP Boost, Fury Boost

    -Obviously all skills are maxed. You should have more than enough SP for that.
    -Before the battle, use an Otherworldly Cuisine on Sarah.
    -Make sure all her healing spells and Resurrection are turned on and NOTHING else.

    -As far as I know, menu time does not count, but I am NOT SURE about that.
    -Start by taunting with Edge or Arumat to lure her into a corner away from Sarah. Then move Sarah into the opposite corner and park her there for the rest of the battle. Sarah's AI is great. She won't move or even attempt to attack, and the Ethereal Queen will not try to attack her since you used an Otherworldly Cuisine.
    -Play as Arumat and spam Dragon Roar. Edge and Reimi should be doing their jobs just fine, just be sure to keep the EQ away from Sarah. The beginning of the fight will feel very easy.
    -Rush combos take up more time than they're worth so I do not recommend using them.
    -Keep an eye on the EQ's Rush Gauge. As you deal more and more damage, it'll start to decrease at a slower and slower rate while she's in Rush Mode. This is the key to knowing her health.
    -Eventually, she'll start annihilating you with Supernova (if you hear "cease to be," you're basically dead). There's simply no defense against this except distance, which you don't have time to get. If she kills Arumat, Edge, and Reimi, switch to Sarah and use a Resurrection Unit to revive the whole team, then immediately cast Faerie Star. Hopefully you'll manage to get it off before she annihilates your team again.

    -Once her Rush Gauge starts INCREASING WHILE SHE'S IN RUSH MODE, you need to do a couple things. Put Edge and Reimi on Manual. Use Dragon Roar twice MAX with Arumat. Then, take Arumat, taunt the EQ into a corner, and use a fainting potion on him and turn him to manual (while in the menu). Get Edge over there ASAP and do the same thing.
    -Switch Reimi out for Lymle.
    -Spam Hound Grenade like no tomorrow. You won't be doing very much damage (20k-30k), but every little bit counts. The EQ will normally not use Supernova with the fainting potions active, but you are in range so look out and be ready to switch to Sarah in case.
    -IF the fainting potions run out before you get the kill (it happened to me), use them again and continue to spam Hound Grenade.

    If You Got the Battle Trophy
    -Great job!!!!!!!
    -Find the nearest exit and get the heck out of the WD. You can either go back to the room you started at on this floor OR advance to the next one and use that room to exit.
    -Save in a different slot JUST IN CASE. Odds are you won't need to fight the EQ in 2-wing form ever again, but it's nice to have the save available.

    If You Didn't Get the Battle Trophy
    -Well, I'm sorry. It pretty much sucks, but you're going to have to do this again later.
    -Find the nearest exit and get the heck out of the WD. You can either go back to the room you started at on this floor OR advance to the next one and use that room to exit.
    -SAVE IN A DIFFERENT SLOT FOR CERTAIN. You WILL return to this save at some point to try again (I hope). Don't let one failure put you off from completing this game. This is the hardest battle trophy for a reason.
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