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Being Chaos

Beat the Ordeal with a score of at least 5 Chaos

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How to unlock the Being Chaos achievement

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    In order to unlock this achievement you need to finish the game with 5 game modifiers turned on. 1 is simply the ability to access world 6 and the other 4 are difficulty related. For example: less health drops, tougher enemies, bigger maps, etc..

    First and foremost you need get access to the Roots of Chaos which is where you select the modifiers. To do this you first need to complete the game. After you defeat Kriterion at the end of world 5 you will get the option to either accept his judgement or not. You need to select no.

    After the credits roll you will be back at the upgrade tree. You need to purchase the upgrade up at the top of the tree called Truth Seeker. It costs 35 I believe. Once that is done go to the left of the upgrade tree and dash downward through the blood and swim to the diamond. This is the Roots of Chaos where you can access a complete run with world 6 and the true last boss.

    First you need to select the diamond up top to access the full run (it needs to show the number 6). Below this diamond you got all kinds of modifiers you can try. In the Chaos counter in the upper right you need to have at least 5/17 to unlock both Chaos related achievements.

    I originally tried the following: harder difficulty to 50% of the rooms, max rooms 25 per world (counts as 2 chaos) & 50% less blood droplets. This was unsuccessful due to world 6. That level sucks. You can easily dash/attack into a projectile or these damn walls that can damage you. It's by far the hardest part of the game. The harder difficulty in that world is what got me.

    My successful run I used the following: max rooms at 25 (counts as 2 chaos) & No blood droplets (counts as 2 chaos). This was way more manageable. In my opinion not gaining any droplets wasn't a big deal since you get blessings and items from other means. ALWAYS hit up the challenge rooms.

    The last thing I want to mention is the game speed setting in case some of you aren't aware. The devs where nice enough to give you the ability to drop the game speed and enemy projectile speed in the settings. Unless you are an elite gamer or would like an insane challenge I suggest using this feature. Completing this game at 100% speed is probably one of the hardest rougelite run clears out there.

    **Apparently this achievement can be unlocked after turning on invincibility under the settings. Credit to RiddledWays to finding this out.

    Please let me know if I should add/change anything..

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    RiddledWaysGreat guide! Sorry, I posted mine without seeing someone also just wrote one. One thing I pointed out in mine is that it's not just game speed--invulnerability also works! I was able to unlock all of the chaos-related achievements while having zero risk of dying. I wonder if that's going to be patched out because the menu does say "some achievements will be disabled"...but I haven't found a disabled one yet.
    Posted by RiddledWays on 27 Oct 20 at 01:56
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  • RiddledWaysRiddledWays453,708
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    Chaos is an extra “challenge mode” that you can unlock after beating Kriterion in the main game. See below for the process. You can skip step 1 if you want to play legitimately, but I recommend achievement hunters take advantage of accessibility mode to get most achievements in just a couple hours.

    1. Go to ‘Accessibility’ in the options menu and change HP regen assist to ‘Invulnerability.’ This will NOT disable this achievement. -- (I tested on 26 Oct 2020.)

    2. Beat the main game by defeating Kriterion, Herald of Judgment in The Old World (Realm V).

    3. Deny Kriterion’s judgement.

    4. Press ‘continue.’ At The Chiming Tree (home base), run left to the skill tree altar. Scroll up to see the new skill ‘Truth Seeker’ available for 35 judge blood. You may need to farm a few more mini-bosses, judges, and blessings.

    5. Make sure you also have the skill ‘Ground Pound.’

    6. At the very left of the Chiming Tree, use ground pound (RB + down) to dive into the water.

    7. Swim to the portal to see the ‘Roots of Chaos.’ You now need to select modifiers to add up to at least 5 chaos (of a possible 17) in the top right. I recommend ‘Max HP,’ ‘Oppression Challenge,’ ‘Escalation Challenge,’ and ‘HP.’ You will be invulnerable, so there is no need to have high max health or heal at all. The other options have potential to slow you down, like by making enemies stronger.

    8. Make sure the very top diamond still says '6- The Truth' then press B to start the ordeal. You will now run through the main game again, but after beating Kriterion there will be a sixth, space-y world. I recommend speed-running the levels as fast as possible because you have no need to find bonuses and store up blood when there's not a chance of dying.

    9. Clearing this world's Judge with your total of 5 chaos will net you ‘The Seeker of Power’ (for beating the mini-boss), ‘The Beyond,’ ‘Embracing Chaos,’ and ‘Being Chaos.’ Your decision at the end will also earn either ‘The New Vessel’ or 'The End of the Cycle.'
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