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Halloween Event

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Halloween Event

Trick or Treating? achievement in Injection π23 'No Name, No Number'

Trick or Treating?

Complete Halloween event

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How to unlock the Trick or Treating? achievement

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    This event is supposed to be available from the 27th of October to the 3rd of November. It wasn’t loading today so I messaged the dev and he says to change date to 28th or 30th... something about a language barrier not including the 29th. Not sure if November will still work to load this. According to news article, this will be available along with Christmas event after %100 the game in extras menu. Looks like some achievements are just as buggy as ps4 counterpart and possibly unobtainable so miss this at your own risk.

    I’ll put up the current info I have on how to solve these puzzles, thanks to Mkmaster and Slxttylilninja for help with puzzles

    Light switch puzzle:

    Now head upstairs and get the wooden hand off of the new interactable door.

    Bring downstairs and open door with wooden hand. Pick up umbrella in this room. Interact with bodies above red water. Interact with them until they look like this


    You’ll hear a click if done properly

    Use umbrella on nearby gate and pick up poppy seed key
    Use poppy seed key on poppy seed door and crouch up to top floor. There is a bandage in this room back around the stairs. There are 4 golden animal heads. The puzzle solution reads

    Eagle looks at deer
    Deer looks at bear
    Bear looks at eagle
    Donkey looks at bear

    This augments the zodiac room which we are about to enter shortly. We will need to undo this soon. Find the safe in a room near the hanging bodies on this floor and enter
    14, 80, 46

    Pick up green key. Head into green room across hall. There will be pictures with green lights on them. From left to right you want the green lights to look like this

    Meaning, the green light shows on the right side of the first pic, left side of the second pic, etc. Click.

    Pick up mirror and bring to the box at back of room. Pick up the ammo in here as well. There is a note detailing the solution of this puzzle and it is color coded. The controls are very bad.

    Read the note and google all 8 zodiac signs. Technically 7 since the moon isn’t a sign I don’t think.
    Now match up each sign accordingly. Yellow Saturn with Capricorn, green Saturn with Aquarius, etc.

    When you’re done a balcony will open on this floor. Mess up one of the animal heads along the way and turn it once. This will change the zodiac room.

    Enter the balcony and pick up the tongs + handgun ammo. There’s a monster here to avoid. This is I believe the only spot to avoid him, it only works if u crouch here the first time u run through.

    When on my way out I always took a hit and ran past him then healed.

    Continue to the next room with 2 enemies and a statue with a pink key. Push this statue off of the balcony then return to the zodiac room. Use the tongs on the fireplace to get a baby doll.

    Head downstairs and get the pink key. There is a baby seat right next to it to put the doll in. Now head to the lights and you’ll find the pink door.

    Change the TV channel to 23. Go to move into the other cubicle and a cutscene will play. You’ll eventually be able to interact with a light board. You need the colors to match the left flag that was in this room previously. You need to do the purple on the bottom first or a monster will kill you.

    So bottom purple, keep the middle row the same, then top row is red.

    Head outside to the baby chair and walk away from it. There will be a cutscene and then you can pick up the key from the monsters mouth. There is also a note with the solution for next puzzle on baby chair. Open the new door with the key and pick up handgun.

    Open the vents where the X’s are located on the tic tac toe note u just picked up. You’ll receive a hammer.

    Bring this to the coffin in the flag/church room. You’ll get a ritual knife. Go upstairs to the flashlight/ritual room and use the knife. Then walk counterclockwise around the circle and you’ll be teleported to boss fight. A checkpoint is made.

    If you die u can pick up the magnum again at your feet when you spawn. There’s also ammo in the arena.

    The boss fight strategy is to turn on electricity using the panel in center. Then flip a switch and you’ll see a spark. Move one of the cages onto the spark and shoot the guy in cage. His blood will fall on the spark and u need to kite the boss into this which will OHKO him.

    Big thanks to Slxttyninja and Mkmaster13 as I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out without them.
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    Seamus McLimeyYeah, it's gone. They seem to have a tough time with dates...
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 01 Nov at 21:45
    Inferno118Yes this is a foreign developer. It adds to the obscure insanity of this game I guess..

    Here’s my message to him and response

    Hey so my Halloween event isn’t loading up now. I have the update installed and am online but it doesn’t load up the Halloween event when I start up game. Any issues on your end?

    yes, change day to 28 or 30

    my mistake, in days array 29 is changed in tests and forget include it

    I don’t know what the second half means but look like it’s exclusive to those 2 days
    Posted by Inferno118 on 01 Nov at 21:49
    Seamus McLimeyIt worked on the 31st though, which is odd. And their Twitter account was actively promoting the event running from the 28th to the 3rd. I've reached out to them, we'll see what they say. I only needed 1 or 2 more runs to get through it, so a little miffed about this.
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 01 Nov at 23:22
    Mikhail KrauserYeah set time ahead see if the 2nd works. If so I'll have to finish it then. Was being super impatient through the whole thing.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 02 Nov at 02:29
    Seamus McLimeyGot a response on Twitter. They said they have uploaded a patch to re-enable the event and it will be available until Nov. 5th.

    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 03 Nov at 01:32
    Seamus McLimeyThank you for the guide Inferno, managed to finish the event. Definitely a bizarre event. Worth noting that when I died with the bandage in my inventory, it was still there when I hit "Try Again" and was again available for pickup when going up the Floor 2 (though you can only hold 1 at a time). Might help those struggling with moving the headless guys around without getting hit.

    Great guide, again (now do the rest of the game haha).
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 03 Nov at 06:18
    Inferno118I replied to those questions earlier Mikhail
    Posted by Inferno118 on 03 Nov at 18:47
    Mikhail KrauserOh what the hell? I never posted that a 2nd time... Mustve refreshed the page that was still open after I posted.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 03 Nov at 18:56
    Mikhail KrauserJust a headsup, unless im just really dumb (which is quite possible) can't push the statue in First Person, only 3rd Person cameras helped.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 03 Nov at 20:56
    Mikhail KrauserNah the cages at the end work fine in FP.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 03 Nov at 21:05
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