Pure Time Trials

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Pure Time Trials

Superstar achievement in Mirror's Edge


Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90. [Pure Time Trials]

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How to unlock the Superstar achievement

  • SketchStoneSketchStone52,650
    05 Apr 2009 08 Feb 2010 08 Feb 2010
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    There is no easy way to get this. Study, practice, and cultivate patience. The trials are pieces of the existing levels, so if there is one that you especially clicked with, then work on those trials first, such as the stormdrains from chapter 2.

    What I did was pick three trials at a time and work on them, rather than spreading myself thin trying to memorise the best routes in a whole bunch of them. Study 'YouTube' vids, learn the shortcuts to shave off seconds and milliseconds and repeat...over and over. Muscle memory kicks in and you'll gradually learn the best route for you (which isn't always the fanciest shortcut).

    I found that I couldn't pull off some shortcuts that I saw in vids, so I used a blend of various techniques to create a hybrid route that I could consistently pull off.

    While the difficulty of the levels is subjective, it is accepted by many that of all the maps across the board, Atrium 1 and 2 and Playground 3 are still the nightmare kings. Playground 2, Arland, and Shard 1 are challenging but ultimately very attainable with some guidance, practice, and above all, patience.

    On the whole, as far as the new maps go, once you learn the way with a few vids or leaderboard ghosts, they aren't as daunting as they appear. I found all bar one or two to be easier than the regular trials with the sole exception of Actino Rise. Basically there are 96 stars available in total, meaning that you can only afford to 2 or 1 star a small number...some of the maps are hard to get even those, but if you want this bad boy achievement, then you'll have to dig into your patience reserves.

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    UlkeshI found people posting which maps they only got 2 stars on quite helpful so here's mine:
    - Playground Three
    - Atrium One
    - Shard One
    - Actino
    - Actino Rise
    - Reflex
    Posted by Ulkesh on 23 Aug 18 at 14:26
    Solario32I also 2 starred the following 6 maps:
    Playground Three
    - Atrium One
    - Shard One
    - Actino
    - Actino Rise
    - Reflex
    Posted by Solario32 on 25 Mar 19 at 01:20
    kugelblitz22Maybe its only me but i found the controlls on the 360 are way better then on the one, switch after 8 trials to the 360 and it was a breeze after that.
    My 2-starred maps:
    -Playground Three
    -Atrium One
    -Atrium Two
    -Shard One
    Good luck guys :)
    Posted by kugelblitz22 on 13 Sep 20 at 10:21
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  • MJKrinksMJKrinks136,435
    16 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012 16 Feb 2012
    31 2 3
    This guy has made a guide to every speedrun and time trial, they're pretty in depth, going over every possible route. They definitely helped me.
    Here's the playlist:
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    JehugasmAwesome vids!
    Posted by Jehugasm on 19 Jul 12 at 16:26
    MugenKairoOvenDonkey is one of the best Mirrors Edge video walkthrough producers I've ever seen! He goes through each level step-by-step then does a speed run himself to prove the 3 stars. Definitely deserves a like for all his videos!!
    Posted by MugenKairo on 24 Sep 16 at 07:10
    CrimsonBohemianYou will save a lot of time by taking the 10 minutes to look at one of his tutorials
    Posted by CrimsonBohemian on 01 Mar at 08:26
  • Hanshi McDHanshi McD358,566
    19 Jan 2011 24 Dec 2011
    16 1 3
    If you wanna get these done then yes patience is definately needed along with persistance.Here a couple of videos of helpful glitches(although they defeat the purpose of the game).I take no credit for the videos that goes to ChristyF222 and Ovendonkey186.Another little tip i used if you get to pissed by trying to go so quick go to the leaderboards and follow the slowest possible 3* ghost for that map beleive me it helps and i dont know why people are giving T R U 7 H x a hard time in his comments.
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    EurydaceI looked everywhere for a guide on how to do the kick glitch and couldn't find one (I didn't know it was called that). Thank you so much for posting this! I had up voted you, but while posting this message I accidentally added it as a solution instead of a comment, so now I can vote laugh.

    Thank you, seriously.
    Posted by Eurydace on 18 Jul 14 at 08:18
    Hanshi McDYour welcome.Its a very handy trick to know,but it can also be your worst enemy.Only use it have to,if you try to abuse it,it can seriously fuck up your run and become rather frustrating.Good luck.
    Posted by Hanshi McD on 18 Jul 14 at 10:00
    Hanshi McDThe kick glitch doesn't just apply to walls either,it can be performed on the thinnest of poles etc,obviously a lot harder to pull off,but again,very handy.Any questions just PM me.Again good luck,the ratio is very misleading.
    Posted by Hanshi McD on 18 Jul 14 at 10:27
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