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Hey! Big Scorer in Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3

Hey! Big Scorer137 (100)

Score over 750,000 on 20 songs.

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Angelic Marian
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Angelic Marian
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Posted on 07 July 11 at 12:53
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I was looking for some guidance on this achievement and didn't find any so I did some trial and error in efforts to help the next person out!

This requires you to get a score of over 750,000 on 20 DIFFERENT songs. There are 25 songs total, so there is a little bit of wiggle room if a particular song gives you difficulty. I'd suggest doing the cheeve for completing all songs on Duet mode first so you become familiar with the songs, then enter Solo mode. When in Solo mode, you will be able to knock out a bunch of achievements in one rotation if you aim for the 750,000 on every song.

Hope that helps, and enjoy the game, well, as much as you can anyway! =P
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Posted on 15 January 19 at 03:36, Edited on 15 January 19 at 03:41
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I will go over the 20 songs I got for this achievement as well as some key things
to look for.

Tv Microphone Trick: Using a pillow or microphone stand, prop your mic up to a 45 degree angle so it is touching the TV speaker (can also work with a portable speaker, laptop speaker, etc. if angled correctly). This will allow you to get a good % of the notes and pass some songs easily. If you see the song struggling at times, you can easily just backup the words behind the mic while the TV is singing as well. I found that a good way to boost my score, because I did not need to know the whole song.

If you don't know the characters:

Troy = Guy with brown hair almost in every song, sings with Gabriella a lot

Gabriella = Spanish/Latina girl that is also in almost every video

Chad = African-American kid, Troy's Friend, He has the
crazy hair

Taylor = Girl that is always with chad she is African-American as well

Sharpay = Blonde girl that is in a lot of the videos and main subject of the fabulous video

Ryan = Sharpay's Brother usually has a hat on

Boys are Back

This is one of the easiest songs in the game, if not the easiest. This song is sung by Chad and Troy. I found selecting Solo, Troy's Part only netted the most points. Some key points in the song. When you see Troy and Chad go behind the multicolored glass you want to be at about 200,000. When they say the line save the girl you want to be just over 500k. When they say the line Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you want to be at 650k. From here you should easily get the last 100k to get to 750.

I Don’t Dance

This song features Chad and Ryan playing baseball. It is another fairly easy song and I suggest solo cast part. When you see Chad hit the ball and be called safe you want to be at 200k. When Ryan is up to bat you want to be at 550k. When Chad hits the ball and they are trying to throw him out at home plate try to be about 725k here and as they throw to the plate you should get the last 25k as you are saying the final words of the song and he is called safe.

Just Wanna Be With You

I got this one on the first try using the tv mic trick. Just make sure you are at 450 midway through the song.

Breaking Free

I got this one on the first try using the tv mic trick. Just make sure you are at 450 midway
through the song.

When there was Me and You:


Using your microphone to the pc speakers play the video and time it with the game. This might sound crazy but if your not x2 on the 2nd line restart. The worry lines are I thought u were my fairytale and My dream when I'm not dreaming if you hit both those liens without losing the multiplier should get x3 or x4 easily for a good minute straight you will easily get to a million points this way. If you never see your self hit x3 restart. Just make sure your at 720k when she gets to Troy's picture at the end.

Work This Out

I got this one on the first try using the tv mic trick. Just make sure you are at 450 midway through the song.

Gotta Go My Own Way

This is a very easy song if you hit the key points. Gabriella will sing to start off, you want to try to get 200k while she is singing. Once she goes in the locker room try to hit a multiplier of x2 or even x3 so that when she leaves the locker room you are already at 450k. Once Troy comes in try to get to 600k by the end of his part, now is where the key comes in. She will walk away from him and he will have a T necklace in his hand. The second you see this T necklace you want to be at 675 or more, you should be able to get around 80k in the last few lines after seeing the T necklace with the tv mic trick or singing legit.

You Are The Music In Me

I can't stress enough multipliers, multipliers, MULTIPLIERS. You need them in this song. You want to run a multiplier through this whole section:


Na na na na
Na na na na yeah
You are the music in me

You know the words Once Upon A Time
Make you listen.
There's a reason.

KELSI AND Gabriella:

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter or a happy ever after

Gabriella AND Troy:

Your harmony to the melody

If you drop it at any point in that section restart. If you hit it right you should be sitting at 200k right after melody. Now let the song continue, as it goes on its going to get quite crazy and about 10 other people are going to just randomly show up. When you see the camera pan over Chad's face you want to be about 675k. If you are you should be able to ride the final couple versus home to 750k with no problem.


This one could get slightly tricky. At the beginning your going to want to try to get a x2 multiplier and get about 200k by the end of her importing speech if possible. Try to memorize this line and get it flawlessly cause you will hear it a couple times:

She wants fabulous,
That is her simple request,
All things fabulous,
Bigger and better and best,
She needs something inspiring to help her get along,
She needs a little fabulous is that so wrong?

When you get to this line:

This won't do, that's a bore,
That's insulting, I need more!
I need, I need,
I need, I need,
I need, I need

Troy should appear soon after you want to be at 700k at this point. You
should be able to get the last 50k from here with no problem but it might take a
try or two.

Start of Something New

You want to make sure you get a x2 when Troy sings at the beginning. Get to around 150k if possible at the end of his line. Add another 75k as Gabriella to be at 225k at the time
they start singing together. Once you get to the line:

I never knew that it could happen
Till it happened to me
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see

Try to be at about 700k here and you should be able to ride it home.

Walk Away

This song is pretty short. You want to be at 200k when she is down the stairs looking at the house. Then it will go up stairs in her bedroom when the bedroom scene is over and she is
walking down the stairs you want to be at 450k. Now it will have her singing a bit and switch between her and Troy the important part here is when you see Troy for the last time you want to be at 720k at the end of that scene. You should be able to get the last 30k from there and the end of the song.

High School Musical

A song that relies a lot of on the chorus parts especially this line:

High School Musical,
Who Says We Have To Let It Go?
It's The Best Part We've Ever Known, Step Into The Future,
but Hold On to,
High School Musical, Lets Celebrate Where We Come From

You will see this line about 4 or 5 times in the song, make sure to nail it each time to get some guaranteed points. You want to be at 700k when you see the 6 main characters walk towards the tv screen from her you should be able to nail the last 50k just about at the last jump or so.


You will start this song as Troy, there are some easy lines here and they are slow. Try to get 200k by the time Gabriella comes in the song. Other than this sing the song normally when more people come in the stage at the end of the song try to be at 650k. Then make sure you hit the repeat everyday's over and over at this point and it should add to the last 100k.

Were All In This Together

Similar to what time is it. You will hear the same words a lot and a few chorus parts. Make sure your at 450 at the halfway part and make sure to get these words down as you will see
them a lot of times:

We're all in this together
When we reach
We can fly
Know inside
We can make it
We're all in this together
Once we see
There's a chance
That we have
And we take it

A Night To Remember

This one gave me some problems before deciding on points. Try to get a x2 multiplier at the end of the girls singing bout their dresses and the beginning of the guys trying on tuxedos. If you ride it to 225k by the time they're in the same room singing you should be in good shape. Try to be at 350k when Sharpay and Ryan are in the bathroom and be at 425k when that part is over. Once they got to the houses try to gain another 125k at this part so when you get to the cut scene of the band playing you are at 550k. Now is the hard part it is more
than manageable to get 200k here but you gotta keep up with the words:

Big fun, on the night of
nights (alright)
The night of nights, tonight
Lets dance
On the night of nights
You know were gonna do it right

Its gonna be a night to remember
Its gonna be the night to last forever
Its gonna be a night to remember
Its gonna be the night to last forever

(Last Forever)

Its gonna be our night (you know it)
To remember (all time)
Come on now, big fun (big fun)
Its gonna be the night (love it)
To last forever (the rest of our lives)
Well never ever ever forget

These words are key if you
miss most of them you probably wont even get 50k, but if you hit most of them
you should get near the 200k you need. Make sure you are at 700k when they
are running forward at the end of the song and you should get the last 50k to
clear it.

Head In The Game

What a pain this song can be. It is super fast and has a lot of people singing. When you hear the first wooo you want to be at 200k. When Troy starts singing his solo you want to be at 500k. Try to get a multiplier in the solo and raise your score to 675k. This is important because after the solo there isn't much left so 675k should give you enough to get to about 735k in the final woo and as long as you hit the woo it should give you the last 15k.

What Time Is It

Not too bad. Try to memorize this:

What time is it?
It’s our vacation.
What time is it?
Party time!
That’s right, say it loud.
What time is it?
Time of our lives. Anticipation.
What time is it?
School’s out. Scream and shout.

You will see it 3 or 4 times in the song. You want to be at 100k when Gabriella first starts to sing in the class room. You want to be at 400k when the 6am part starts and at 500k when its over. You will then go into a chorus scene try to pick up 150k here so you are at 650k total. Once you head in the gym you should be able to hit the last 100k with no problem.


Moderately hard, but not impossible. I found that as long as you kept building up the score gradually you will get to 750 eventually. Try to get this line down flawlessly:

I don't know, where to go, what's the right team?
I want my own thing. So bad I'm gonna Scream!
I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean?
I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna Scream!

You will have to sing that line 4 or 5 times at least. Try to be at 150k when the balls start falling from the ceiling. 400k when he says he's kicking down the walls, and very important when he comes down the stairs at the end of the song then there is 20 seconds of no words you want to be at about 685k here. You should be able to get the last 70k or so easily once the song
picks up after the banner tearing.

Bop To The Top

This song might seem impossible because its only 1 minute and 47 seconds but it really isn't hard. Use the following youtube video:

If you don't get 5000 on much gusto restart if your not at 400k at halfway restart. Sometimes at the end when they go reach the toppppppppppppppppppppppp the mic just totally misses if u see it going that direction scream anything in the mic and it will hit it. The reason u need
5000 on mucho gusto is if it gets that many that means the mic is hot and u should get a x2. Getting a x2 is important because the song is so short you could theoretically hold it the whole song if you time the video right.

All For One

I found singing this song legit is the easiest method. This line repeats multiple times:

Everybody all for one,
A real summer has just begun!
Let's rock and roll and just let go,
feel the rhythm of the drums
We're gonna have fun in the sun
Now that all the hard work, work is done!
Everybody, one for all and all for one!
All for one, one!

If you get this down the 4 or 5 times it repeats that is MEGA points especially
if you have a multiplier. Try to be at 650k right after the girls lets
show them we know how to groove part, from here you will have to repeat the
above line soon after nail it to reach 750k.

I hope this helps everyone. I wrote this guide a few years ago and I am posting it here now, but if you find any additional acapella versions they really help for the microphone trick, because it is voice only with no background noise.
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