You came, you looked around, you bought achievement in Star Wars Episode I Racer

You came, you looked around, you bought

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How to unlock the You came, you looked around, you bought achievement

  • sharpe008sharpe008298,233
    27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020 27 Oct 2020
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    The best upgrade parts are:
    Traction - R-600 Repulsorgrip
    Turning - Control Stabilizer
    Accelerate - MAG-6 Injector
    Top Speed - Block6 Thrust Coil
    Air Brake - Quadrijet Air Brake
    Cooling - Turbo Coolant Pump
    Repair - Cluster2 Power Plug

    A couple quick tips to save up enough money, cause some of the parts are pricey:

    1) Set the stakes at winner take all. You're probably going to win the races somewhat easily, especially the early ones, so you may as well get paid extra for it.

    2) Invest in all 3 pit droids ASAP. This will help ensure you don't have to replace broken parts very often, thus saving money in the long term.

    3) Use and abuse the Junkyard. You get often better or comparable parts to what you have for less money, and they'll easily be repaired, especially in the amateur and semi-pro circuits. And sometimes you can even get money back while getting a "worse" or more damaged part.

    Personally, I found that the best parts are more likely to appear in the Junkyard, so always be sure to look in both places!

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    Zeta SighI have them all, and when I view my pod I can see them all, but no achievement popping?
    Posted by Zeta Sigh on 01 Nov at 15:57
    Katarn StarKiLRWhat happens when all races are won, and I don't have enough money. Didnt know about junkyard exploit
    Posted by Katarn StarKiLR on 06 Nov at 05:36
    KoldomordorSame here, all races won, not enought money to buy parts.
    Posted by Koldomordor on 14 Nov at 15:35
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  • Domanator316Domanator316501,157
    27 Oct 2020 28 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020
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    The easiest way to make quick money early is to take advantage of the junkyard trick/exploit.

    To do this you need to buy ONE repair droid only(best to buy it first before any upgrades). Then only buy ONE part in the junkyard for any type that you can afford or do another race for a bit more money. Make note of the type of part you bought Traction, Airbrake etc. then do a race that part will be repaired fully after the race.

    Go to Buy Parts in the menu after that race you’re going to “sell” that part type back to Watto at the counter. So the type of upgrade you bought in the junkyard look for them at the counter and buy the worst upgrade for that type and profit! You’ll get the Truguts back and the repaired % difference in profit from what you originally bought the part for in the junkyard. The more damaged a part the more Republic Credits Truguts you get from the “sell”.

    You can only do this once a race with only one part so make sure you buy the most expensive/damaged part the junkyard has you can afford (you can reset the junkyard parts by backing out to the pod/vehicle selection menu and going back to the junkyard) then do the next race.

    Repeat this with every race until you’re satisfied with how much you have. 60-70k is more then enough for the cheevo.

    Traction: R-600 Repulsogrip
    Turning: Control Stabilizer
    Acceleration: Mag-6 injector
    Top Speed: Block6 Thrust Coil
    Airbrake: Quadrijet Air Brake
    Cooling: Turbo Coolant Pump
    Repair: Cluster2 Power Plug
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    HunterCHYou can have 4 droids and buy 4 damaged parts before a race. After the race, you have 4 repaired parts, 4x profit. Just keep all other parts except those 4 as the parts you began with. It's an exploit of the junkyard.
    Posted by HunterCH on 05 Nov at 10:35
  • HipCagneyHopHipCagneyHop388,615
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    If like me, you've just read the other guides posted here and realised that you have spent most your winnings and do not have the requested parts. There may yet be hope. You can't get anymore money from races btw, but you wont need it.

    Firstly the chievo should read have all the best upgrades installed. This is important.

    Next Junk yard is your friend here. Learn what the items are below and be able to spot them easily;

    Traction - R-600 Repulsorgrip
    Turning - Control Stabilizer
    Accelerate - MAG-6 Injector
    Top Speed - Block6 Thrust Coil
    Air Brake - Quadrijet Air Brake
    Cooling - Turbo Coolant Pump
    Repair - Cluster2 Power Plug

    To reset the junkyard you can race, or as I did, back out to the title screen then go straight back into you save file and go for the first race that appears, but we wont be racing just heading for the pre-race Junk Yard option

    Next look for one for these 'best upgrade' items in the Junkyard, if it is one you already own like a Block6 Thrust Coil for example. See if the trade purchase value is in minus ie -2390. If so buy it, banking the extra cash. There are little green vertical bars that show an items quality. Keep doing this so that the quality of your 'Best Upgrades' diminish but regardless you have them installed on your racer

    When you spot an item on the list that you need and you can afford it, buy it. After 5-10 minutes of reducing the quality of my gear, banking the money difference and looking for parts I needed, I finally had enough to just buy the last part from the actual shop.

    Hope this works for anyone at the end wondering if they need to play again.
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