Poisonous Hell achievement in Persephone

Poisonous Hell

Finish the fifth chapter of Persephone

Poisonous Hell-27.2
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How to unlock the Poisonous Hell achievement

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    Make sure that for each of these instructions your character actually moves 1 square unit. Sometimes the character will 'wobble' on the edge of the area, and not actually move.

    x = Death.

    Level 1: 1U 4R 4L 2U x 1U 2R 1U 1L 1R 1D 1U 1L 1R 3U 2R
    Level 2: 4R 1U 1R 1L 1U x 5R 1L 2U x 1R 1L 2U 1R x 1U 1L 5U 1L
    Level 3: 1R 1U 2R 3U 1R 1L 1U 1R 1U 3L 1U 1L 4U
    Level 4: 2R 3U 1D 3U 1D 1U 1R 1U 2L 4R
    Level 5: 1U 1R 2L 1U x 1D x 1D x 6U 1L 1U
    Level 6: 2L 2U x 2U x 2U x 1R 1U 2L x 2R x 1R 1U 2R
    Level 7 (to Secret Level): 1U 1L 7U 2D 1U
    Secret Level 5: 2D 1L 4R 3U 1R x 2R 2U 1L 2U x 3R 2D 4L 1R 6U 1L x 1L 2U 1L 1U x 4R x 2D 1L 1U 2L 1U 1R 1U 1L 1D x 1R 3D 1L
    Level 7: 2U 1L 1R 2U
    Level 8: 2U 1R 1D 1U 2R x 2U 1R 1U 1D 2R x 1R x 1R x 1U 2R 1D
    Level 9: 1L 1U x 4L 1U x 1D x 1L 3U 2D 2L 6U
    Level 10: 2L 2U 1D 1L x 2D x 1R 2U 2R 1D 3U x 1L 2U 2L x 1L 1D 1L 2U 1L 1U 1R 1D 1U 2R 2L 3D 3U 2R 2U x 1R 6U 1R 1U 3L 2R 5D 6R
    Level X - Section 1: 1U 2L x 3L 2U 1R 4U 6R
    Level X - Section 2: This next section is random, so do the following steps. The rule you want to follow is If a square has seeds on it, DO NOT be on that square on the following move.:
    Step 1: Avoid the falling fruit. Get over to the spikes next to the floor switch and die.
    Step 2: Do the same thing again, so you die atop of your first corpse.
    Step 3: Move to top right to get stone power up, then die directly in front of the needle-shot block.
    Step 4: Go between the stone corpse and your 2nd corpse, and push the 2nd corpse onto the floor switch, then go to the teleporter to Section 3.
    Level X - Section 3: 1R 1D 2R 1U 2R 1D 1R 1L 1D 1L 2D 1R 1D 1L 1D 2L 2U 3L
    Level X - Section 4: 1L 3U 1R 2U 2L 2U 3L 2U
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