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No Escaping Fate

Everyone must die at the ruined house

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How to unlock the No Escaping Fate achievement

  • EnfusionsEnfusions573,558
    02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 03 Nov 2020
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    After a lot of testing I have found a foolproof solution to getting this to unlock.

    It is important to note that saving everyone throughout the playthrough and simply letting Mary be accused and have everyone die at the house this way, DOES NOT WORK for some reason.

    I adapted this playthrough from my "Salvation" playthrough and still managed to make it work. So it appears these are the ONLY conditions that matter when attempting this.

    To set this up you NEED to condemn your characters BEFORE the finale, as this marks the characters as "Not Saved" (for example if you meet the conditions for saving a character for the first time you will unlock their respective achievement right then and there before the finale, this is not what we want).
    - For Angela and/or John you can also have them perish outside the house during "Heavy Burden" this DOES COUNT.

    Deliberatly pick the following options to get characters killed in the finale:
    Throughout the game, be nice to Vince as all characters, if you spook Vince he will get Andrew arrested in the finale which prevents Andrew from killing himself
    In "Off Track" keep the gun as Andrew, the amount of bullets you use DOES NOT matter
    In "Reflections" pick Fearful as Taylor when fighting her Demon
    In "Ruined" pick Reckless as Daniel when being pulled up by Andrew
    In "Heavy Burden" pick Resentful as Angela when deciding to hurry John along OR fail the QTE's and have her Demon kill her at the house
    In "Heavy Burden" pick Fearful as John when holding the door OR fail the QTE's and have his Demon kill him at the house
    In "Full Circle" condemn Mary either by picking options that lead to her conviction OR by saying nothing, either works here

    Nothing else regarding their Bearings will matter in this case, the above is all you need to do here. *See below

    Condemning Mary will then have all characters except Andrew die at the hands of their Demons, and Andrew will shortly after kill himself with the gun.

    NOTE: If you pick "Burn the Poppet" during Full Circle, Andrew will NOT kill himself and lead to the "Fate Worse Than Death" achievement

    Achievement will pop after the House of Ashes teaser.

    *EDIT*: People are mentioning this is not working for them, others are mentioning it does, most likely cause is some characters are marked as saved through other means, and the choices above just weigh very heavily on the outcome. Will update when more concrete information comes through.

    Comment if I have missed anything crucial, these were the exact conditions I had to meet to make this unlock.

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    Eds Killerbox 7Make john fail All qte's when fighting last demon outside the house. Demon will kill him.
    Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 yesterday at 13:59
    Matin MafiaI just tried it again but the demon could not kill him either cause Andrew always save him even when I fail all of the QTEs.

    I feel the game forces the player have someone beside Andrew for the final chapter. When I save Angela, John dies simply with failing a QTE or choosing "Help me" dialogue inside the house. However, when I let Angela die, John does not die no matter how many QTE I fail or even choose "Help Me" dialog.
    Posted by Matin Mafia yesterday at 15:02
    Eds Killerbox 7Letting Angela die at end house does seem to save john. I'm not sure both can die outside house, wouldn't when I tried. Killing Angela saves john. I thought you just wanted to kill john, in which case saving Angela and failing last qte will kill him.
    Posted by Eds Killerbox 7 yesterday at 15:07
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  • Matin MafiaMatin Mafia410,817
    Today Today
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    Achievement Requirements:

    1. Grab the gun
    2. Be nice to Vince
    3. Avoid "Saving" your characters
    4. Keep them "Alive"
    5. Condemn Mary in the final chapter and let everyone die in the house
    6. I "think" you should keep at least one bullet to let Andrew shoot himself at the end but I cannot confirm this. Just to be safe, keep one bullet.

    I will explain each step as clearly as I can since the achievement description is pretty confusing already.


    1. Grab the gun

    In "Off Track" when you approach the cabin, complete the heartbeat mini game in order to be able to enter the cabin. Then find the gun and keep it as Andrew.


    2. Be nice to Vince

    - Do not accept the drink in the bar.
    - Do not shoot the demon behind Vince in chapter "Surrounded"
    - Successfully complete the QTEs and heartbeat mini games whenever the group mistake Vince for a demon
    - Open the door for Vince in the church and ask him for help to get out of the town. Do not say anything weird and confusing to him. Just try to act sane. If he think that you are insane or crazy, he will call the police and arrest you at the end of the game.


    3. Avoid "Saving" your characters

    Okay, here is the main reason behind many people failing to unlock this achievement. The achievement description is pretty confusing.

    There are three conditions for the characters in this game : Alive / Dead / Saved

    You already know what Alive and Dead means. So I will get straight to the definition of "Saved" condition. The story of these characters is about them facing their demons (fears), confronting them, and then defeating them. In other words, by FACING their fears instead of being frightened by them (running away, begging for help, etc) they will be "SAVED". They need to be brave and have heroic character traits to fight their demon and get "Saved". For this achievement, however, you have to AVOID GETTING SAVED. You should keep each character "ALIVE" but "NOT SAVED". I know it's a little bit confusing but I hope with this explanation you understand. Alive and Saved are two different things in this game. So whenever a character face his/her demon, do these:

    1. Beg for help from the other characters
    2. Complete the QTEs correctly to keep the character alive
    3. Condemn Mary in the final chapter to let everyone die in the house and have Andrew committing suicide (shooting himself)

    Question! Can I both avoid saving them AND kill them during the game? I don't know. I cannot confirm this because I did not try it. But I CAN CONFIRM that if you avoid saving them but keep them alive and then let them die INSIDE THE HOUSE, you will unlock this achievement. So just keep them alive to be safe.


    How to avoid saving each character?

    In each encounter with the demons, simply ask for help and then complete the QTEs. This way your character will be damned (Not Saved), but you will still keep them alive for the final chapter.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    So now all of them are alive but they are also damned/not saved. In "Full Circle" condemn Mary for witchcraft. I guess there are two dialogs to choose, first you should say there is something wrong with the town, then you should say Mary is evil.

    Keep them alive. Prevent them from doing anything brave or gain heroic character traits. Do not "save" them. Have them all die inside the house. Then the achievement will pop :)

    Please leave a comment if I made a mistake in my guide. I am not a expert in writing guides and I'm a beginner. So I apologize in advance if there was anything wrong with my guide.
  • WOKEJoker19XXWOKEJoker19XX316,682
    01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020 01 Nov 2020
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    Certain situations throughout the game will have a character being attacked by their demon with another character there to help. During these times, each character will have a choice between "Save me" (fearful) or "Leave me" (Heroic). Haven't 100% confirmed these choices are what actually matters, it may be their overall traits being opposite of their traits at the beginning, but by selecting "Leave me" as Taylor on one playthrough, I got the achievements for saving her and defeating her demon.
    When I selected the Fearful option for all characters, they all ended up dying at the ruined house, except Andrew.
    In order for Andrew to die at the house, he must be the ONLY survivor, and have a gun with bullets. If you get the gun, you can shoot at one of the demons while saving Daniel and Taylor, and twixe more when Daniel falls through the floor of the warehouse, if you need extra security keeping them alive until you get to the house. Once at the house, make sure to condemn Mary, not Carver, and don't burn the poppet.
    Not 100% sure it matters, but I was nice to Vince the entire game and didn't have him show up with the police at the end. Andrew being the sole survivor with a loaded gun might overwrite him being arrested and lead to him shooting himself. Achievement pops after House of Ashes trailer.
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    New xDante1986I have the same issue wWokeJoker wrote but for 2 achievements for tanya, did it exactly and nothing pops, so it is probably something else that matters.... thinking what it can be
    Posted by New xDante1986 on 01 Nov at 12:19
    WOKEJoker19XXThe game is really buggy at parts, possibly what is causing the achievement not to pop. I confirmed that the Heroic/"Leave me" choices ultimately decide who is saved when condemning Carver, doing them on all characters caused them all to leave the house and achieve the good ending, as well as the everyone lived achievement. I noticed with Taylor, telling Daniel to leave her on my 5th playthrough broke her "Deceitful" trait lock and locked in Heroic. However, after condemning Mary, it erased all the Heroic choices on all 5 characters and killed them all. Playing with a friend, his achievement for killing everyone unlocked at the end of our playthrough, but NOT everyone dying at the house. Probably because we "saved" everyone in the game, but condemned Mary.
    The only other thing I can think of was both playthroughs were on Multiplayer, his was Shared Story and mine was done on Movie Night.
    I see Ghost and Legends got the achievement, did you guys notice anything different that might've helped them unlock? As far as I can tell its just bugged for some
    Posted by WOKEJoker19XX on 02 Nov at 10:18
    GHOST INS1DEI managed to get it doing my very first Shared Story playthrough - repeated the same steps as my other playthroughs (nice to Vince, collect the gun, ignore the doll in the museum, have everyone ask for help confronting their demons, made sure Angela ran away from John in front of the ruined house etc) - but it somehow managed to trigger whatever it needed to pop for me! Was the very last achievement I needed too.
    Posted by GHOST INS1DE on 03 Nov at 01:04
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