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The Odd Couple

Maximize Angela and John's relationship

The Odd Couple-5.0
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How to unlock the The Odd Couple achievement

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    02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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    Alright, this achievement was a bitch to get in the solo theatrical cut, but I have finally figured out that it is indeed possible and you don't need to do shared story. Here's how I got it done.

    - In "Confrontation" when playing as Angela, do not go with John into the fog. I know, you would think that would be the right choice to increase their relationship, BUT the other option actually gives you a bigger boost. Selecting the opposite of going into the fog will give you a 2nd dialogue option where you need to pick for Angela to say that it's about time John did the right thing. It doesn't matter what you say to Daniel after this though.

    - Again in "Confrontation", do not say you don't want to go into the town and then obviously side with Andrew over Taylor about if they should split up or not.

    - In "Off Track", DON'T get the gun as Andrew. This is to make sure you don't accidently kill Angela later.

    - In "The Crossing", have John agree to go across the bridge first and then reassure Angela that they'll get her across. Later on in this chapter after the flashback, make sure NOT to tell Angela what happened in the flashback or you'll lose points with her.

    - Now make sure Angela survives the bridge attack and then later also manages to escape into the sewers as she obviously needs to be alive for later.

    - This step doesn't have to do with John or Angela, but is important. In "Pursued", do not pick up the knife as Daniel. The reason for this is that both Daniel and Taylor need to die in this playthrough to get a hidden boost between John and Angela later in the game. You can get Daniel and Taylor killed at the same time in "Low Point", which is what I'll cover next.

    - In "Low Point", you'll automatically get a increase between John and Angela when everyone is reunited. If you didn't grab the gun earlier, you won't even have an option to shoot her, but if you decided to take the gun anyway, then don't have John tell Andrew to shoot.

    - Later in "Low Point", you'll be playing as Andrew and find both Daniel and Taylor being attacked by their demons. Select to help Daniel and fail all the QTEs until he dies. Because Taylor doesn't have the knife to protect her, she will also automatically die. This is another point where just not having the gun is safer because I'm not sure if it'll mess anything up here.

    - In "Ruined", while right outside the factory before going in, John will talk with the group about his plan. First select the left option and then select the right option about stopping Mary. This will make Angela chime in about how she agrees with the plan and gain an increase in their relationship. This increase is not possible if Daniel and Taylor are still alive for whatever reason, so this is why we needed to kill them.

    - Finally, in "Heavy Burden", after the flashback you'll be switching between Angela and John and this is where the achievement should unlock if you do everything right. Have Angela be reassuring to John and tell him to hurry up rather than leaving him behind. As John, complete the first two QTEs against his demon. You'll then switch to Angela, complete her two QTEs as well. When you switch back to John after that, fail this QTE. This will cause the sledgehammer to be knocked away by the demon. You'll then switch to Angela again and will have a QTE to throw the sledgehammer back to John. The increase here will be what finally pushes their relationship to max and earns the achievement.
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    SWEAT ALOTAnnoying achievement to do in solo way Easier in shared story.
    Posted by SWEAT ALOT on 03 Nov at 02:48
    DenverMax27Ugh I just BARELY missed out on getting this in solo mode, probably because I went with John into the foggy bridge. Their relationship bar was like one tic away from being full at the end, and I was about to give up hope because thought it might be impossible to do in solo mode. Thanks for posting this! Going to give it another try today following this guide.
    Posted by DenverMax27 on 03 Nov at 14:09
    Skaos3010If you have the gun during "Low Point", you can still let Daniel and Taylor die in the pivotal scene. When the aim comes up for the gun, just don't press anything and it fails like a normal QTE. They then both die. I moved the aim away from the demons to be safe too. smile
    Posted by Skaos3010 on 03 Nov at 16:30
    DenverMax27Confirmed! Finally got this stupid achievement by following the above guide! clap
    Posted by DenverMax27 on 03 Nov at 21:08
    RemjexhaiCouple points to help people that deviated from the guide. You can let Daniel die outside the church, and Taylor die outside the firefly house, and still get the right conversation prompt outside the factory.

    You can also succeed all of John's sledgehammer QTE's. Angela will come hit the demon with a log for the final relationship boost, same as if he dropped the hammer and she threw it back to him.
    Posted by Remjexhai on 04 Nov at 16:46
    New xDante1986Did above guide to the point but after killing daniel and taylor I choose left and right option about stopping mary, angela speaks for john´s decision but no raise to their relationship at all...

    only difference is I had a gun, because I´m going for all death at ruined house /some achievements are really weird because killing all at ruined house doesn´t work... the need to give up when fighting their demons and asks for helps....
    Posted by New xDante1986 on 04 Nov at 23:26
    Arwing1979Can confirm this guide works. Thanks a lot.
    Posted by Arwing1979 on 15 Nov at 23:42
    SharpnificentThe guide worked exactly as intended. Thanks a bunch!
    Posted by Sharpnificent on 19 Nov at 07:53
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