Fate Worse Than Death achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Fate Worse Than Death

Andrew must be the sole survivor with a weapon

Fate Worse Than Death-2.5
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How to unlock the Fate Worse Than Death achievement

  • Lucy Jane789Lucy Jane789123,985
    31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020
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    So I got this achievement by doing this:
    So basically early on, John, Andrew, and Angela find a shack. John gets scared and runs off, while Andrew has a heartbeat QTE. You need to pass this and then look under the floor in the bedroom for a box that has a gun inside. Angela will then try to say to get rid of it but you must keep it. I didn't use the gun at any point during the game and still unlocked this achievement. I don't think it matters if you use the gun or not during the game.

    I then got everyone killed except Mary and Andrew and it unlocked for me after that. To save Mary, you need to accuse the priest at the end, not her. At least that's how I got that achievement too for saving Mary. I then also got the save Andrew achievement too.
    To get people killed, for me I didn't press any of the prompts and just left it when they were fighting the demons. I got Taylor killed early on. Daniel at the factory, Angela at the house and John at the house towards the end.
    Hopefully this helps someone! There might be other ways to get this achievement but this was how I got it
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  • EnfusionsEnfusions585,657
    02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020 02 Nov 2020
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    I managed to get this achievement by accident while attempting the "No Escaping Fate" achievement.

    I can safely say YOU CAN STILL HAVE BULLETS left in your gun and still prevent Andrew from killing himself

    In this Theatrical Cut playthrough, I did the following:

    Picked up the gun in "Off Track" and did not choose to show the gun to Angela
    Used 2 Bullets fighting Daniel and Taylor's demons in "Low Point" (the only time I used the gun during this run)

    Deliberatly picked the following options to get characters killed in the finale:
    In "Reflections" pick Fearful as Taylor when fighting her Demon
    In "Ruined" pick Reckless as Daniel when being pulled up by Andrew
    In "Heavy Burden" pick Resentful as Angela when deciding to hurry John along
    In "Heavy Burden" pick Fearful as John when holding the door

    In "Full Circle" I chose to instead burn the poppet

    This caused all characters but Andrew to die in the house by the hands of their demons. Andrew proceeded to attempt to shoot himself with his gun but Mary appeared behind him and stopped him from shooting.

    The achievement popped after watching the House of Ashes teaser.

    NOTE: this playthrough was adapted from my "Salvation" playthrough, meaning I chose many options that I believed would lead to characters surviving the finale. It appears the above choices HEAVILY influence characters surviving or dying, combined with saving/accusing Mary in the finale or burning the poppet. Since I was able to get everyone killed by only choosing the above and burning the poppet. Accusing Mary would lead to the above and allow Andrew to kill himself (no matter how many bullets you had left, according to my testing)
    Showing both comments.
    Chronic Killer"In "Heavy Burden" pick Fearful as John when holding the door"

    John doesn't die when i pick that, from what I gather John can only die at that part if Daniel or Angela or Taylor are still alive
    Posted by Chronic Killer on 22 Nov at 15:55
    Chronic Killermaybe things changed in an update but it seems to me the only way to get this is to get the gun, use all the ammo so Andrew can't kill himself at the end.

    I just spent 2 hours picking different stuff trying to get this.

    Edit- looks like u gotta get John's bad trait for him to die at that part

    Also maybe u can get this by getting Andrew suicide ending but have the police show up for being mean to vince
    Posted by Chronic Killer on 22 Nov at 16:00
  • DenverMax27DenverMax27123,299
    31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020
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    The description for this originally said "Andrew must be the sole survivor with a weapon," but I just popped the achievement without fulfilling that and the description changed to "Andrew was saved from himself." So I'm not sure if it was a glitch, but looks like possibly they updated the achievement to make it easier. I was aiming for the everyone gets killed at the house achievement but ended up unlocking this one instead, even though Andrew did NOT have a weapon in my run (he picked up the gun in the shack, but then showed it to Angela and she yeeted it into the woods). I restarted my run at the Reflections chapter with the intent to get everyone to the house, but you might be able to let some of them die prior to that by failing QTEs. If Daniel and Taylor make it to the house, the way for them to die there is if you had them be selfish in the earlier scenes where they were being attacked by their demons. For Taylor, when she is yanked away by her demon outside of Joseph's house in the Reflections chapter, when Daniel comes to save her after following the sound, make sure you select the "help me" dialogue option. For Daniel, he falls through the floor in the abandoned factory in Ruined and when Andrew is trying to pull him back up, select the Reckless "I have to get out of here" option. Then once everyone is at the burned house, you can get Angela and John killed outside by just failing all the QTEs as they are being attacked by their demons. After the rest of the crew enters the house and you do the final witch trial scene, Andrew will walk out of the house but - as long as you were selfish with Taylor and Daniel earlier - the door will slam and they will be left behind inside the house to be finished off by their demons. This leaves Andrew alive by himself, and even though he didn't have any weapon in my run, this achievement popped for me after the credits were over. (Also, I accused Mary and got her killed in the final witch trial scene...I haven't figured out yet whether or not she is counted as one of the characters for everyone lives/no one lives related achievements.)
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